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16 Instagrammable Spots in London – Iconic Landmarks and Hidden Gems in the British Capital

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Every city has its own personality, but London has more to offer than other cities. It's filled with many Instagrammable spots! The famous landmarks are definitely worth seeing, but there are also hidden gems that make you feel like a real explorer. Be it taking pictures in front of street art, or quaint cafés, London has everything!

London is also a modern city, so if you want to combine tradition with the Instagrammable side of London , you can visit Madame Tussauds or take a picture at the Globe Theatre . The Tower Bridge offers amazing views for pictures too!

#1 The Tower Bridge

The London Tower Bridge is one of the most instagrammable places in the world. The 83m high arches are visible from afar, and the views of both the city and river from either side are spectacular. In addition to its impressive height, 30 million bricks were used in building it. It is a must-go for anyone visiting London.

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#2 St. Paul's from the Millenium Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral is one of London's most iconic monuments, and no visit to the Millennium Bridge would be complete without a photo outside this world famous building. At the perfect angle and position, you can get an amazing shot of the famous cathedral from the Millenium Bridge!

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#3 Neal's Yard

Hidden down two secret passages in Covent Garden, Neal's Yard is a store founded in 1981 that sells aromatherapy based treatments. It is located in a colourful nook of the city, the buildings a vibrant pastel, with quaint little stores surrounding it. It's a perfect spot for an Instagram shot and almost has the vibes of a woodland fairytale setting.

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#4 The London Eye

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. Also known as the Millennium Wheel, it has also been called by its official name EDF Energy London Eye. It's one of Europe's most popular attractions, with over 3.75 million visitors annually. It offers spectacular views and has become another one of London's iconic landmarks. Be it a view from the vestibule of the Eye or the very structure on the banks of the river, it's a key Instagram spot in London!

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#5 Churchill Arms

Pubs are synonymous with British night culture, and while London is packed to the brim with them, the Churchill Arms Pub stands out. It has managed to forge a reputation for itself in the social media savvy world of Instagramming. Not only does it have one of the best beer gardens in London, but this garden is located next door to the iconic Portabello Road Market. The pub is practically always lush with flowers bursting out of almost every nook and cranny of the building. The pub also serves 60 different types of craft beers that are guaranteed to wet any whistle.

Tip: Visit the pub during summer, spring or the holiday season to see the flowers in full bloom or the gorgeous display of holiday decorations.

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#6 Notting Hill

Once upon a time, Notting Hill was home to posh families. Today, the gorgeous neighborhood is known as an international tourist destination because of its famous boutiques and cafés. The colourful, pastel buildings of this famous destination make it an excellent setting for the 'gram.

Tip: Do be mindful of the fact that this is a residential neighbourhood, and while a popular tourist destination, residents don't appreciate their boundaries being encroached upon for the perfect shot.

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#7 The Buckingham Palace

People who want to post aesthetically pleasing photos of themselves would find the Buckingham Palace in London an ideal spot. The majestic building is surrounded by well-maintained lawns and flowerbeds, which are sure to be a hit amongst amateur photographers. Visitors will also relish the opportunity to take snapshots with world-famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Westminster Palace.

The Buckingham Palace is also a perfect opportunity for anyone who loves to wander around with no particular destination in mind. Visitors are allowed access to some rather fascinating parts of the palace including the Throne Room, Queen Mary's Dolls room, Royal Mews and the Grand Staircase.

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#8 Shoreditch

Located in inner East London, Shoreditch is the epitome of hipster culture. It's known for its history of being a location where many social movements began. The area was an epicenter of the 1980s Electro and Techno music scenes; today, it's home to chic galleries and trendy cafes. The culture of the area even inspired a new term: Boho-Chic.

People flock to Shoreditch because of its unique, instagrammable locations and daring aesthetics that captivate anyone who steps into the area. If you're looking for an area that is brimming with character and creativity, this is definitely the place to go.

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#9 Camden Market

Camden Market is one of the most famous markets in London, and is considered an "Instagrammable" landmark. The architecture inside the market is incredible. The buildings have designs that date back all the way to Roman times. There are even water fountains in the middle of the market. Throughout the market, there are also many different art projects that can be viewed, including mosaics made of broken china pieces!

#10 God's Own Junkyard

London is home to various artistic and cultural attractions and they all contribute to the variety and depth of experiences that can be had in this remarkable city. One such experience is available at God's Own Junkyard, an art installation for tourists and enthusiasts alike just outside Croydon. Famous for it's vibrant and funky neon artistic styles, it contains a collection of waste materials from around London providing an insight into what exactly goes into the creative processes of some of the world's most talented individuals. Both fun and educational, it is an experience that will definitely be shared on social media for years to come due to its instant "instagrammable" appeal.

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#11 Kew Gardens

The famous Kew Gardens are located in London, England. The gardens are very well known because of the large variety of plants that are housed there which include many endangered species. Because of this fact, they have been given World Heritage Site status by UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - meaning it is now officially a site of significant importance to the world.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, with people particularly keen on taking pictures of several particular areas like The Pagoda and Queen Charlotte's Cottage. During Easter time, many couples come to the gardens for photoshoots because of its 'Instagrammable' qualities .

Tip: Read through this our guide on the Kew Gardens Entrances for some more insight to help plan your visit.

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#12 St. Dunstan's in the East Church

The church is one of the most historic churches in London, it also has an interesting history. It was built by Norman masons more than 1,000 years ago(!). The church has survived everything from the Great Fire of London to German bombing during World War II, and is now a Grade I listed building.

The best part about St Dunstan's? Every corner you turn will result in an opportunity for you to strike a pose worthy of your next #OOTD post on Instagram!

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#13 The Coppa Club

The Coppa Club is a unique venue in London and is an exciting addition to the city's nightlife scene. The club has made waves in the local community since its launch, partly due to it being the first 'pop-up' club in London. The name of the club is inspired by the famous Italian dessert, Coppa Mascarpone! The club has quickly picked up a cult status amongst locals and is now gaining recognition from international visitors to the city as well.

The Coppa Club has a very unique decor which is inspired by the show "Friends" and Italian lunches. Infamous for it's glass igloo-style seating, the club features an amazing 60s style diner bar and is decorated with classic items such as the jukebox and pinball machine. The club also has a secret booth to provide you with an extra luxurious experience, where guests can drink high quality Italian champagnes.

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#14 The Columbia Road Flower Market

The best time to visit the Columbia Road Flower Market is on a Sunday, just before lunchtime. This market is located in East London and it's known for its massive flower stalls that line the street. The first thing you'll notice when you arrive are these bright colors of flowers all around you. There are so many flowers and so much color everywhere you look, making it a great spot to take pictures for the 'Gram!

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#15 The 9 3/4 Platform at King's Cross!

The experience of Platform 9 3/4 can be found at Kings Cross Station Platforms 9 and 10, here you will find luggage trolleys that look like they push into the wall, to mimic the infamous passage between Muggle Railway Station and Wizard Station in the Harry Potter franchise.

Tip: If you're a Potterhead looking for more Harry Potter experiences in London, take a look at our guides for Harry Potter Tours London: Welcome To The World Of Witchcraft And Wizardry and The Muggle’s Guide To Harry Potter Tours At Warner Bros Studio London

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#16 Peggy Porschen Café

The Peggy Porschen Café is set within the confines of Chelsea's quaint village-like area. It is an establishment that will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. This Instagrammable café with its pink exterior, monogrammed linen napkins and marble tables has become popular amongst foodies who want to take pretty pictures for the 'Gram.

Tip: Make sure to try the mini cupcakes here!

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