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The Dubai Frame stands as an iconic structure in Zabeel Park, featuring two 150-meter towers connected by a 93-meter bridge. Known also as Berwaz Dubai, this landmark was crafted to capture Dubai’s transformation from a simple fishing village to the dazzling city it is today. At its summit, visitors can witness the city’s past, present, and future in the form of three different sections inside the Dubai Frame. Holding the record for the largest frame globally, the Dubai Frame offers unmatched views: the historical district to the north and the modern skyline to the south. Adding to the excitement, a glass bridge at 492 feet allows visitors a thrilling experience of seemingly floating above the city landscape. Let’s take a closer look at what you can see inside the Dubai Frame!

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Old Dubai Gallery

Your visit to the Dubai Frame starts in the mezzanine, where a museum and gallery showcase the beginning of Dubai as a small Bedouin fishing village. The 'Past Dubai Gallery' presents an engaging story of Dubai’s transformation, with impressive displays, audio-visual shows, and unique scents and mists. It narrates the city's development into a bustling international hub. The museum's immersive 3D projections and sensory effects vividly recreate the ambiance of 'Old Dubai,' leaving a lasting impression and preparing you for the ascent to the Frame's peak.

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Present Dubai - Panoramic views of Dubai

Take a glass elevator up to the Sky deck on the 48th floor in just 75 seconds, where stunning views of Dubai await. This journey upwards is an event in itself, offering a clear view of the city expanding below. From this vantage point, Dubai unfolds in contrasting panoramas. To the south, you'll see Downtown Dubai, with its towering skyscrapers and the gleaming Burj Khalifa, reflecting the city’s modern face. In the north, the more traditional areas like Deira and Karama reveal Dubai's historic essence, with sights of old souks and Dubai Creek. Interactive features like augmented reality screens offer a closer look at various landmarks, providing fascinating insights and allowing a three-dimensional exploration of the city’s architectural wonders.

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Future Dubai Gallery

Next, return to the mezzanine to explore the Future Dubai Gallery after your stroll across the Glass Bridge. This part of your visit offers a peek into what lies ahead. Experience a journey to the future in a Vortex tunnel, where augmented reality, along with audio and visual effects, simulates time travel. This tunnel is designed to make you feel as if you are in a time machine, catapulting you into Dubai fifty years into the future.

Glass Bridge

The Dubai Frame features a unique 25 square meter glass bridge, connecting its two towers – a first in the Middle East. This sky deck with a transparent floor offers an exhilarating experience of walking on air, provided you're comfortable with heights. Initially appearing frosted, the glass becomes clear under your feet, revealing dizzying views of Zabeel Park and Dubai below. For those wary of heights, rest assured, the bridge's glass is top-quality and designed to be crack-proof, ensuring safety while you walk above the city. Additionally, there's a snack stall on this level where you can grab chocolates, snacks, and coffee to enhance your visit.

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As you exit, you'll come across a display showcasing the construction of the Dubai Frame, including fascinating insights into how this colossal structure and the Sky deck bridge were built. At the end of your tour, there's a souvenir shop where you can pick up mementos to remember your visit by.

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