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Exploring what’s inside Dubai Safari Park: Top attractions

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Dubai Safari Park is a wildlife sanctuary that combines leisurely sightseeing with wildlife observation and is definitely one of the best experiences in Dubai. The park hosts about 3,000 animals from 78 mammal species, including 10 types of carnivores and 17 primates. It also houses 50 reptile species, 111 bird varieties, and a range of amphibians and invertebrates, all spread across its 119-hectare area. Keep reading to discover the different villages of Dubai Safari Park and the exciting activities, as well as the various animals and birds you can encounter!

Inside Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park consists of a few distinct sections such as the Arabian Desert Safari, Explorer Village, African Village, Asian Village, Wadi, Kids Farm, and the Grand Aviary. Each area offers a different experience focused on the wildlife and culture of its respective region. You can enjoy animal sightings, interactive displays, and even live performances in a few of these areas. The Arabian Desert Safari and Explorer Village are accessible only through guided tours via tram or bus, whereas the rest of the areas are open for guests to walk around and explore on their own.

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Arabian Desert Safari

Explore the stunning scenery and unique wildlife of the Arabian region in the Arabian Desert Safari section of Dubai Safari Park. This area provides a sanctuary for rare and endangered species such as the Arabian wolf, Arabian gazelle, sand gazelle, and scimitar-horned oryx. Knowledgeable guides are available to bring you closer to these creatures, offering insights into their lives and habitats in the Arabian Peninsula. The star attraction of this zone is the Arabian Wolf, the smallest of the gray wolf species.

Arabian Wolf, Dubai Safari Park

Animals in the Arabian Desert Safari:
The zone features the Arabian Wolf, Addax, Arabian Oryx, Arabian Gazelle, Sand Gazelle, Mountain Gazelle, and the Scimitar-horned Oryx.

Explorer Village

Explorer Village is an exciting drive-through area that lets you discover the diverse wildlife of Asia and Africa. The Safari Journey, lasting around 45 minutes, offers a unique opportunity to observe majestic animals like lions, cheetahs, tigers, and elephants roaming in a naturalistic environment. The cheetah is a highlight in this zone, known for its speed and grace. Besides, Explorer Village features attractions like the Gorilla House, Chimpanzee House, Reptile House, and The Grand Aviary.

Tourists watching a herd of oryx in Dubai Safari Park

Animals in Explorer Village:
Here you can see a variety of animals, including the African Spoonbill, Arabian Oryx, Axis Deer, Brown Lion, Baboon, Blackbuck, Gray Crowned Crane, Giraffe, Hog Deer, Nubian Ibex, Rhino, Sambar Deer, South African Giraffe, Tiger, and White Stork.

The Grand Aviary

The Grand Aviary at Dubai Safari Park hosts a diverse range of birds, from the Canary to the Australian Cockatiel, the Red-billed Toucan to the American White Pelican, along with various seabirds. If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’re absolutely going to love this place! They showcase species from across the globe that inhabit different environments like water, air, and land. It's a fascinating area to explore and learn about the avian world, making it a must-visit, particularly for families with children. The opportunity to watch live bird shows and participate in feeding sessions varies with your visit timing and ticket type.

The Red-billed Toucan at a zoo

African Village

The African Village at Dubai Safari Park is a window to the life and terrain of African grasslands. It offers a chance to go on an African safari right in the UAE. Here, you can see creatures like giant tortoises, chimpanzees, African wild dogs, and the majestic white lions. A notable sight is the African tigers, often seen lounging behind glass enclosures. Designed to reflect the vast African savannah, this village is home to a variety of African wildlife, from the large to the small. It features the UAE’s largest walk-through aviary, filled with birds indigenous to Africa. The African elephant, the heaviest land mammal weighing around 6,000 kg, is the village’s standout attraction.

African Elephant, Dubai Safari Park

Animals in the African Village:
Animals in the African Village include the African White Lion, Spotted Hyena, Bongo, Chimpanzee, Pygmy Hippo, African Elephant, Gorilla, Flamingo, Ring Tailed Lemur, Black and White Lemur, among others.

Asian Village

At Dubai Safari Park, the Asian Village offers a journey through the varied landscapes of Asia, including dense jungles, lush rainforests, expansive grasslands, mountain ranges, vast deserts, and rivers. Here, you can meet a variety of Asian wildlife such as the Asiatic black bear (moon bear), mandarin duck, southern cassowary, and gibbon. This area is not just about the animals; it also highlights the rich cultural heritage of Asia through its architecture, decorations, and animal shows. The moon bear, or Asiatic black bear, is a key attraction in this village.

Moon Bear at Dubai Safari Park

Animals in the Asian Village:
Animals in the Asian Village feature species like the Black bear, Orangutans, Komodo dragons, Gibbon, Southern Cassowary, and Mandarin Duck, showcasing the biodiversity of the Asian continent.

Kids Farm

The Kids Farm at Dubai Safari Park provides a unique chance for children to experience farm life and interact with various domestic animals. This section of the park allows kids to get up close with animals such as ponies, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, and donkeys. It's an educational space where children can learn about animal care and their living environments, blending the experiences of a petting zoo and a farm in one location.

Child feeding a goat in Dubai Safari Park

Animals at the Kids Farm:
Animals at Kids Farm include Donkey, Eurasian Bullfinch, Cockatiel, Local Duck, Budgie Love Bird, Najdi Sheep, Pony, Amazon Parrot, among others, offering a hands-on learning experience about farm life and animal care.

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