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London Coliseum seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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Our detailed guide to the London Coliseum seating plan, the largest theatre in London with 2,263 seats across Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle, and Balcony, helps you identify the best seats and provides essential information for your visit.

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Navigating the London Coliseum seating plan

London Coliseum Theatre - Recomended seats

💸 Value for money seats
Seats in the dress circle and upper circle sections. Avoid the rear-central seats.
🎟️ If money were no matter
Stalls: Row B - H (10 - 32 seats)
🎭 Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows C - F, the center of the stalls has the best views. Dress circle has the second best views.


The first seating section in the London Coliseum is the stalls. This section holds a total of 520 seats and unlike most theatres isn't the biggest seating section in the theatre. What's great about this section is that they provide patrons easy access to most theatre facilities and offer unparalleled view of the majestic stage of the Coliseum. Since the overhang for the dress circle is located at the end of the section, seats in the rear rows don't offer restricted views. Do note that the stage is higher than most theatres, so front row patrons might have to crane their necks ever so slightly to get a proper look.

The 520 seats in this section are spread across three subsections and additional box seats on either side. With 16 rows in total, beginning with A and ending with Q, the stalls offer a uniformly good look at the stage. The seats are numbered between 1 to 42, depending on the size of the row. For instance, row H in the middle of the section is the longest row with 42 seats in total.

Dress circle

The first of the three elevated seating sections in the theatre is the dress circle. With 635 seats in total, the dress circle is also the biggest section in the theatre. This section offers a fantastic panoramic view of the stage and the decent raking offers patrons a generally clean view of the stage. Since this section curves around the theatre, seats at the end of some of the rows may suffer from the dreaded side-view issue. Still, on an average, even if you happen to get extreme corner seats, your overall experience won't be ruined all that much. The last three rows are something you would want to avoid though, since the upper circle overhang affects the view offered.

The dress circle, just like the stalls, is split into three subsections and three sets of box seats on either side. The rows are labelled between A and L, with 11 rows in total. Seats are numbered in the range of 1 to 72, but only for the first row, which happens to be longer than others.

London Coliseum upper circle

The second elevated section in the theatre, and also the second largest, the upper circle is also generally considered a pretty good seating section. With 610 seats in total, the section is structured exactly like the dress circle and also has two sets of box seats on either side. The front and center seats offer good views of the stage while some of the rear seats are partially affected by the overhang of the balcony section. Seats at the end of rows can also be avoided since they offer a side view of the stage.

Like the other two sections below it, the upper circle also has three subsections. There are 11 rows in this section as well and they are labelled starting from A and ending with L. The seats are numbered in the range of 1 to 57, moving from right to left.


The final section in the London Coliseum seating plan is the balcony. With only 498 seats, the balcony is the smallest seating section in the theatre and is also the highest from the stage. While you will get a good view of the stage, partly because of the gradual rake this section has, the expressions of the performers and other details of the production will be lost on you. Another important thing to note here is that seats in this section aren't the most comfortable. The seats are divided into five primary subsections with two mini sections on either side. There are 10 rows in this section, from A to K and the seats are numbered in the range of 1 to 54.

Where can I get discounted London Coliseum tickets?

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Have further questions about London Coliseum West End? Need details about specific seats? We’ve got you. Leave a question in the comments section below and we’ll answer it for you.

Which seats would offer me the best views?

If you're looking for the best view, opt for seats in the centre of the stalls. Another great thing about the London Coliseum is that unlike most other opera houses, the sound doesn't dramatically get better as you move to a seat on the upper levels. The stalls, thus, are great for both the sight and sound. We would recommend booking centre seats in any row between C to F. If you prefer an elevated seat, you can opt for the front row of the dress circle section as well.

Which seats would offer me the best value for money?

If you're not looking forward to spending upwards of £100 on a single ticket at the London Coliseum, fret not. There's a way to enjoy the show without overspending. We are, of course, referring to value-for-money seats. The English National Opera, who manage the London Coliseum, have several discounts to ensure you can get tickets at an acceptable price. Most of these seats are available in the dress circle and upper circle section and you'll have to check with the theatre staff to know specific seat numbers. You can also opt for front side seats instead of rear central seats, since these are generally cheaper.

London Coliseum reviews

Lovely venue for nutcracker ! Friendly staff & able to book pre performance & interval drinks . Upper circle is a good affordable seat bracket !

- Dushy D, Tripadvisor, December 2022

Yeomen of the Guard. Probably my least favourite G&S, and the production has not changed that view. It was, however, a lovely experience. A belated Birthday treat from my daughter, with 5 months in the anticipation for a rare trip to London. I had hinted that I would love to tick "sitting in a box at the theatre" off a notional to do list. She did not disappoint, and we enjoyed box 11 to just the two of us. My contribution was pre-ordered drinks and nibbles delivered to us in the box in the interval. Very civilised! Seats really comfortable, and, although it was a side view, we did not feel that we missed any action. Great view or the orchestra pit too. Beautiful building and poignant performance, falling the day after the announcement of the withdrawal of funding for ENO, as it did. Thoroughly recommend.

- Kate B, Tripadvisor, November 2022

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