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Garrick Theatre Seating Plan: Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing & Reviews

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This guide on the Garrick Theatre seating plan will help you find good seats in the house - both in terms of the view and value for money. Get real-time seat availability and pricing.

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Navigating the Garrick Theatre Seating Plan

Garrick Theatre - Hamnet

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Garrick Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Stalls: Rows H-R. Dress Circle: Seats in Rows D and E. Upper Circle: Seats 5-18 in rows C-E.
If money were no matter
Stalls: Any seats in the middle of rows B-G in the Stalls.
Dress Circle: Any seats in the middle of rows A-C.
Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows B-L.
Dress Circle: Seats 5-23 in Rows A-C.
Upper Circle: Seats 3-19 in Rows A-B.

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Garrick Theatre Stalls

The Stalls give a good view of the stage, given that the section is right in front of it. But being an old structure, the Stalls level is supported by many pillars that can sometimes obstruct the view. The Stalls consist of rows A to X, with no more than 24 seats in each row. There is also no centre aisle in the Stalls section. The best seats are in the middle of the rows.

Garrick Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle section of the theatre offers a good view of the stage and are better than the seats in the rear of the Stalls. The Dress Circle consists of five rows (A to E), with the longest row having the capacity to seat 26 people. Although the seats may feel a bit cramped, the excellent view of the stage makes it worth the slight discomfort.

Garrick Theatre Grand Circle

With a centre aisle, the Grand Circle has Rows A to E and the longest row can seat 26 people. The theatre’s intimate sitting makes the seating in Grand Circle seem close to the stage, giving a good view of the play. There is a safety barrier on this level that may obstruct the views from certain seats in the section.

Garrick Theatre Boxes

If you are looking for a more comfortable and private setting, you can choose to sit in one of the six boxes (D, E, F, G, H,and J), but be sure to select the seats carefully as some of them may not offer the best view of the stage. Boxes D and E are on the Dress Circle level, whereas the other four are a little higher on the Grand Circle level.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

If you are going to choose seats in the Stalls section, go for a place between rows B and G as the seats in this area will give you an unrestricted view of the stage. The seats in the Dress Circle are also a good choice as they are at an optimum distance from the stage and offer a clear view of the whole stage. As a general rule, avoid taking seats on extreme right or extreme left side of the theatre.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you are on a budget, consider seats on the rear of the Stalls level (row N onwards) because you will often find the tickets for this area on discount, owing to the pillars that can obstruct the view for some seats. Rows D-E in the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle level are also sections where you will find seats at a reasonable price and a view that is not too bad.

30-Second Takeaway: Garrick Theatre

  • The Garrick Theatre is among the more smaller ones on West End with a capacity to seat 732 persons.
  • The theatre is divided into three levels - the Stalls, the Dress Circle, and the Upper Circle. There are also six boxes in the theatre.
  • Stalls level is the largest section of the theatre, and Dress Circle and Upper Circle each have five rows.
  • Avoid seats on extreme left or extreme right of the theatre.
  • The Stalls section has many support pillars that obstruct the view from seats on the rear side.
  • Seats in the Dress Circle offer the best view of the stage.

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