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West End Guide: The Best West End Plays in London 2022

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There’s something about watching live theatre that no other experience can match up to. From the masterful flourish with which each actor performs on stage to the elaborate sets and numerous costume changes, each theatre production is truly special. Speaking of theatre, one of the finest and most popular performance centers in the world is, of course, London’s West End. “Theatreland” houses over 40 venues where both theatre veterans and young newcomers come together to create musicals and the best plays in London that are relevant, funny, and poignant in equal measures. While West End show musicals portray a heightened sense of reality, what with all the song and dance, plays are more authentic and true-to-life.

The best West End plays in London — some originals and others being Broadway transfers — are truly unmissable. On your next trip to London, take some time out and experience the magic of live theatre in West End. Here’s our handy selection of the best plays in London you can watch on your trip.

West End Plays