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A first timer’s guide to climbing the O2 Arena London

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London is a city with incredible history, sophisticated culture and breathtaking views. The views of London, in particular, are a sight to behold. Attractions such as London Eye, London Shard, Thames Cable Car are all famous for catching a bird’s eye view of London. A more exciting attraction - Up At The O2 Arena has captured the interest of the city’s adrenaline junkies and the ones pleased by London’s charming skyline. Here’s why you should climb O2 Arena London and everything you should know to plan a safe ascent.

Handy Information about the O2 Climb

 Climb O2 Arena London
  Climb O2 Arena London
  Climb O2 Arena London

Good to know

⏰ Suggested Duration:90 minutes
☀️ Best Time to Visit:During sunset
💜 Climb difficulty:Easy
🚇 Closest Subway:North Greenwich Station
🎟️ Up At The O2 entry ticket: £32

Opening Hours

Opening hours change from season to season.

Climbs offered

Daytime Climb
Sunset Climb
Twilight Climb
Celebration Climb


Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX,
United Kingdom
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Why Climb the O2 Arena in London?

 Climb O2 Arena London

Up At The O2 is a fun experience of climbing the 52 meters high O2 Arena, popularly known as Millennium Dome. It is one of the most popular stadiums in the world, having hosted performances by Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande.

The climb in itself is said to be more spectacular than the view. The walkway of the ascent has a steep incline of 28 degrees to the lookout and a steeper decline of 30 degrees on the way back down - all with a soothing breeze in your hair. If this gives you cold feet, worry not. The blue tensile fabric walkway is super safe and the operators will provide you with a climb suit, ECCO shoes, harness and safety equipment for a protected climb.

What awaits you at the top of O2 are 360 panoramic views of the historic Greenwich’s landscapes, the Olympic Park, Tower Bridge, the Shard, the Excel, the White Towers, and the Canary Wharf.

Up At The O2 Tickets

The tickets to the O2 climb have to be booked in advance. The catch is that tickets are not available every day and the venue allows only a limited number of climbers. By booking your Up At The O2 Tickets online with Headout, you can enjoy assured access to climb and ditch your fears.

Climbing O2 Arena London Experience

To sum up the experience in one word, the climb at O2 is adventurous. The thrill of climbing up the roof of the enormous O2 Arena dome and viewing London’s most iconic sights on the backdrop of the Thames River is a memorable adventure. Here is how your escapade will pan out.

Climbing O2 Arena London
Prepping for the Assent

Your prep for the climb begins with signing a bunch of paperwork and listing emergency contact details. Post this, safety protocols and information about O2 will be screened.
The instructors will walk you through your safety equipment and get you into your suit. After you are suited up and are ready, a guide will usher you to the top.

Climbing O2 Arena London
The Assent

The assent is fairly easy. Although you will be working your legs as you climb at a 28-degree incline, the activity does not require you to be at your fittest. For this reason, the minimum age to climb is set at 8 years old. A professional photographer will take a picture of your team (£12 a print) before you start climbing the blue walkway.
The surface under your feet is soft and bouncy, almost like a swift trampoline walk. You will be securely tethered to the safety rail with an automatic locking mechanism you tend upwards.

Climbing O2 Arena London
The View

Standing 54 meters above the ground overlooking the skyline of London is fantastic, to say the least. The viewing platform is located at the highest point of the dome of O2 Arena. It can accommodate 40 people at once and you get ample time and space to enjoy the view and take a few snaps.
You will be treated with sights of the gorgeous Thames river with backdrops of the historic Greenwich’s landscapes, the Olympic Park, Tower Bridge, the Shard, the Excel, the White towers, and the Canary Wharf.

Climbing O2 Arena London
The Descent

The descent is much more fun and thrilling since it is steeper. Reach the ground, strip your safety gear and harness before you walk out with memories of one of the most epic adventures in London.

Know before you Climb O2 Arena London

Opening Hours

Opening hours of Up At The O2 change from season to season. Check seasonal time changes here.

Getting there

  • Subway: North Greenwich station is the closest subway station. It only takes 5 minutes by walk to reach the entrance of the O2 Arena. North Greenwich Station (Stop E) is the closest bus stop and leaves you right outside the Up At The O2 office.
  • Ferry/Uber Boat: Take a ferry or Uber boat to North Greenwich Pier to up your experience in London. The O2 Arena is just by your gaze as you hop off the boat.
  • Car: You can drive through Blackwall Tunnel or A102 lane to enter Millenium Way Car Park directly. You can also follow Millennium Way to reach your destination.

O2 Arena Map

Up At The O2 Arena basecamp is located next to the box office at the entrance and easy to locate. Here is a map of the O2 to help you navigate your way.

Rules and Regulations

  • Due to COVID 19, the venue requires you to wear your face mask, use their free hand sanitiser stations, and maintain social distancing.
  • The minimum age for climbing is 8 years old and kids must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The minimum height of the person climbing should be 1.2 meters and should not weigh more than 130kg.
  • ID proof is mandatory for a climb to verify your age and identity.
  • Mobile phones and small cameras are allowed but are not permitted to be in use while you climb. Nevertheless, you can take pictures while at the top.

Handy Tips To Climb O2 Arena London

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Jackets and gilets are available as an extra layer of clothing if needed at the camp.
  • Climb shoes of all sizes are also available at the camp.
  • Booking the Up At The O2 tickets in advance is mandatory and only limited tickets are issued for a day. Hence, pre-book your tickets at least 3 days in advance.
  • Use the toilets before you climb since the climb takes 90 minutes and there are no restrooms at the top.
  • Download the O2 App to stay in tune with the regulations, screening, tracking payments, ordering food, finding restaurants nearby and more.
  • London is known for its unpredictable weather conditions and climbing on a rainy day can make your experience dull. Make sure to check the weather on the day of the climb as well as while before booking tickets.
  • You are required to arrive and check-in at the South Pavilion at least 15 minutes before your climb to prepare. Late arrivals will not be permitted to climb or refunded.
  • Make sure to eat light and not drink alcoholic beverages before you climb.

Up At The O2 Reviews

Our guide, Sarah, made the whole experience, from start to finish, as safe and as enjoyable as it could possibly be. From our initial briefing through checking on us every step of the way and pointing out the sights and landmarks as we climbed, Sarah was Ace! If you are in London with a couple of hours to spare and looking for an exhilarating experience, go for it!

Barry Gallafent, 4 August 2021

It was a fun experience and nice views of the Thames. It wasn’t too challenging if you’re reasonably fit and it felt safe. You can take pictures from the top, but not while walking up... Our guide Emily was very personable and informative with tidbits about the building and the city.

Shawn Bryan, June 19, 2021

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The Tower of London holds a history of a thousand years and is home to the Crown Jewels. It is the strongest castle and keeps the haunting secrets of prisoners and ancient kings. It has played many roles over the centuries, from being a fortress, a prison, a mint and a royal residency. A visit to the Tower of London will also let you see the iconic white Tower and 22 other towers on its grounds.

Tower of London

2London Eye

A visit to the giant observation wheel, London Eye, is a must while in the city. It offers the second-highest observation point in London and over 4 million tourists have visited this attraction since its opening on March 9, 2000. Its predecessor, the Great Wheel, was 308 feet tall. London Eye gives the people of London a much clearer and father (you can see as far as 40 kilometres) view at 443 feet high.

London Eye

3Tower Bridge

The most recognisable landmark of London is Tower Bridge. It has stood majestically over the River Thames since 1894. The beautiful panoramic views through the walkway display the grandeur and splendour of the bridge older than a century. It is also a very popular landmark in the city that is crossed over by 40,000 people every day.

Tower Bridge

4Thames River Cruises

It is only natural to cruise over the river Thames after you see such splendid views of it. Thames River Cruises offer one of the most fascinating ways to consume the antiquity seeped sights of London. Glide under the London Bridge, see the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, admire the Festival Hall and the London Eye amongst the many other sights while gliding on the swift waters of Thames.

Thames River Cruises


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