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A guide to planning the perfect trip to Dubai Crocodile Park

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Usually a city that dazzles with its modern architecture, vibrant culture, and endless attractions, the Dubai Crocodile Park, is a bit of a change and a must-visit for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. Or if you have kids who love David Attenborough and the late Steve Irwin! If you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, then here’s everything you need to know - from ticket options and hotels nearby - about visiting the Dubai Crocodile Park. It’s worth it, you’ll see. After all, this park is home to over 250 Nile crocodiles!

Dubai Crocodile Park in a Nutshell

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⏰ Suggested Duration:2-3 hours
☀️ Best Time to Visit:Morning or late afternoon
🚇 Closest Metro Centre Point Station


African Lake Aquarium
Crocodile feeding sessions
The Crocodile Museum

Things to know

Home to 250 crocodiles
Location: Dubai
Architectural style: Arab Fort

Opening Hours And Address

Crocodile Park is open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day of the week.

Address: The Dubai Crocodile Park, Mushrif Park, Ali Village, Dubai.
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Why is Crocodile Park Worth Visiting?

  • Crocodile Aquarium: The new aquariaum gives you the feeling of being underwater. With a clear and up-close view of the amphibious animals, you will notice the tiniest of movements, and get a vivid understanding of these creatures. From a safe spot!
  • Interactive Shows: The new crocodile feeding show is a popular attraction at the park. Visitors can watch the crocodiles being fed by the park's staff. The show is educational and entertaining, and it is sure to be a hit with visitors of all ages. Catch this on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6 PM.
  • Crocodile Museum: Immerse yourself in the world of crocodiles through informative exhibits and displays that provide insights into their biology and conservation efforts. The natural history museum takes you back 200 million years to the evolution of the crocodile, and includes lots of information on how they survived the extinction of dinosaurs.
  • Educational Experiences: Learn fascinating facts about crocodiles and their habitats, contributing to a deeper understanding of these incredible reptiles.

Crocodile Park Recommended Tickets

Crocodile Park Dubai

It's almost like you are stepping into Africa! Bring on the adventure!

Highlights of Crocodile Park

1See the crocodiles

The park is home to over 250 Nile crocodiles! You can learn about the different types of crocodiles, as well as their natural habitats.

Crocodile Park Dubai

2Watch the feeding show

The park offers a variety of feeding schedules for the crocodiles. You can watch the crocodiles being fed, and learn about their diet and feeding habits.

Crocodile Park Dubai

3Visit the gift shop

The park has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs! You can also pick up traditional and authentic African handicrafts here.

Crocodile Park Dubai

4Journey through the wetlands

The entire park is made to resemble the home of these corocodiles, so expect a replica of the African wetlands. The whole journey will not only give you a glimpse of the 250 Nile crocodiles soaking up the sun (or water!) but also takes you through lakes, waterfalls, islands, and sandbanks. Keep your camera handy at all never know what you'll capture in action.

Crocodile Park Dubai

Best Time to Visit Crocodile Park

The best time to visit Crocodile Park is during the cooler months, from October to April. The weather is pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor exhibits comfortably in the partly shaded outdoor area. To avoid the crowds, plan your visit during weekdays and arrive early in the morning when the park opens. This ensures a more serene and immersive experience with the fascinating crocodiles.

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Crocodile Park Opening Hours

  • General Timings: Crocodile Park is open from 10 AM to 8 PM, daily.
  • Closed: Crocodile Park remains open throughout the year, including public holidays.

Getting There

  • By Bus: Find a bus that goes to the School of Research Science, and get off there! From there, it's a 10 minute walk!
  • By Metro: There is no direct access to the Dubai Crocodile Park on the metro. The nearest metro station to the Crocodile Park is 10 KM away, the Etisalat Metro Station. You could catch a bus to the School of Research Science stop.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are readily available in Dubai, and you can simply tell the driver that you want to go to the Crocodile Park.
  • By Car: If you are driving, you can take Sheikh Zayed Road to Al Khail Road. The park is located on the left side of the road, just before the Dubai Safari Park.

Insider Tips to Visiting Crocodile Park

  • Visit between November and February, and October and April. Beat the crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience by arriving early in the morning.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing to navigate the park comfortably, especially during warmer months.
  • Don't miss the adrenaline-pumping crocodile feeding sessions to witness these incredible creatures in action.
  • Visit during the cooler months. The Dubai Crocodile Park is located in a desert climate, so the weather can be very hot and humid, especially during the summer months. If you want to avoid the heat, it is best to visit during the cooler months, such as November to February.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking around the park, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops, as they can be slippery on wet surfaces.
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen. Even if you are visiting during the cooler months, it is still important to protect yourself from the sun. Bring a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin and eyes.
  • Take your time. There is a lot to see and do at the Dubai Crocodile Park, so don't try to rush through it. Take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • Be respectful of the crocodiles. The crocodiles at the Dubai Crocodile Park are wild animals, so it is important to be respectful of them. Do not feed them, touch them, or try to get too close to them.

Restaurants Nearby

The park has two dining options!

Crocodile Park Dubai
Okavango Terrace

Okavango Terrace is a casual restaurant with an African lodge theme.

Crocodile Park Dubai
Okavango Room

Okavango Room is a more formal restaurant with an elegant setting.

Dubai Crocodile Park reviews

Beautiful modern park with lovely fat crocodiles. An interesting museum where you can hold the teeth and bones of crocodiles in your hands, as well as see how the cubs of these reptiles grow up, and also look at their eggs. It was interesting to watch swimming crocodiles in the aquarium. We also got to feed the crocodiles - it was exciting!

- Maxim, Headout, August 2023

Loved it to the core. The croodile park was an amazing and surreal experiences. We were lucky enough to see the crocodile feeding session.

- Pranav, Headout, July 2023

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Dubai Crocodile Park Guide

What is Dubai Crocodile Park?

Dubai Crocodile Park is a zoo near Mushrif Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is home to over 250 Nile crocodiles! The park was opened in 2023 and is a popular tourist destination.


Is the Dubai Crocodile Park suitable for children?

Yes, Crocodile Park is suitable for children, offering interactive shows and educational experiences that are both entertaining and informative.

Are there any age restrictions for interacting with crocodiles?

Yes, for safety reasons, there are age restrictions for certain activities involving crocodiles. Please check with the park staff for specific guidelines.

What are the accessibility options at Dubai Crocodile Park?

Dubai Crocodile Park is wheelchair accessible. There are ramps throughout the park.


Can I take photographs inside the park?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the park. Capture incredible moments with the crocodiles, but remember to follow any guidelines provided by the park staff.

Is there parking available at Crocodile Park?

Yes, there is ample parking available near the park. Follow the designated parking areas and ensure you adhere to any parking regulations.

What are the rules of Dubai Crocodile Park?

There are a few rules that visitors must follow when visiting Dubai Crocodile Park. Feeding of the animals is not allowed. No smoking and vaping, and no selfie sticks over the fenced areas, please! Also be mindful of not carrying the children on your shoulders.


What are the feeding times for the crocodiles?

The crocodiles are fed at 6 PM, Thursday to Sunday.


Is it possible to interact with the crocodiles?

No, Dubai Crocodile Park does not offer any direct interaction with the crocodiles.

What are the most popular activities at Dubai Crocodile Park?

The most popular activities at Dubai Crocodile Park are the feeding shows, the educational talks, and the crocodile aquarium.