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Home to countless popular attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and so on, London is a top destination for tourists around the world. This modern city houses gorgeous Victorian houses and old cathedrals which have often caught the attention of art and architecture enthusiasts. For others, there is no shortage of museums, gardens, festivals, and cultural events to experience in this city. From shopping to nightlife, London has it all. So, if you are planning to visit, we have covered everything you need to know about this city below.

Best Time To Visit London

It is important to learn all about the tourist seasons in London before visiting

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom that can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to visit London is spring (March - May) when the parks are blooming and the weather is slightly warmer. While this would mean that there are more tourists around the city, worry not because London is big enough to explore all on your own, irrespective of the crowds!

Summer is the best time to visit London if you are looking for some warmth but this also means that everything is expensive at this time. Autumn (September - October) is ideal for a visit to the city if you wish to avoid the crowds and get slightly cheaper hotels and flight rates.

For those who want to save a few extra bucks, November and February are a great time to plan your trip. These months receive fewer tourists so you can get amazing deals and discounts. Also, it is not as cold as compared to January or December. Read more about the best time to visit London.

Best time to visit London
London Season

Best Time To Visit London

Debating when to visit London, given that every month seems ideal? Read this post that takes you through a month-on-month journey in London.

London Itineraries

Depending on how long you're in London for - whether it's just a day or 5 days, we have the perfect itineraries crafted for you. Go through these London itineraries and plan your stay well in advance!

If this is your first time traveling to London, you could use some help planning your daily itineraries. Apart from the basic planning (flight tickets, visa, accommodation in London, etc.), you'll need to consider your day-to-day activities in London - where to go, what to see, how to get there, and more. But fret not, for we are here to help.

1-Day London Itinerary

Instagrammable Places in London

Top 20 Instagrammable Places in London

If travelling for the gram is your jam - nope, we're not judging - this is JUST the blog for you! From ancient ruins to the all-famous structures of the world, London is definitely one of the most 'instagrammable' cities in the world.

3-Day London Itinerary

5-Day London Itinerary

Hacks To Buying Cheap London Flight Tickets

Now that you've figured out the perfect time to visit London and braved through the restrictions, it is time to look for flight tickets. Go through our 17 golden hacks for cheap flight tickets before scouring through the flight ticket websites. You'll be surprised how easy it is to save a pretty penny while booking flight tickets!

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Traveling involves a certain amount of uncertainty always. With the pandemic, this amount has only increased. Opting for travel insurance is not something many people have done (pre-pandemic), but post-pandemic, it is highly recommended that you opt for it. Choosing the right travel insurance plan gives you a safety net to prevent losses if things go downhill.

Travel insurance can be complex- how do you know what to choose? For this very reason, we can crafted a ultimate guide to choose travel insurance post-covid.

Packing For London

If you are planning a trip to London, then you also need to pack efficiently for your trip. Make sure to pack in advance to avoid missing out on some crucial items for your trip. A travel adaptor, reusable bottle, crossbody bag, raincoat, photo ID, etc. are a few important things to pack for your trip to London. Apart from that, you need to carry clothes according to the month that you would be visiting. Don’t forget to carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes to allow yourself to explore this ancient city comfortably e. Most importantly, if you plan to visit a lot of churches in the city, make it a point to carry clothes to cover your knees and shoulders.

Packing Checklist
Pack in Confidence

Travel Packing Checklist

Are you a thorough packer? Download our travel checklist that has all the items you need to consider before your trip to London!

Where To Stay In London

An important thing to remember when visiting London is that attractions are spread throughout the city. This is why there is no one neighborhood that would be perfect for staying in London. Depending upon your budget and interest, you will find several nice neighborhoods to stay in London on your trip.

One of the best yet slightly expensive places to check out accommodations in London is the West End. It is home to several attractions in the city and has many amazing bars and restaurants to explore. There are many shopping spots here as well and it is one of the top places to watch theatrical shows in the city.

For sightseeing, one of the best places to stay in London is Westminster. Here, you have many attractions in close proximity such as Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, and so on. Plus, it is well-connected via public transportation so you can easily reach other parts of the city.

If you want to enjoy London’s nightlife, then the best area to stay in London is Soho. From restaurants to late-night bars, Soho has everything you need to party all night!

Planning a trip with the family? Then, check out accommodation options in Kensington. There are many free museums within walking distance in this area, and it is quite well-connected through public transportation too.

For a luxury stay, Mayfair and Victoria are a good choice. You can not only see Buckingham Palace here but can also explore several high-end restaurants and shops here.

Getting Around In London

London is a big city with 20 boroughs but thankfully has a good public transportation network. Of course, the best way to explore the sights here is on foot but this is not always possible.

London’s extensive public transportation system can help you reach wherever you want in the city. The city offers you multiple options to choose from including tube, railway services, buses, cable cars, trams, and taxi cabs.

The Tube, overground rail, and bus services are the most convenient and cheapest way to get around London. You can get an Oyster card to ride on any of these transportation options and reach most parts of the city.

In terms of speed, the underground tube is the best choice. It is quick, flexible and can be availed at a discount using the Oyster card.

For tourists, the red double-decker buses and the riverboat (Thames Clipper) are good choices too. The places where you cannot take underground tubes or overground rail can be reached with the help of the Docklands Light Railway services.

A taxi cab is a quick way to reach your destination but extremely pricey. London is a huge city with attractions spread throughout and not concentrated in a single area. So make sure to know about the transportation options available in the city and how much it would cost you.While you can explore the city by car, the traffic in London is a nightmare. This is why it is best to travel around the city using the metro or the buses.

Packing Checklist
Getting Around London

Public Transportation in London 101

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London Travel Tips & Hacks

London is just about as touristy as it gets. A city rich with ancient history and many things to be explored, it can be a little tricky to navigate. Go through our guide and jot down some interesting travel tips that even the locals swear by. Learn how to navigate tourist traps in London, how to save money on transport, food, and accommodation, and then some. Start making notes and use these tips before your trip to London.

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