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Fortune Theatre seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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The Fortune Theatre is officially the second smallest performance house in West End with a seating capacity of only 419 seats. These seats are divided into three sections - the stalls, the dress circle and the upper circle. Let's look at each section in detail to give you a better idea of the seating structure of the Fortune Theatre.

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Navigating the Fortune Theatre Seating Plan

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Fortune Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Rear end of stalls and middle seats in dress circle
Best views of the stage
Stalls - Row D, seats 11-14.
Dress Circle - Middle seats in second or third row
Sufficient legroom
Stalls - All aisle/central seats

Fortune Theatre Stalls

The first and biggest seating section in the theatre, the stalls holds a total of 189 seats. These seats are divided into two blocks by an off-centre aisle. This section is narrow and shallow and the seats can often feel very tight and uncomfortable. There are support pillars located at the end of some of the aisle seats but they don't really have an impact on the view offered. Unlike most other theatres, the stalls in the Fortune Theatre don't have much of a rake. This means that if someone tall takes the seat in front of yours, there's a possibility that your view might be obstructed.

Please note that the overhang for the dress circle section affects the view from the rear row seats of the stalls. The seats are spread across 11 rows labelled A to L and the seats are numbered in the range of 1 to 20 moving right to left.

Fortune Theatre Dress Circle

The first of the two elevated sections in the Fortune Theatre, the dress circle houses 106 seats, making it the smallest section in the theatre. Like the stalls, the dress circle also features two unequal sections divided by an aisle on the left side of the auditorium. A safety rail runs the length of the balcony, obstructing the view from the first three rows. There's a decent rake in the dress circle section but the seats in the last rows are restricted. This is due to the upper circle overhang which begins from row D. Seats in the dress circle are spread across 6 rows from A to F. Numbers for seats in this section range from 1 to 17, moving right to left.

Fortune Theatre Upper Circle

The final section, and furthest away from the main stage, is the upper circle. Housing a total of 124 seats, the upper circle offers decent sightlines and reasonably priced seats. The seating layout is exactly like the dress circle, with an aisle unequally dividing the seats. Seats at the ends of rows and front of the balcony offer a restricted view due to the presence of safety rails. There's a slight curve in the upper circle due to which the corner most seats offer a little bit of side view, though this does not impact the overall view. Avoid seats in the first row A since these seats are obstructed by a handrail. There are 7 rows in total in the upper circle and they are labelled from A to G. Seats are numbered in the range of 1 to 18, moving right to left.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

With only 419 seats in total, the Fortune Theatre doesn't offer a lot of options when it comes to seating views and sightlines. Incidentally, the first row in the stalls are not considered premium in this theatre due to the increased height of the stage. In the stalls, premium seats can be found in row D from seat 11 to 14. These seats do not suffer from a rake and offer patrons a clear view of the entire stage. In the dress circle section, the front row should again be avoided since a handrail obstructs the view. Opt for the second or third row middle seats for a great view of the stage.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

Due to the presence of handrails, support pillars and overhang pillars in both the stalls and dress circle sections, there are many discounted seats available for patrons. If you want a serviceable view of the stage and don't want to spend a lot, there are many value-for-money seats available in the upper circle section and the rear end of the stalls. Do note that opting for a classified restricted view seat is always a risky proposition since each production utilizes the stage in a different way and there's no guarantee of the view offered. Still, the rear seats in the stalls and the middle seats in the dress circle are typically great and what officially qualifies for value-for-money.

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