Gielgud Theatre Seating Plan: The Mirror And The Light

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Best Safety Standards

This venue is COVID SECURE and follows all safety measures recommended by the government to ensure that you enjoy a safe and socially-distanced theatre-going experience. Know More

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Safe Experiences

Wondering about all that’s being done to keep you safe? Find out more about the safety measures and COVID-safe protocols theatres have implemented to ensure your safety.

Social Distancing Measures

  • The venue has been redesigned to minimize contact among all viewers
  • Different groups will be seated separately
  • Pre-ordering of interval snacks will be facilitated wherever possible
  • Cashless and paperless transactions are recommended.
  • All viewers are requested to keep their belongings to a minimum since cloakroom facilities may be closed
  • Activities such as taking photographs with the artists or autograph signing may be restricted

Preventive Safety Measures

  • Protective gear such as masks are mandatory to enter the venue
  • All viewers will be subjected to temperature checks before entering the venue

Sanitization Measures

  • Theatres will be cleaned after every show
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided at each entry and exit

Contactless E-Tickets

  • Only print-at-home tickets and e-tickets will be accepted

Know More

Opened in the year 1906, the Gielgud Theatre was designed by W.G.R Sprague and boasts a seating capacity of 986 across three levels. It is situated on Shaftesbury Avenue in the City of Westminster and is just a stone's throw away from the Queen's theatre. Originally named the Hicks Theatre (after British actor/playwright Seymour Hicks), the name change came into effect in 1994 as a tribute to British actor John Gielgud.

Gielgud Theatre will host 'The Mirror and the Light', starring Ben Miles and Nathaniel Parker.

Navigating the Gielgud Theatre Seating Plan

Gielgud Theatre Stalls

The Stalls are the closest to the stage, with an optional 'Standing' row located at the end. The best seats here can be found in the centre of the rows, in the mid-rear of the seating before the Dress Circle overhang begins. Cheaper seats can be found in the rear four rows. Seats are comfortable in this section. However, due to the height of the stage, the first few rows may miss some of the action. The Stalls bar is 4 steps down from the back of the area. Men’s and Women’s toilets are available in this section. The seats in this section have extra leg room.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Stalls in the Gielgud Theatre.

Gielgud Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle provides excellent views of the stage, even towards the rear of the section. However, for those of you looking for head-on views, this section curves around the stage, causing many views to be side-on, particularly towards the front. The best seats in this section are in the centre of Row A in seats 10-26, but the same seats in rows behind are better value for money. Extra leg room can be found in the aisle seats.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Gielgud Theatre.

Gielgud Theatre Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the highest section in the theatre. This section is divided into 2 parts - front and rear. The most expensive seats are in the centre of the front three rows. Discounted seats can be found towards the ends of rows due to the side-on view of the stage. Men’s and Women’s toilets are available in this section.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Gielgud Theatre.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

A good theatre experience is good as long as you’re sitting at the right place. Here are the best seating options for "The Mirror and the Light".

The best seats are located towards the mid-rear of the Stalls, just underneath the Dress Circle overhang. Due to the height of the stage, some of the seats towards the front of the theatre may not have the greatest view. Sit in rows K-P for the best overall views. Premium tickets are located in seats 8-19 of rows G-K in the Stalls, and Seats 10-26 of rows A-D in the Dress Circle.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

The best value for money seats are located in the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle. In the Dress Circle, look for seats 11-26 in rows E-G. In the Grand Circle, the best value for money seats are Seats 7-22 in rows A-E.

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