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The ultimate Hot Air Balloon adventure in Dubai

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Soar above an endless tapestry of golden dunes in the heart of the Arabian Desert on a hot air balloon ride. As you drift peacefully in the sky, the sprawling desert comes to life below, offering a view of Dubai that's like a well-kept secret—a starkly beautiful landscape that's just as mesmerizing as the city's towering skyscrapers. Feel the thrill as you ascend and celebrate the local culture by relaxing in a Bedouin Camp post-flight. There, the adventure continues with dune bashing and sandboarding, if you dare!

What makes Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai special

Dubai Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai is a sunrise experience where the early hours contribute to the calm and splendor of the ride. Floating at the mercy of the winds, this 40 to 70-minute journey reveals the desert's vibrant hues and unique fauna as the world awakens. Beyond the visual treat, you can relax at a traditional Bedouin camp, immersing yourself in local culture. You can also opt for other adventure activities in the desert like camel riding or quad biking. Witness the untamed beauty of the region's wildlife as you spot roaming gazelles and camouflaged desert foxes from your vantage point in the sky.

In most hot air balloon tours, you do get a gourmet Arabian breakfast upon landing to cap off your morning before you are taken back to your place of residence. The breakfast/refreshments served, usually include traditional Arabic food. Relax and enjoy your fare in the open desert.

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Typical Hot Air Ballooning experience in Dubai

    Hot air balloon expeditions in Dubai usually begin very early in the morning. The favourable temperature and weather conditions dictate the timings of the event, and hence hot air ballooning in Dubai usually occurs under the mild morning sun.

    The experience begins when you’re picked up from your place of residence in Dubai and driven to the wilds of the desert surrounding the city. Once you are in the basket of the balloon, you will begin your ascent into the twilight sky, under the guidance and expertise of a professional pilot. Watch closely as you slowly make your way to the flying altitude of 4000 feet! If you’re lucky you might even get to see some falcons gliding past you. The sunrise, from this proximity and angle is something truly remarkable and sight to behold.

    The duration of the hot air balloon flight is usually one hour, although it could be longer/shorter depending upon your requirement. Upon landing, you will be served a traditional Arabic breakfast along with tea and coffee. Enjoy your meal in the most authentic setting, before you make your way back to your hotel. Most hot air balloon tours do include a desert safari as well, however you may want to clarify this with your tour operator.

    Hot Air Ballooning tips

      • Book your tickets well in advance. The hot air balloon rides in Dubai do have a high demand and tickets tend to get sold out quick, so make sure you make your reservation at least 2-3 weeks in advance to stay on the safer side.
      • Sleep early the previous night. Most hot air balloon tours begin between 4-4:30 AM in the morning. You definitely do not want your experience to be disturbed by lack of sleep. Make sure you are fresh in the morning so you can enjoy your tour to its absolute fullest.
      • Carry a camera! You are going to see some of the greatest views and sceneries from the hot air balloon and you will definitely want some pictures to show for it later.
      • Wear warm clothes. The desert does get really cold in the morning and you could definitely use the warmth. Also, at a higher altitude, the temperatures do drop so make sure you are well covered and protected.
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