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Tower of London Tours: Discovering the Historic Castle

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Tower of London is Closed

Until further notice

Safety Measures

🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️Social Distancing

😷 Mandatory Masks

👮‍♂️ Reduced Capacity

🧼 Hand Sanitisation Station

🧽 Frequent Cleaning

⏰ Timed Entry

👉👉 Unidirectional Flow

New Rules and Guidelines

  • Only the outdoor spaces will open and the castles are closed until further notice.
  • New time slots will be released every week on a Monday
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An amalgamation of a robust fortress and a majestic palace, the Tower of London houses stories of supremacy as well as that of horror. Built to create awe in the minds of Londoners, it was considered to be the most secure castle in the city. It guarded the royal family as well as the aristocratic wealth during troubled times. However, the Tower of London also safeguarded stories of horror within its mysterious chambers. The royal family imprisoned and executed numerous enemies within its walls, transforming it into an execution chamber. Thus, the tales of the rich and the poor coexisted inside its curtain walls.

William the Conqueror , the first Norman King of England began building the gigantic blockhouse in order to reinstate the might of his reign. He sought to proclaim his leadership and create reverence in the minds of the defeated Londoners. Construction started in the 1070s and took around 20 years to complete.

The Tower of London holds a wealth of attraction inside its massive walls. Consisting of a cluster of buildings surrounding the White Tower , it is protected by a now dried-up moat. It houses the royal chambers, towers, barracks and much more. The barracks now serve as an exhibition hall for the crown jewels which sees thousands of visitors every year.

Tower Of London Tours: Choosing The Best One

Tower of London

Since there are quite a few Tower of London tours available in the market, it is important that you choose one that meets all your necessities. Headout offers a variety of Tower of London tours that are hassle-free and convenient.

If you opt for a Tower of London guided tour with skip-the-line feature, you can beat the crowd and gain direct entry, leaving you with more time to actually explore the attraction. If you are short on time, opting for a combo tour is the best way to make the most of your visit to London. There are many British attractions that can be combined with your Tower of London guided tour. Not to forget, combo tours are the best way to save both time and money. If you are on a strict budget, combining a few tourist attractions will ensure that you experience the best of London at an affordable price. Here are some guided tours as well as combo tours of the Tower of London that you can consider.

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Tower Of London Tours: The Experience

No visit to London is complete without witnessing the sprawling Tower of London. At the start of your Tower of London tour, your guide will meet you at a pre-decided landmark (if you opt for a guided tour). He or she will assist you to bypass the long queues (if you opt for a skip-the-line ticket) and gain entry into the iconic landmark. Once inside, you will be guided through the different attractions depending on your choice of Tower of London tour. Some of these attractions include:

The Crown Jewels

Safely tucked away in the Tower of London, the Crown Jewel collection mainly consists of ornaments fashioned for King Charles II. However, the original Crown Jewels were sold or melted down by Oliver Cromwell. The only piece known to have survived is the Coronation Spoon. It was only after Cromwell’s death that the collection was replicated, for the coronation of Charles II.

It is interesting to note that some of these ornaments in the present-day Tower of London are still worn by the queen! Keep an eye out for the tag that says ‘In Use’. The Sovereign ring and St Edward’s Crown are some of the most popular pieces to be found here. Apart from jewelry, you can also see historically rich articles like the royal serving dishes.

Yeoman Warder Guided Tour

The perfect introduction to the Tower of London, the Yeoman Warders will regale you with tales from the past. From a fortress to a prison, trace the history of the Tower of London through the years. You will come to know about how the White Tower was built, the famous prisoners who were executed in the towers and more.

The White Tower

One of the most iconic landmarks of London, this World Heritage Site was originally built to detain invaders. The Royal Armouries collections are housed here, and boasts artefacts that are 350 years old. The Chapel Royal of St John is another one of the castle’s attractions. This 11th-century chapel is truly worth visiting.

The Bloody Tower

Originally known as the Garden Tower, the Bloody Tower is perhaps most famous for the mysterious muder of 13-year-old Edward V and his brother Richard, the Duke of York, which is believed to have taken place there. Legend goes that the ghosts of these young princes still haunt the Bloody Tower.

Tower Of London Tours: Practical Information

Tower of London

Opening hours:

The Tower of London is open daily except between 24-26 December and on 01 January. The timings are as follows:

  • Summer (01 March - 31 October)

  • Tuesday-Saturday : 09:00AM - 17:30PM
  • Sunday-Monday : 10:00AM - 17:30PM
  • Winter(01 November - 29 February)

  • Tuesday-Saturday : 09:00AM - 16:30PM
  • Sunday-Monday : 10:00AM - 16:30PM

How to reach:

By Train:

The nearest Train Stations are: Fenchurch Street, London Bridge

By Bus:

Bus routes 15, 42, 78, 100 and RV1 will take you to the Tower of London.

Tower Of London Tours: Things To Know Before Your Visit

  • To avoid the hustle and bustle that engulfs the tower on any given day, make sure that you arrive right at the opening time. This will give you time to explore in peace without running into tourists at every corner.
  • If you are planning to explore the Tower of London, it would be wise to first visit the exhibition displaying the Crown Jewels. Since this is one of the most popular attractions, it will soon get crowded and you will have to wait for hours to gain entry.
  • You cannot stand and admire the Crown Jewels for as long as you want. In order to avoid the blockage of the display cases, visitors are required to step on a conveyor belt that will take them around the collection. If you feel that you did not get enough time with the Crown Jewels, fret not! You can simply get back on the conveyor belt and admire the collection all over again.
  • Even during peak hours while the main areas are swamped with tourists, you can always find one or two quiet spots in the vicinity. If you are looking to spend some down time admiring the towers, head over to the benches near the South Battlements. They offer you an unrivaled view of the White Tower.
  • Due to security reasons, photography is not allowed in certain areas. The rules are quite strict, so make sure that you comply with them for a hassle-free trip.

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