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West End Guide: Best London Fantasy Shows

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Have you ever desired to escape into the wonderous world of Harry Potter or Narnia? You're in luck, for London fantasy shows are a portal to these magical lands! With elaborate set design, immersive music and lighting and impeccable acting, fantasy shows are a window to the surreal. Read on to discover everything about West End's fantasy shows, fantastical cheap tickets and where to find them!

What Is a Fantasy Show?

Fantasy refers to art set in worlds where laws of physics and reality have no say. Fantasy stories often feature mythical creatures, magical or supernatural phenomena and the battle of good versus evil. As a genre, it pushes the boundaries of human imagination through vivid worldbuilding and larger-than-life stories.

What Makes Fantasy Theatre Shows Special?

Otherworldly elements are crucial to fantasy stories. Fantasy theatre shows bring these elements to life on stage. With the power of set design, technology, sound design, lighting and costume design, fantasy theatre shows create spectacular experiences.

Top 3 Reasons to Watch London Fantasy Shows

  1. A Break from Reality: London’s fantasy theatre shows present a chance to escape the routine of life. For a few hours, lose yourself in the realm of wizards, dragons, elves and much more!
  2. Visual Treats: As worldbuilding is crucial to these stories, fantasy shows are supported by innovative and intricate production design. Rest assured that the visual experience will blow your mind.
  3. Emotional Resonance: With nostalgic themes of bravery, friendship, redemption and love, fantasy shows add vibrance and pizzazz to familiar stories.

Top London Fantasy Shows

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Where to Get Tickets to London Fantasy Shows?

West End shows often get sold out months in advance. If you want the best seats and discounts, follow the golden rule: book early, book online. With Headout, you will get the cheapest London fantasy show tickets and a smooth booking experience. Headout also offers the best prices for last-minute tickets!

Insider Tips

Heading to your first fantasy show? Here are five tips to make your experience more exciting:

  • Research the Venue: Every theatre has different rules and facilities. Familiarise yourself with the venue beforehand.
  • Dress Comfortably: Dress for comfort as you will be sitting for an extended period. Most theatres get chilly, so keep a light sweater or jacket handy.
  • Arrive Early: Give yourself ample time to find the venue and get seated.
  • Respect Theatre Etiquette: Avoid using your phone or talking loudly during the show, as it can distract performers and fellow audience members.
  • Embrace Childlike Wonder: Remember the curiosity and wonder you felt as a child? Watch the show with the same mindset to have a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions About London Fantasy Shows

How should I book my London fantasy show tickets?

For the best seats and discounts, book your tickets online in advance.


Can I bring my children to a fantasy show?

Many fantasy shows are suitable for children! Read the description or get in touch with the organisers to confirm the age limit.


What are some of the popular London fantasy shows?

Frozen the Musical, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Wicked are some popular London fantasy shows.

How much do tickets for London fantasy shows cost?

Ticket prices for London fantasy shows differ based on shows, venues, dates, and seats.

Can I take photos or videos during the show?

Photography or videography are prohibited at most theatres.