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Barbican Theatre Seating Plan – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing & Tips

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London's Barbican Centre, Europe's largest multi-arts hub, offers a diverse blend of theater, art, debates, and cinema. It is part of the Global Cultural Districts Network and is located in the Barbican Centre. Home to the Royal Shakespeare Company, it features art galleries, eateries, libraries, and even a conservatory.

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Barbican Theatre - Recommended Seats

💸 Value for money seats
Gallery seats, seat towards the rear of each section.
💰 If money were no matter
Centre of the Stalls and Circle.
🎭 Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows F-J.
Circle: Seats in the centre.

Barbican Theatre Stalls

The Stalls consist of one continuous block of seating, without a central aisle. Doors on both ends of each row provide access. The rows slightly curve at the ends, which may give you a partial side view of the stage. With 17 rows, each holding up to 49 seats, plus 2 Boxes at the back, and standing room, the Barbican boasts a contemporary auditorium. It features a steep incline and ample leg space for comfort. The best seats are in the center, between Rows C and M, while those farther back might feel more distant from the stage.

Barbican Theatre Circle

The Circle at this venue is situated just above the Stalls. Most of its seats are found in Row A and B, while seats AA to HH are located on the sides, giving you a side view of the stage. Interestingly, there's no central aisle here and the Circle isn't overshadowed by the sections above, ensuring an unobstructed view.

Barbican Theatre Upper Circle

The Upper Circle mirrors the Circle layout, but it enjoys an unobstructed view due to the lack of a Gallery overhang. Its seating arrangement is split into two extended rows, A and B. Seats AA to EE are positioned on either side of the stage, providing a side-angle perspective of the performance. For those seeking affordability without compromising on visibility, Rows A and B are excellent choices.

Barbican Theatre Gallery

In the Gallery, you'll find two rows, A and B, each with six seats on either side in Rows AA and BB. These seats will offer a side view of the stage. Access to your seats is through doors on either side of the section, and there's no central aisle here. While the Gallery provides a different perspective, it's essential to be aware that it can sometimes feel quite distant from the main action on the stage.

Where Can I Get Discounted Barbican Theatre Tickets?

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Which Seats Offer the Best View?

If you're keeping a close eye on your wallet, you'll find the best deals in the Gallery. These seats are a bit further from the action, but they are available at a discounted price. Another tip is to snag seats at the ends of rows in any section. They come at a lower price because of their angle towards the stage.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you're willing to splurge a bit, prime seats await you at the centre of the Stalls and Circle. These seats offer an impeccable view of the stage, with Rows F-J being particularly great choices. However, for a cozier experience, consider venturing a bit closer to the stage.

30-Second Takeaway: Barbican Theatre

  • The theatre has a capacity of 1156 seats.
  • Seating in the theatre is divided into four sections— Stalls, Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery.
  • In Stalls and Circle, the best seats are the ones in the middle rows, which will give you the most ideal viewing experience.
  • If you are looking for budget-friendly tickets, seats in the rear of each section and Gallery are good options to explore.

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