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Dubai is an extraordinary city; the desert oasis literally has flowers blooming in its Miracle Garden and even snow in its Ski World. Just when you thought you had seen all the amusement parks and extravagant spaces in Dubai, here comes the Green Planet to stun you! There is nothing like it in the entire Middle East - a bio-dome that recreates the rainforest. With its 3,000 plus species of flora and fauna, the Green Planet is an amazing recreational space that offers a great interactive learning experience for all ages. A visit to the Green Planet Dubai will truly transport you to the Amazon!

Why Visit Green Planet Dubai

Green Planet Dubai

The bright blue and yellow colors of a macaw; the slow pace of a sloth or the nest building capabilities of a leaf cutter ant, you don’t have to watch a documentary or travel thousands of miles to view these amazing miracles! You can see all these beautiful species of animals and plants right in Dubai. The Green Planet is a unique bio-dome, the first of its kind in the Middle East that brings the rainforest closer to home.

Green Planet Dubai has over 3,000 species of flora and fauna. The bio-dome designed around the world’s largest artifical tree covers all the layers of the ecosystem, from the canopy to the midstory and forest floor to the flooded forest. What makes it better is the team of biologists and extremely well-trained staff who introduce these creatures to the guests. The interactive displays and special enclosures make the Green Planet Dubai an ideal educational and recreational space in Dubai for kids. The comfortable and safe atmosphere ensures both children and adults love the interactions with the animals. Unlike a zoo or museum, the immersive experience facilitates better learning and your kids will remember that encounter with a tamarin monkey forever!

Green Planet Dubai Tickets

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Your Green Planet Dubai Experience

You cannot help but wonder about human ingenuity as you stand in front of the Green Planet. This futuristic origami-inspired building holds the wonders of the most ancient ecosystem in the world – the rainforest! As you walk into the building, you will be dazzled by the verdant greenery and sense the warm humidity that makes you feel like you are standing in the Amazon and not Dubai. Your trip in the Green Planet begins at the ‘Flooded forest’ floor which has several aquariums. These contain unique amphibian and marine animals like arapaima, arowana and stingrays.

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From here you can look up a crevasse to see the entangled branches of the huge 25 metre tree that supports the ecosystem inside this bio-dome. You will then take an elevator right up to the canopy, the top-most layer of the rainforest. Here you can see colourful parrots and other birds roaming freely around the tree. You can also catch sight of exhibits on bees and leaf cutter ants.

Green Planet Dubai

A stairway will take you down to the lower levels - the midstory and the forest floor. Kids can enjoy a walk down the wooden bridges and rope walkways and enjoy a real jungle adventure! At the mid-story make sure you look out for the bright toucan with orange beak and the shy porcupines.

As you reach right down to the ground floor you will pass a cascading waterfall that feeds the forest floor. Here, in the dark and cool environs you will find the sloths and a variety of reptiles, insects and amphibian displays. Don’t worry all of them are safe behind glass enclosures! After an informative and fun session you will bid goodbye to the tree of life and head back out to the world. You and your kids will leave amazed at the bounty of nature, having witnessed almost 3,000 species of plants and animals in a matter of few hours!

Must See at Green Planet Dubai

All the 3,000 species at the Green Planet are amazing in their own right, but we have some special ones that you should not miss.

Incredible Sloths

Green Planet Dubai

The cute sloths are slow moving mammals and a hit with the kids. They have a unique lifestyle and often stay in the same tree for years in the wild. You can get in a close encounter with them with a ticket upgrade.

Super Sugar Gliders

Green Planet Dubai

Sugar Gliders are tiny nocturnal mammals that glide from tree to tree. These wide-eyed animals that fit into your palm will leave you amazed. You can learn how they can glide in a close encounter with them at the Green Planet.

Flamboyant Toucan

Green Planet Dubai

Nibbling on nuts, you can find the toucan in the canopy of the Green Planet. The large black bird with a bright yellow-orange beak is unmissable. You can catch it flying around with the other colorful parakeets and macaws in the bio-dome.

Thrilling Tarantula

Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet is home to the big and hairy spiders – tarantulas! The huge Goliath bird-eating tarantula gives company to their cousins – the scorpions at the bio-dome. There are also several other insect species and butterflies that will surprise you with their variety.

Enthralling Emerald Tree Boa

Green Planet Dubai

The striking green boa curled on a branch will make you wonder and squirm at the same time! The Green Planet is the best place to get over your fear of snakes, reptiles and more as you learn about the incredible species. Giving the boa company are other reptilian and amphibian species like Burmese Python, Iguana, Amazon Milk Frog, Panther Chameleon and Tokay gecko.

Green Planet Dubai - Insider Tips

  • A visit to the Green Planet takes about 2-3 hours depending on the curiosity levels of the participants. If you are traveling with kids, keep their meal times in mind. There is also a café on the premises which offers a variety of snacks.
  • The Green Planet is a great place to take kids. You can organize a class trip, a weekend outing or a different kind of a birthday party. The management will help you plan the tour around the place with their staff.
  • It is best to arrive early at the Green Planet. The crowds are fewer, and if you are going there with young kids they will enjoy the place to themselves.
  • The Green Planet has a variety of animals that are usually considered scary like lizards, spiders and snakes. While the staff at the planet does a brilliant job of getting the kids to be comfortable, it will help to mentally prepare them for what’s coming.
  • The animals and birds are used to crowds in the bio-dome. However, ensure you or your kids do not touch them unless the staff allows you to do so. Such behaviour may irritate the animals and also cause you discomfort due to it.

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Getting to Green Planet Dubai

Green Park is located inside City Walk Dubai. City Walk Dubai is the latest addition Dubai's kitty of man-made promenades. It beautifully marries entertainment, shopping and fresco restaurants in a scenic locality overlooking the posh locality of Jumeirah. Read more about things to do in City Walk here.

By Car
City Walk Dubai is on 39 Al Safa Street, 3 km away from Jumeirah and you can easily reach here by car or Uber. They have valet service and about 2000 parking spots within the premises to park your vehicle.

By Metro
Dubai Mall Metro Stop is the closest to City Walk. From here, you can either hail a taxi or take the Dubai Mall Metro Underground Tunnel that connects the Dubai Mall to City Walk. Note, the walk will take about 25-30 minutes.


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