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Savoy Theatre Seating Plan: Find the Best Seats for 9 To 5 Musical

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This guide on the Savoy Theatre seating plan will help you find good seats in the house - both in terms of the view and value for money. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, and find the best seats for 9 To 5 The Musical.

Navigating the Savoy Theatre Seating Plan

Savoy Theatre - 9 To 5 The Musical Ticket Prices

Stalls: £78 - £180
Dress Circle: £78 - £180
Grand Circle: £36 - £66

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Savoy Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Stalls: Rows I-N. Dress Circle: Rows G-M. Upper Circle: Rows D-E. Check out the real time availability and pricing for 9 To 5 The Musical and get your tickets before they run out.
If money were no matter
Stalls: Any seats in the middle of rows D-F. Rows AA-C are too close to the stage, and you may miss out on the action happening at the sides.
Dress Circle: Any seats in the middle of rows A-C.
Best views of the stage
Stalls: Middle seats in rows D-G.
Dress Circle: Middle seats in rows A-E.
Upper Circle: Middle seats in rows A-C.

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Savoy Theatre Stalls

The Stalls is the closest section to the stage, and is made up of one large block of seats. The first four rows of the stalls are quite low, so they may not be a very comfortable place for shorter audience to watch all the action. Seats towards the end of the row look at the stage from an angle rather than directly at it. Additionally, seats in rows T-W have restricted views due to the overhang from the Dress Circle. The front rows are often sold at a discounted price due to it being very close to the orchestra pit.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Stalls in the Savoy Theatre.

Savoy Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is split into a front and rear section, with the rear section divided further by a larger side staircase. The front section offers the best overall views of the stage, but seats at the end of the first 3 rows look at the stage from an angle rather than directly at it. Row G has extra legroom due to the aisle, but there is a safety rail that runs along it. Seats 1-4 in Rows G-L. Seats 1-5 in Row M and Seats 1-8 in Row N have restricted views.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Savoy Theatre.

Savoy Theatre Upper Circle

The Upper Circle has only eleven rows, and hence can feel quite intimate and cozy. The Mezzanine and Upper Circle bars can be accessed via staircases. This section is not recommended for those with limited mobility as there is no customer lift. Legroom is also extremely tight in this section. Additionally, Rows F and G have restricted views due to the safety rail in front of them.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

For the best overall view of the stage, sit in the mid-front of the stalls, especially rows D-G. Sitting in rows A-E in the Dress Circle also provides some excellent views for large-scale musicals. The Savoy Theatre stage is fairly deep, allowing for action to be seen from quite far back in the auditorium, so seats in rows A-C in the Upper Circle can provide you with good views.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

Want to watch 9 To 5 The Musical, but without spending too much? Seats in rows I-N in the Stalls section will give you a good view of the stage, without casting too much. The same holds for seats 8-23 in rows G-M in the Dress Circle. Rows D and E in the Grand Circle aslo provide you with a decent view of the stage.

30-Second Takeaway: Savoy Theatre

  • Located in Covent Garden, in the Savoy Court, Strand, London, this theatre was the first public building in the world to be lit by electricity!
  • The Savoy Theatre has a capacity of 1128 and has three sections of seating: the stalls, the dress circle and the upper circle.
  • The Stalls have 519 seats, the Dress CIrcle has 347 seats, and the Upper Circle can seat 262 people.
  • The Savoy Theatre is currently playing 9 To 5 The Musical.

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