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West End Guide to the Best London Magic Shows

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Visiting the West End and enjoy magic? Ask for it and London shall provide! London's cultural scene offers a plethora of experiences, and among these are spellbinding magic shows. Get ready to have your mind blown with illusions and tricks that will leave you speechless.

What is a Magic Show?

Magic shows are live performances where magicians or illusionists perform tricks through skilled sleight of hand. Depending on the show, the scale of the illusions vary. Magic shows often incorporate storytelling and interations with volunteers from the audience, adding on to the thrill. The performers tend to be charismatic and shrouded in mystery, creating an atmosphere where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Top 3 Reasons to Watch London Magic Shows

  1. Escape from Reality: Magic shows are a great flight from the mundane. Take a break from monotony and responsibilities, and immerse yourself into a world of wonder!
  2. Fun Family Activity: Come one, come all! Magic shows are exciting for children and adults, making them perfect for family outings.
  3. Pure Entertainment: Magicians know how to deliver a spectacle. The captivating storytelling, suspense and unpredictable plot twists will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Top London Magic Shows

Where to Get Tickets to Magic Shows in West End?

You can book your London magic show tickets with Headout. We recommend booking them early and online for the best discounts.

What to Wear to a Magic Show?

Prioritise comfort and consider the venue. For outdoor magic shows, you should opt for weather-appropriate clothing. An indoor venue might get chilly, so layer accordingly.

Themed magic shows might ask the audience to attend in costumes. If you are unsure of the instructions, get in touch with the organiser or the show website. For non-themed shows, you can opt for semi-formals or smart casuals.

Top 5 Tips for your First Magic Show

Heading to your first magic show? Here are five tips to make your experience more exciting:

  • Open Mind, Open Heart: To truly enjoy a magic show, approach it with curiousity and wonder. Allow yourself to suspend disbelief and soak in the charm.
  • Arrive Early: Arriving early will give you time to find the venue, choose the best seats and settle in for the show.
  • Respect the Artistry: A magician never reveals their tricks, so refrain from interrupting or trying to "figure out" their tricks during the show.
  • Participate with Gusto: If the magician asks for participants, don't hesitate to volunteer. You might get to experience the magic up close.
  • Tune Out Distractions: Silence or switch off your phone to better immerse yourself in the show.

Frequently Asked Questions About London Magic Shows

How should I book my London magic show tickets?

For the best seats and discounts, book your tickets online in advance.


Can I bring my children to a magic show?

Many magic shows are suitable for all ages. Read the description or get in touch with the organisers to confirm the age limit.


Will I be picked as a volunteer during the magic show?

Depending on the show, the magician may or may not ask for participants. If you are selected, make the most of the opportunity!

Are there magic shows year-round in London?

Yes, London has a thriving magic scene. However, check for schedules, show timings and tickets beforehand.

Can I take photos or videos during the show?

Photography or videography are prohibited at most magic shows. Enquire at the venue if you want a photograph with the magician.