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Noël Coward Theatre Seating Plan: Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing & Reviews

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The Noël Coward Theatre has a total of 891 seats across four levels– Stalls, Royal Circle, Grand Circle, and Balcony. Get real-time seat availability and find the best seats with our guide to the Noël Coward Theatre Seating Plan.

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Navigating the Noël Coward Theatre Seating Plan

Noël Coward Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Dress Circle: Seats 1-6 and 28-33 in row A. Grand Circle: Seats 3-24 in rows D-E.
If money were no matter
Centre seats in rows E-L in Stalls, and centre seats in rows B-D in Dress Circle.
Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows B-H. Dress Circle: Centre seats in Rows A-D. Grand Cirle: Rows B and C.

Noël Coward Theatre Stalls

The Stalls slightly fan out in the back rows. There are a total of 22 rows with 467 seats. The stalls are arranged from rows A to V, with row A the closest to the stage. As the stage is high, audience members seated in row A may have to crane their necks a bit to get a good view. The views from rows K-V are slightly affected by the overhang of the Royal Circle, however, the audience has reasonably good views even from the last row. The rows F-K have the best views of the stalls and also have the highest ticket prices.

Noël Coward Theatre Royal Circle

The Royal Circle is the second largest seating section of the theatre and has 183 seats across eight rows. These rows are named from A to H, with A being closest to the stage. The wings of the circle (A25-31, A1-7) taper and first few seats offer slightly restricted views; however, most of the action happens in the center of the stage, and so the seats in the middle provide unobstructed views. The seats are also well-raked, and even the last row has excellent views. Rows B-F have the best views of the stage and fit budget-conscious audiences.

Noël Coward Theatre Grand Circle

The Grand Circle of Noël Coward Theatre has six rows with 130 seats. The rows are uniformly distributed across rows A- F. The first row has a slightly restricted view due to the safety rail, and you may have to adjust yourself to get an unrestricted view. The Grand Circle is steeply raked and offers clear views; however, it is a compact seating section and may have restricted views if the person sitting in front leans forward or is exceptionally tall. The last row is near the exits, and you can enjoy a quick exit after the show.

Noël Coward Theatre Balcony

The Balcony of the Noël Coward Theatre has six rows with 111 seats, and is the smallest section of the theatre. It is the fourth level of the theatre and is steeply raked to provide good views of the stage, which may be a concern for those suffering from vertigo issues. Seat numbers A1-A2 and A21-A25 are on the sides of the balcony and give a top-side view of the stage, which is unhindered. The Balcony tickets have some of the cheapest tickets in the theatre and offer decent views of the stage. The best seats in the balcony are in the middle of the rows.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

The seating arrangement impacts the theatre experience immensely and a good seat always guarantees a great time at the theatre. Here are our suggestions for good seats at the Noël Coward Theatre London.

In the Stalls sections, seats 10-18 in the rows C-F are good seats. They are right in the centre of the theatre and offering fantastic views, but they are also some of the most expensive seats in the theatre. In the Royal Circle, seats 9-20 in the rows C-E offer good views of the stage. In the Grand Circle, the row F has good seats and offers decent views. It is to be noted that all these are also amongst the higher priced tickets in the Noël Coward Theatre.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you are on a budget but want to experience the show in the best possible way, then you can choose any of these seats.

In the Stalls, seats 8-21 in the rows O-T are good seats. These are under the overhang yet offer a good view of the stage and are the best balance of cost and view. Almost all the seats are good in the Royal Circle, however, rows E-H cost lesser without much of a difference in the view. In the Grand Circle, rows D & E are good seats and are some of the cheapest seats in the theatre.

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