Things to do in Dubai

Navigating Dubai: Your comprehensive travel FAQ

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In Dubai; your options for recreation, adventure, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment are unlimited - so much so that creating a travel itinerary may get overwhelming for some. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the most frequent questions that populate the mind of visitors to Dubai. From choosing the best waterpark in the city to the almost blasphemous question of whether you should visit the Burj Khalifa or not, this guide will answer all the questions that you may have regarding your Dubai vacation.

Burj Khalifa: All Your Questions Answered

Visiting the Burj Khalifa is a simple affair - choose the observation deck that you would like to visit, purchase a ticket and make your way to this immense building. However, the quality of your experience depends on certain subtle aspects that have the ability to convert an okay experience to a great one - from choosing the right floor to choosing the right time - even the smallest of considerations can play a huge role in your Burj Khalifa experience. Click on any of the questions below and you will be guided to a dedicated question and answer guide of the Burj Khalifa.

Planning a Day Trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai – All you need to know

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates are situated only a couple of hours travel apart. This proximity enables visitors to Dubai to experience the grandeur and culture of Abu Dhabi wit relative ease. As a result, a day trip to Abu Dhabi is one of the most common experiences that tourists in Dubai take. If you are in Dubai and are planning to visit the capital, then check out this question-answer guide on day trips to Abu Dhabi and get all your questions answered.

Yas Waterworld, Wild Wadi or Aquaventure: Choosing the best water park in Dubai

It is a known fact that Dubai is home to some of the most popular water parks in the world. However, this question-answer guide is dedicated to the three largest and most popular water parks in the city - Aquaventure, Yas Waterworld and Wild Wadi. So if you're in Dubai and breaking your head over which water park it is that you should visit, then go through this guide to get all your questions on the best water parks in Dubai answered.

Comparing the Best Dubai City Passes - iVenture Card and Go Dubai Card

The two most valuable and popular city attraction passes in Dubai are the ​iVenture Attraction Pass and the Go Dubai Pass. Both these passes offer their own set of advantages that will allow you to experience Dubai absolutely hassle-free. From getting you access to the tallest building in the world to theme park tickets, these attraction passes have it all. If you're traveling to Dubai and are looking to purchase the definitive attraction pass for your travel plans, then go through our detailed question-answer guide on the iVenture and Go Dubai attraction pass below to get yourself the right pass.

How to pick the best dhow cruise in Dubai

If you heading to Dubai, then make sure you experience a little bit of its history and glory by reserving a seat on one of the many dhow cruises in the city. The various dhow cruise experiences offered in the bustling waterways of the desert city promise unique experiences to everyone. From spell-binding views to onboard entertainment, your time on the cruise will surely become a memory of a lifetime. Read on to find out all about the best dhow cruise in Dubai before choosing the perfect ride to explore the dazzling city of Dubai.

Taking your pick of the best desert safaris in Dubai

Desert safaris are one of the quintessential Dubai experience. Presenting a traditional Bedouin experience in a unique modern desert camp setting, there is something for everyone to experience at the many desert safaris that take place in the city. Check out this guide and get all your Dubai desert safari questions answered before you head on to experience the desert by yourself.

Skydiving in Dubai - Indoor or Outdoor

Skydiving as an experience decorates more bucket lists that any other experience in the world. In Dubai, you can experience both versions of this extreme sport - indoor and outdoor skydiving. From the largest skydiving school in the world to multiple indoor skydiving centers spread throughout the city, you can introduce yourself to the sport and enjoy the surreal feeling of free fall with relative comfort and ease in Dubai. Check out our detailed question-answer guide on skydiving in Dubai to learn more about what you can expect if you choose to go sky diving in Dubai.