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Experience The Extreme Adventure Sport Of Flyboarding In Dubai

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Dubai as a tourist destination is usually synonymous with luxury, seven-star hotels, buge shopping malls and exhilirating theme parks. However, it may come as a surprise to some that Dubai, in part due to the relatively calm waters of the Persian Gulf, is also home to some of the most extreme adventure water sports, including one that has taken the world by storm - flyboarding.

What is Flyboarding?

What is flyboarding? Relatively simple - strap on a powerful water-jet board on to your feet, take to the waters and let the force of the jet help you soar into the sky and peform feats that one could only dream of. The structure of a flyboard is similar to that of a snowboard, for lack of anything remotely close to flyboarding, that is propelled into the air by pressurized streams of water from below. Where exactly is “below?” Well, under each foot is a dedicated jet pack that is fed water through a long tube, the other end of which is connected to a jet ski. The water goes from this Jet Ski, through the connection tube and into the jetpacks underneath your feet, propelling you through water and air.

Let’s get technical for a bit now. The pressure of the water jet streaming out of the flyboard is controlled by the throttle (also known as the personal water craft). When you hold down the throttle, the energy is redirected inside the connection tube helping increase the propulsion. For beginners, this is often confusing and therefore a certified instructor is assigned to you while on your first flyboard experience. However, once you feel like you’re in control, and are ready to step up your skills, you may invest in the adaptor kit that puts you in the driver seat. That’s right, you’re in full control.

Flyboarding in Dubai

Flyboarding hit the Dubai adventure sports scene a couple of years ago in its early days and has been a popular pasttime since. This intense sports session between sky and sea will leave you wondering why you’d never tried it earlier. Created at the crossroads of kitesurf and wakeboard, flyboarding is a must-try for all the thrill-seekers out there.

What makes Dubai the ideal spot to host this activity? To begin with, the waters of the Persian Gulf, especially along the coast of Dubai, remain calm throughout the year. Providing a unique view of the Burj Al Arab and surrounding areas, the experience only intensifies. Throw in personalized attention and professional instruction from the hands of an expert, you have got yourself a great deal.

Book a Flyboard Experience in Dubai

Nemo Water Sports, Jumeirah Rd, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai

20 minutes

• Flyboard rental and required equipment such as helmet and life jacket
• Professional accompaniment
• Briefing
• English certified instructor

• The customers must be over 12 years of age for passengers, and 16 for pilots.
• The customer must be an agile swimmer.
• It is required of the customer to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of the time assigned. Unless a notification is provided in advance, absence at the scheduled time at the location will result in the cancellation of the reservation.
• Original passport should be hand over before starting the experience.

• The instructions are fairly simple. Once you’ve swum far enough from the Jet Ski, balance yourself to stand upright while in water with the flyboard under you.
• Locking your legs, allow the pressure of the water push you forward (in this case, upward).
• Point your toes downward; this will help you move forward.
• Point your toes backward; this will help you move backward.
• Lift your left knee up to move you right and lift your right knee up to move you left.
• The height of your flight is controlled by the Jet Ski’s water pressure. This can be adjusted by the instructor.


Fly Board - 20 Minutes

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Flyboarding Tips For Beginners

Here’s a small list of tips that beginners would benefit from:

  • While airborne, try to focus on a single point. Some choose to focus on the impeccable view (like the Burj Al Arab). This will help take your mind off not falling right back into the water.
  • When you are crashing into the water, try to dive. Put your arms above your head and place one hand atop of the other. This will help break the surface of the water, while reducing the crash on your head. Helmets help bring down the effect, but it will still hurt for first-timers.
  • People under the effect of alcohol should not try flyboarding. It is all about having fun but safety is key.
  • High wind speeds and high-tides are apt for flyboarding.
  • Wear your safety gears necessarily. They may not be flauntable, but they will keep you safe.
  • Listen to what your guide says. The instructions are to be heeded to religiously.