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Dubai Safari Park is a world-class wildlife sanctuary that offers visitors a unique experience into the diverse habitats and animals from around the globe. The park is divided into five themed zones, each showcasing unique ecosystems and their inhabitants. Due to its vast size, walking between each themed village can take 10-15 minutes. To make commuting easier, Super Taxis are available, stopping at each zone. If you haven't purchased a package and plan to explore the park independently, a map is essential for navigation. This blog provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the park with ease.

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Understanding the layout of Dubai Safari Park

Upon entering, you'll find wide walkways and minivans that transport guests to various themed villages. The entrance area features restaurants, washrooms, a prayer room, and a souvenir shop. The help desk provides all the necessary information for exploring the park. To your left will be the Kid’s Farm which you can either visit at the beginning or end of your journey. Straight ahead lies the Arabian Desert Safari, which requires a ride to access. Adjacent to this is the Asian Village, home to the grand Asian Village Theatre where you can see live shows. At the end of this village, you'll encounter the Birds of Prey Square, showcasing a diverse collection of birds. Next to the Asian Village is the expansive Explorer Village, which also requires a ride. This area is partially separated by a moat, allowing visitors to observe animals such as crocodiles, lions, and white rhinos. The Explorer Village extends into the African Village, where you'll find the Grand Aviary, Gorilla House, and Reptile House. These villages are situated along the perimeter of the park, while the central area is occupied by Al Wadi, featuring a long water body surrounded by trees. At the end of Al Wadi is the soon-to-be-opened Adventure Valley, offering exciting experiences like rock climbing and ziplining. Once you reach Al Wadi, you will have covered the entire park. An exit station is conveniently located here to guide you out of the park.

Dubai Safari Park Map

dubai safari park map
Dubai Safari Park Map