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Discover The Beauty Of Musandam With These Dubai To Musandam Tours

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Musandam is where the mountains meet the ocean, a breath-taking paradise where time comes to a standstill. This tiny region belongs to Oman but is separated from the mainland by the east coast of UAE and lies in close proximity to Dubai. The picturesque landscapes of Musandam feature beautiful fjords, sparkling waters and the mighty Hajar Mountains.

A popular getaway destination, the Musandam tour from Dubai is sought after both by residents and tourists. The quaint coastal villages, the eccentric culture, vibrant local markets, historic forts and towns along with an abundant aquatic wildlife make Musandam an unforgettable destination. The best way to explore this beautiful region is through a traditional Dhow cruise that will take you on a relaxing trip. The stunning blues and browns of the coast will make you forget the steel and glass skyline of Dubai!

Feel the sea breeze caress your face and let the cool waters refresh you in Musandam! It’s just a ride away from Dubai!

What makes Musandam a popular day destination from Dubai?

Musandam, often hailed as the ‘Norway of Arabia’ is a spectacular combination of coastal indulgence and the magic of mountains. It is an Omani territory but in close proximity to Dubai and easily accessible by a two hour road trip. The proximity of this natural paradise from the bustling city of Dubai makes it a popular getaway destination for tourists and residents of Dubai.

The scenic beauty offers stunning landscapes of deep fjords flanked by the red Hajar Mountains and the tranquil blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The charming traditional dhows dot the waters, creating an idyllic environment perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. The water activities like snorkelling, canoeing and swimming all provide the excitement and challenge making a trip to Musandam memorable.

The Omani hospitality can be experienced aboard the dhow cruises which are an important part of Musandam tour packages. Unlimited refreshments and a sumptuous spread of buffet lunch make the trip to Musandam satisfying for the soul and the body!

A Typical Musandam Tour Experience

The Musandam tour from Dubai begins at your doorstep as you will be picked up by a luxury bus that will drive you to Musandam. All our Musandam tour packages are exclusively tailored to create a relaxing and luxurious experience for our guests. The route to Musandam is scenic and takes you through Ras Al Khaimah. The city skyline gives way to the natural scenery of the Hajar mountain ranges on one side and the Persian Gulf on the other. The limestone mountains have taken millennia to shape and provide an incredible backdrop for capturing some memories with your family.

musandam tour from dubai

After a quick 2 hour drive from Dubai you will reach Musandam Dibba harbour where all Musandam tour packages begin. Here you will see the traditional Omani dhows along with modern boats all anchored at the quaint harbour. Once aboard the dhow, you will finally feel the breeze in the air as the boat takes to the waters. The crystal blue waters contrast the imposing mountains and if you take a peek of the waters, you might find a pod of dolphins swimming alongside your dhow!

musandam tour from dubai

You can snorkel or swim in these waters to cool down and just relax. If you are the thrill seeker, then there are water sports that will excite you. After an activity filled time in the water, you will return to the dhow for a delicious buffet lunch. You will then return to harbour for your journey back home where your Musandam tour from Dubai ends.

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Popular Activities in Musandam

1. Soak the natural beauty of Musandam

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Musandam is all about the raw and stark beauty of nature. The Musandam tour from Dubai takes you through the rugged and wild mountains towards the clear blue waters of the peninsula. These rugged limestone mountains meet the ocean in fjords that rival some of the best in the world. In fact, it is the coastline of Musandam that excites travellers and makes it the highlight of any Musandam tour package. The locals call the fjords ‘khors’ and tourists can get on to smaller boats and explore the khors, bays and the craggy cliffs that dot the coastline.

2. Discover the history and heritage of Musandam

musandam tour from dubai

Musandam has supported civilization centuries ago as supported by the presence of ancient petroglyphs or stone carvings. These unique carvings depict images of people and animals, including horses and camels and one can see them in pockets in Jebel Harim and Wadi Tiwi. The region also has a rich heritage of local tribes who settled in towns like Khasab and Bukha. Both these towns have old forts with unique architecture, the Khasab fort especially had been built by the Portuguese. There are also unique cultural traditions like the bait al qufl or the house of locks which were vaults for precious belongings of the tribes. Now, tourists can visit these places and experience the ancient Omani way of life.

3. Go snorkelling & diving

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The Musandam waters are spectacular and teeming with wildlife. The Musandam coastline has been carved through the centuries and has created shallow caves and fissures underneath the mountains dotting the coast. There is also a beautiful natural reef that supports an entire aquatic ecosystem. A popular activity on the Musandam tour packages is the snorkelling. You can snorkel even if you don’t know swimming and yet enjoy the sights of the sea. Sometimes, a pod of dolphins will come along and give you company! If you are PADI divers, then you can also dive into and explore the secrets of the ocean.

4. Take a dhow cruise

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Musandam tour packages revolve around the Omani Dhow or the traditional Omani cruise boat. For centuries Omanis have been sea farers and have traded for produce and other valuable items through the Middle East and as far as coastal South Asia. While the traditional dhow was a rustic vessel made from teak and tied up with coconut rope, today they have evolved. However, the traditional triangular lateen sails remain and the brown exterior of the boats make them stand out. These dhows sail into the fjords and are perfect for a relaxing trip into the Musandam Peninsula.

5. Enjoy a host of watersport activities

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The Musandam tour from Dubai is meant to be a getaway from the buzz and hurried pace of life of Dubai. The best way to relax and forget the ticking clock is fishing! You can fish from your dhow and if you get lucky catch one for the trip home! There are other water sports that you can indulge in. You can take a kayak or canoe and explore the overhanging cliffs of the mountains. The crystal clear waters can be very inviting and demand a nice cool swim to cool off for the day!

Musandam Facts & Know Before You Go

  • Musandam is an exclave of Oman which means you require a visa to enter the region. We will take care of the visa formalities; all you need to ensure is that you are carrying your current valid passport and visa to UAE in case you are a tourist from outside of UAE.
  • The area is always sunny and dry, so take care of your skin. Apply sunscreen and carry a light jacket or headgear to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Get your skin care cosmetics like sunscreen, moisturiser on the tour. You will be getting into the sea for snorkelling and it is advisable to protect yourself afterwards to avoid any irritation from the salty water.
  • You may wear light, comfortable clothing for the trip. You can get your swimming wear for the snorkelling session.
  • The entire trip will be through bus and dhow; you won’t have to do much of walking so any kind of footwear is okay.
  • Food & refreshments will be provided on the cruise. However, if you are traveling with babies or young children, do carry any special dietary foods.
  • Take care of your electronics like camera & mobile as you will be on the boat for a long time. It is preferable you carry them in a waterproof bag.

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