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Having grown up in the urban city of Bengaluru, my travels were limited to weekend getaways to nearby temple towns with the promise of a good drive and a sumptuous meal. When not this, books were my haven and through them, I travelled to places far, wide, and beyond. Until 2021! In 2021, a solo trip to Leh helped me discover a purpose to my travels - being one with nature. Somewhere between catching a surreal sunrise from the flight window to being mesmerised by a million twinkling stars in an inky black sky, I discovered the transformative power of travel. And what better way to help share these travel stories than through words, sprinkled with snippets of my own travel experiences. As a travel writer, I write about travel guides, seasonal travels, nature escapades, history & culture, and handy tips to make your travel a lot more comfortable and familiar. Presently on my travel bucket list are a Himalayan road trip and a visit to Otterberg, Germany! Until then, I’ll continue my travels through literature, storytelling, movies, and conversations.