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Lyric Theatre Seating Plan: Get Up Stand Up! Bob Marley

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Wondering about all that’s being done to keep you safe? Find out more about the safety measures and COVID-safe protocols theatres have implemented to ensure your safety.

Social Distancing Measures

  • The venue has been redesigned to minimize contact among all viewers
  • Different groups will be seated separately
  • Pre-ordering of interval snacks will be facilitated wherever possible
  • Cashless and paperless transactions are recommended.
  • All viewers are requested to keep their belongings to a minimum since cloakroom facilities may be closed
  • Activities such as taking photographs with the artists or autograph signing may be restricted

Preventive Safety Measures

  • Protective gear such as masks are mandatory to enter the venue
  • All viewers will be subjected to temperature checks before entering the venue

Sanitization Measures

  • Theatres will be cleaned after every show
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided at each entry and exit

Contactless E-Tickets

  • Only print-at-home tickets and e-tickets will be accepted

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The Lyric Theatre is the oldest surviving theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue and is still full of renaissance charm. This theatre has retained most of its original structure and hasn’t changed much since its inception. This unfortunately means that there are still some architectural pillars in the auditorium, which might affect the view of the stage. That and the fact that it is a U-shaped theatre mean that there are some seats which provide side angle views of the stage. For this reason, it is imperative to take some time and choose your seats carefully before booking. This Lyric Theatre Seating Plan guide will help you make that decision and ensure that you have a great time at the show.

This guide on the Lyric Theatre seating plan will help you find the best seats for Get Up Stand Up! Bob Marley at West End. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats, and more.

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Navigating the Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

Lyric Theatre Seating Plan - Get Up Stand Up! Bob Marley Musical Ticket Prices

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Lyric Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Stalls: Rows A, and G-M. Dress Circle: Seats in Rows D-G. Upper Circle: Seats in rows A, D, and E. Balcony: Seats in rows E and F. Check out the real time availability and pricing for Get Up Stand Up! Bob Marley and get your tickets before they run out.
If money were no matter
Stalls: Any seats in rows B-D.
Dress Circle: Any seats in the middle of rows A-C.
Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows B-J.
Dress Circle: Seats in Rows A-D.
Upper Circle: Seats in Rows A-E.
Balcony: Seats in Rows A-D.

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Lyric Theatre Stalls

The Stalls is the closest section to the stage and hence offers the best views. Unlike most other West End theatres, the Stalls section here does not have a central aisle, and is hexagonal in shape. This means that the rows towards the middle of the section are longer, whilst the ones in the front and rear are much shorter. The rows extend from AA all the way to R.

Although this section is well raked, viewers sitting towards the back may find it hard to get a complete view of the stage due to the overhang of the section above. You must note that there are pillars situated next to seats N4, N15, Q3 and Q10, which may affect the views of people sitting around these seats.

Lyric Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is the smallest section of the theatre with just 148 seats split amongst eight rows (A-H). This section is just above the Stalls and below the Upper Circle. In the Dress Circle, the first four rows (A-D) follow the curve of the balcony, meaning that the seats towards the ends of these rows look at the stage at a slight angle and not directly at it.

However the seats towards the centre of these rows offer comprehensive and unobstructed views of the stage. There are support pillars next to seats F3 and F9, so you may want to avoid these. Like the Stalls section, the Dress Circle is pretty well raked, but if you are in the rear end of this section, your view maybe affected by the overhang of the Upper Circle.

Lyric Theatre Upper Circle

The Upper Circle is the second tier of the auditorium and is at quite a height. It has a capacity of 178 seats split across 7 rows. Unlike the other sections, there are two vertical aisles running down the Upper Circle, splitting it into 3 subsections. Row A, or the first row, in this section is very long and follows a curve, offering side views of the stage to the viewers sitting on either end of the row.

Like the Stalls and Dress Circle, there are pillars here as well, next to seats D11 and D17, and these affect the view of all seats behind them. The advantage of sitting in this section is that since it is at a height, you will be looking directly down at the stage and hence will be able to capture all the action happening on it.

Lyric Theatre Balcony

This is the highest section of the theatre and can hold 205 people. The Balcony is divided into three blocks of seats, of which the front section offers the best view and value for money. The legroom offered here is quite tight, however there are no pillars or obstruction to block your view. Apart from being far away from the stage, this section is actually a good bargain as the views are unrestricted. The rows extend from A-J.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

In the Stalls section, seats in the rows D-L offer the best and most complete views of the stage. There are no obstructive pillars to block your view nor are they too close to the stage, making you have to look up to catch the action. The Dress Circle also provides great views of the stage provided you get seats in the first couple of rows and in the middle of the row. As the rows curve, the views from the seats on the side aren’t as great as the ones in the middle.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

In the Stalls, the seats towards the rear of the section (between Rows N-R) are priced cheaper than the other ones in the same section and offer decent views to patrons. Similarly in the Dress Circle, seats in the last few rows (Rows F-H) are relatively cheaper and also ensure complete views of the stage. In the Upper Circle and Balcony sections, the seats in the first couple of rows are priced really low when compared to the rest of the theatre and allow viewers to enjoy the show, without having to spend a bomb.

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