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London Palladium seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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This seating plan guide on the London Palladium, with 2,294 seats across Stalls, Royal Circle, and Grand Circle, will help you find the best seats in the house - both in terms of the view and value for money!

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Navigating the London Palladium seating plan

London Palladium seating plan - Recommended seats

💸Value for money seats
Stalls/Royal circle: The front row in stalls and first row in upper circle offer are usually discounted. Most seats labelled 'restricted view' also work in terms of value for money.
🎭Best views of the stage
Stalls: Middle rows.
Royal circle: Front row.
We would recommend you to choose central seats, wherever available, for the best possible views.


The biggest seating section in the theatre by a huge margin, the stalls houses 1,043 seats. That's around half of the total seats in just one section. The rear rows of this section have almost 50 seats per row, which is also massive by West End theatre standards. There are two aisles which divide the stalls into three subsections. The stalls section has 25 rows in total, labelled from A to XX, moving from front to rear. Seats in this section are numbered in the range of 1 to 50.

The overhang for the royal circle section begins halfway through the stalls, which does restrict the view from the rear seats. Another important thing to note here is that the stage is at a greater height than most other theatres. Patrons in the front row might have to slightly crane their necks to view the stage properly.

Royal circle

Next up is the royal circle, the first of the two elevated sections in the theatre. This section has 597 seats, making it the smallest in the theatre. The seats are structured similarly to the stalls, with two aisles running along the auditorium and dividing the seats into three subsections. There are 12 rows in total in the royal circle, labelled A to L. Seats are numbered between 1 to 55, moving right to left. Generally, most seats in this section are considered great for exceptional viewing angles and line of sight. Another great thing about the royal circle is that the upper circle overhang has no impact on the view offered from the rear seats.

Grand circle

The final seating section in the London Palladium is the grand circle with a total of 654 seats. Unlike most other theatres, the grand circle in the Palladium Is bigger than the royal circle. Like the previous two sections, the grand circle is also divided into three subsections via two aisles. There are 13 rows in this section, labelled A to M, and the seats are numbered between 1 to 55. While the centre seats are great, the seats at the ends of the row can offer a side-on view of the stage due to a curve in the section. The first two rows offer an obstructed view due to the presence of a safety bar.

Where can I get discounted London Palladium tickets?

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Have further questions about London Palladium? Need details about specific seats? We’ve got you covered with info on the best seats with the best view and value for money!

Which seats offer the best view?

If money is not a restriction, you can spend on premium seats in the London Palladium. The front row of the royal circle is a great choice, especially if you're watching a musical with plenty of dancing and moving about on stage. Pick the centre seats in the first row of the royal circle to watch the show from the best angle. In the stalls section, the middle seats are considered better than the front row seats due to the height of the stage.

Which seats/sections offer the best value for money?

Don't want to spend all your savings on a West End show? We get it. Our solution? Opt for value-for-money seats that offer a serviceable view of the stage and are easy on the pocket. Surprisingly, seats in the front row of the stalls are often sold at a discount due to the height of the stage. The first row of the upper circle is also a great pick if you're looking for value-for-money seats. In general, any seat labelled ‘restricted view’ in the theatre is value for money since the restrictions are pretty negligible and won't ruin your experience.

London Palladium reviews

My parents and I had a magical time at the Palladium for the second time this year (the first being in January). We saw the brand new pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk, where the line-up cast were so spectacular, even the costumes and set design were amazing!
It was a great festive treat on a Sunday night, even if it did start to snow on our way outside. But it's a regular thing for my family, and we'll be back again next Christmas for another magical weekend at London's iconic home of pantomime!

- Elliot T, Tripadvisor, December 2022

We went here for a charity comedy night. Lovely theatre. Quite a bit of leg room. The main plus point loads of ladies toilets didn’t have to queue at any time. Unheard of 🙂

- Allisoncsuk, Tripadvisor, November 2022

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