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When is the best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow? Find out!

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Dubai Garden Glow features a collection of intricate flower and animal figures made from colorful, handmade lights, arranged in five distinct areas of the park. Selecting the optimal time for your visit to Dubai Garden Glow is important. Consider the ideal weather conditions in Dubai and the most suitable time of day to go. Let's explore when is the best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow.

Dubai Garden Glow opening hours

Dubai Garden Glow is open from 5pm to 11pm from Sundays to Fridays, and from 5pm to 12am on Saturdays and National Holidays. The last entry is allowed until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on Saturdays and holidays. The attractions within Garden Glow follow the same hours. However, it's crucial to verify these times on the official website before your visit since they might adjust for maintenance or safety reasons.

Dubai Garden Glow

Best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow - Our recommendation

Being an outdoor attraction, visiting Dubai Garden Glow is ideal in the winter, especially in January, when the weather is cool and comfortable. The average temperatures range from 14°C to 25°C during this month. But don’t forget, this period is the peak season in Dubai, attracting many visitors to enjoy the pleasant climate and major events. But rest assured, the experience is worth it if you're okay with the crowds. To fully appreciate the illuminated displays and glowing art, plan your visit after sunset and allocate at least two hours to fully explore the park.

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Dubai Garden Glow - Around the year

Weekday vs Weekend

Dubai Garden Glow is accessible in the evenings and late nights, perfect for a post-work weekday visit to enjoy its radiant installations and artistic designs. It's a peaceful place to unwind among illuminated artworks. Weekends at Garden Glow offer extra excitement with live performances and events, making it a fun outing for friends or family. However, weekends tend to be busier, given its popularity, so planning ahead is advisable to avoid the crowds.

Peak Season vs Low Season

During Dubai's winter, tourists flock to the city, making it the peak season with ideal weather to explore its attractions, including Garden Glow. However, visiting in the off-season, despite the heat, offers advantages like lower hotel and airfare prices. Garden Glow, opening at 5pm, is mostly an evening attraction, making it a viable option even in the hotter months. You can schedule your visit for later in the evening to avoid the daytime heat.

To learn more about the seasons in Dubai, check out the best time to visit Dubai.

Dubai Garden Glow, Dubai.
Spring (Mar & Apr)

In spring, Dubai offers excellent weather with a pleasant balance of warmth and sunlight in March and April, creating ideal conditions for outdoor activities and beach visits, despite lacking traditional spring blooms.

Dubai Garden Glow
Summer (May to Aug)

Summer, lasting from May to August, brings long, hot days in Dubai. With over 13 hours of sunlight, the mornings and evenings are cool enough for enjoying the outdoors. Summer is also a quieter time for tourist spots, making it good for visiting popular attractions without the crowds.

Dinosaur park at Dubai Garden Glow
Autumn (Sep & Oct)

Autumn, in September and October, sees a mild drop in temperature, making it comfortable to explore Dubai again. The city buzzes with cultural events during this season, offering a mix of outdoor enjoyment and eventful experiences.

Upside down room, Dubai Garden Glow
Winter (Nov to Feb)

Winter, from November to February, is the prime time in Dubai, offering a warm escape for those averse to cold and snow. It's the season for desert adventures and outdoor activities, despite the sea being too cool for swimming. With numerous festivals and events, winter is the best time to experience Dubai's vibrant life.

Best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow