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Essential tips for visiting Dubai Safari Park

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Dubai Safari Park, is a massive park spanning over 12 million square feet. It's the new and improved version of the old Dubai Zoo, which closed its doors on its 50th anniversary. And let me say, the park has been a game-changer for tourism in the area.

Now, if you're planning to visit, be prepared to spend the entire day there. Trust me, you won't run out of things to see and do. From incredible animal experiences to exciting shows, Dubai Safari Park has it all.

But before you go, I've got some insider tips to make your visit even better. Stick around, and I'll fill you in on how to make the most of your adventure!

Recommended Dubai Safari Park tickets

Insider tips for visiting Dubai Safari Park

1. Pre-book your tickets

To ensure access to all available upgrades and services, such as the train or Super Taxi, it is recommended to pre-book your tickets online. The park offers a day pass that includes entry to the park, two villages (African and Asian), Kids Farm, Al Wadi, Live Shows, and Animal Feeding.

2. Choose a package based on your available time

For a comprehensive tour without the need to book multiple tickets, opt for the King of Safari package. It includes fast access to all zones, a private guide, and a van for your small group. - If you have limited time and want a quick overview of the park, go for the 90-minute 'Behind the Scenes' package.

3. Be smart about your clothing choices

When visiting Dubai Safari Park, dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Choose loose-fitting, light-colored clothing to stay cool, as dark colors absorb more heat. The park is expansive, with minivan stations and 10-15 minute walks between villages, so wear comfortable walking shoes and avoid carrying heavy bags. Bring a hat, a bottle of sunscreen, and your fitbit if you have one, because those steps are going to make you feel good at the end of the day!

4. Don’t miss the ‘Amazing Creatures of the World’ show

Witness an engrossing 25-minute show at the Asian Theater in the Asian Village, showcasing a diverse array of birds and animals, including otters, parrots, pelicans, porcupines, and playful dogs, accompanied by an expert instructor. The shows happen daily at 1pm and 3pm.

Live animal shows at Dubai Safari Park

5. Download the map

To make navigating the vast park easier, download the official map from the Dubai Safari Park website. The map provides a clear layout of the different zones, attractions, and facilities, helping you plan your route efficiently.

6. The Kid's Farm is a must-visit

Let your little ones enjoy the barns and enclosures housing Najdi sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits, pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, ponies, Patagonian cavies, and spur-thighed tortoises. You can also purchase sunflower seeds to feed the birds at the aviary which consists of parakeets, argus pheasants, black-headed caiques, and blue-fronted Amazons.

7. Be aware of the park's summer closure

Dubai Safari Park is closed from June to September to protect the animals from the extreme heat during the summer months. The high temperatures can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful to the animals, so the park takes a break during this period.

8. Don't forget to pick up a souvenir

If you want to take home a memento of your incredible day at Dubai Safari Park, be sure to stop by one of the souvenir shops or the kiosk. You have three options namely Soko Souvenirs in the Main Building and Zawadi Shop in the African Village.

9. Stay hydrated

If you're traveling with young kids, get to the park early to avoid the midday heat. Pack a few water bottles to stay hydrated, as there's a lot of walking involved. These simple steps can make your trip much more enjoyable for everyone.

10. Consider using the taxi service

The wait for the bus can be long, so consider using the taxi service, which is efficient and affordable. It costs 10 dirhams each for travel to the next stop, which is convenient if you have a baby or an older person in your group.

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