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12 things to do in Hatta Dubai for an unforgettable experience

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An ideal weekend getaway from Dubai , Hatta offers aesthetic mountain ranges along with a rich, cultural backstory. Apart from the magnificent mountains, off-beat tourists often find themselves flocking to Hatta Dubai for a pleasant change in the climate. Take an unplanned bike ride or battle the waves on a colourful kayak, there’s so much to do for adventure seekers who wish for an adrenaline rush. Take a walk down its heritage street and acquaint yourself to Hatta’s vibrant culture for a piece of Emirate’s history. A trip to Hatta Dubai is an escape away from the hustle of city life, so here's all you need to know before you plan your perfect trip to Hatta, Dubai.

12 Things To Do In Hatta, Dubai

While you may not be able to cover them all in a day, here are the Top 10 things you must do in Hatta, Dubai.

1. Visit The Hatta Heritage Village

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Stroll through Dubai’s oldest village and learn about its ancient tales. Witness the age-old watchtowers, mosques and forts that stand tall even today. Restored in 2001, the Hatta Heritage Village today displays a number of artefacts such as weapons, furnishings as well as instruments that will give you an insight into its glorious past.

Visit the carefully reconstructed Hatta Heritage Village, which dates back to the third century BC.

• Stop by Hatta Hill Park and take photographs of the magnificent Hajar mountain range.
• ndulge in mountain biking, kayaking and more adventure at your own expense at Hatta Wadi Hub.
• Treat yourself to a mini vacation in the mountains of Hatta.

2. Barbeque With a View at the Hatta Hill Park

hatta dubai things to do

Take a short ride away from the village into the Hatta Hill Park, which was developed by the Dubai municipality for recreational and environmental reasons. Relish delicious barbecue with panoramic views of the glorious mountains and Hatta village from the top. Ideal for a romantic evening as well as a family dinner, Hatta Hill Park will truly make up to be the highlight of your trip.

3. A Mountain Safari Through Hatta

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Experience the rugged ranges of Hatta first hand with a challenging mountain safari that takes you through various scenic pitstops. The unique adventure starts from the Wadi trails as you traverse the rocky range on your 4 wheel drive with a skilled driver. Driving along the Hatta mountain dried river beds guiding to the freshwater pools is simply refreshing and a one of a kind experience. Invigorate your senses as you dive and enjoy the blue fresh water of the pools under the sky roof refreshing you along the trip.

4. Go Kayaking in Hatta Dam

hatta dubai things to do

Challenge the thrill-seeker in you with an adventurous kayak ride down the Hatta Dam. Rent a kayak from a kiosk around the town and set sail on an exciting ride across the Hatta lake. Experience nature at its finest as you wade by some spectacular species of birds as well as fishes that inhibit the vicinity. If you’re someone who prefers a peaceful ride, opt for a paddleboat instead!

5. Hike through the Wadis of Hatta

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The ancient village of Hatta is home to numerous picturesque wadis that exist today after years mountain bed erosion. Today, these beautiful wadis are home to impressive gorge pools that attracts visitors from all around the world. Take a hike down several such valleys of Hatta, (or you could even take a dip or two!), for an unforgettable experience.

6. Take a dip in the Green Hatta Rock Pools

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The mesmerising rock pools of Hatta located amongst the valleys are a popular destination for swimmers and water-babies who desire a quick dip every now and then. The emerald waters of these pools invite attention from around the world and are also buzzing picnic spots for both local and International visitors.

7. Camp overnight at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre

hatta dubai things to do

Make the most of Hatta’s climate by camping under the stars for a night. Pick a mountain bike to reach your destination and make the most of the landscaping desert views while you’re at it. Sit alongside a bonfire and create memories that will last you a lifetime.

8. Go Glamping In Hatta

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Hatta is now home to the region’s first “trailer hotel”, where you can camp along the banks of Hatta Dam in luxuriously Hatta Sedr Trailers. If you'd rather stay in a lodge, you can book a mountain lodge at the Hatta Damani Lodges featuring cosy purpose-built cabins closeby. An uber luxurious boutique hotel called Riad Hatta with private plunge pools, spas and a hamam is set to open by the end of 2019, and will showcase the local culture and heritage.

9. Go On An Adventure Spree At The Hatta Wadi Hub

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For an additional dose of adrenaline rush, the 2018 addition to Hatta's adventure spell- the Hatta Wadi Hub is just about ideal. You can enjoy a range of both paid and free activities from as mountain biking to downhill carting, a human sling shot, axe throwing, archery, adventure rope courses, zip lines, and a lot more.

10. Indulge In Spills & Thrills At The Hatta Drop-In

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Close to the Hatta Wadi Hub, there's another exciting addition which will get you wet ( we mean literally!) The Hatta Drop-In is a “water jump park” with crazy slides and intriguing “drop-in donuts”. Get there to find out what it is. Also , if you're into zorbing, there is an all new zorbing centre where you can roll down a hill in a giant transparent orb. Can't get more fun we say!


11. Enjoy an Emirati meal at Tanor Lahm Restaurant

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Relish an authentic Emirati meal at Tanor Lahm Restaurant in Hatta. Treat yourself after a long day of excursion at Hatta and dig into your choice of chicken, lamb or camel varieties amongst its many-a-famous savory dishes. Ideal for a casual dine out, don’t forget to try their full sheep meal that is fit for a king!

12. Indulge in soothing spa at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel

hatta dubai things to do

A long, exhausting day of excursion deserves nothing less than a royal pampering. Rejuvenate your body and mind with a soothing spa experience at the luxurious JA Hatta Fort Hotel. Treat yourself to some of its exciting offers and make the most of your holiday by indulging in a therapeutic massage.

Getting to Hatta - Directions & Map

From Dubai

  • By Bus : A bus ride from Dubai to Hatta will take you slightly more time than a car ride. While you can choose to travel by public transport, it will take around 3 hours and twenty minutes of travel time to arrive at your destination. Bus fare from Dubai to Hatta will typically cost you 13 to 15 AED.
  • By Car : A 1 and a half hour drive away from Dubai, Hatta is located 125 kilometers away from the city. Drive by many picturesque routes on your way. Take the S112, Maliha road from Dubai and follow E-102 route towards Hatta for 90 minutes. A typical car rental in Dubai will charge you around $30 a day.

From Abu Dhabi

  • By Bus : A bus to Hatta from Abu Dhabi departs every fifteen minutes and takes about 3 hours and 35 minutes. The E16 bus departs from Sabkha bus station and reaches Hatta bus station accordingly.
  • By Car : A car ride from Abu Dhabi to Hatta takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. It is ideal if you wish to cut down on your travel time and also if you prefer exploring at your own pace. Go via Dubai to Al Ain road until Male to reach Hatta on time.

Travel Tips For Visiting Hatta Dubai

  • It is advisable to pack warm clothes, as Hatta experiences cooler weather than Dubai.
  • Avoid swimming in the Hatta rock pools during bad weather, as the water levels tend to fluctuate.
  • If you're going kayaking, brace yourself for a 20 minutes minimum queue.
  • Make sure you have a seasoned driver on board while driving through Hatta’s mountainous terrains.
  • Being a mountainous region, it is not entirely safe to drive around or engage in adventerous activities post sunset. If you're driving back to Dubai or Abu Dhabi on the same day, make sure you leave before it gets dark as the roads are not safe for night driving.
  • Keep your important documents such as passport, driver’s license close in case you are crossing the border to enter Hatta.
  • The best time to choose adventure sports is during the early mornings when there aren’t as many people crowding around.

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