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Zombie Apocalypse Park Dubai | First timer’s guide

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Known for its extravagance and oomph, Dubai is opening yet another larger than life attraction soon. Winter of 2021 is when Dubai gets taken over by the zombie theme park. If you have ever wondered if you could survive a Zombie apocalypse, here’s your chance to test your limits. The upcoming Zombie Apocalypse Park (ZAP) is here to help you discover your hidden survival instincts.

This land of the dead is being brought to life by Nakheel Malls in collaboration with Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club. Deira Islands will house the mammoth amusement park near The Night Market. The 65,000 sq ft. huge entertainment precinct is a one-of-a-kind adventure with 12 attractions to take the scare game a notch higher. Haunted House filled with bloodthirsty zombies is not for the faint of heart. Brace yourself to brave battles, live acts, events and spooky games. The Zombie Apocalypse is all set to change the meaning of fun with everything they have in store. From ax throwing to a trampoline, every attraction has a sinister twist.

Zombie Apocalypse Park Dubai

Zombie Apocalypse Park (ZAP) is a zombie-themed attraction which brings live shows, a virtual-reality cinema, escape games and spooky challenges - all powered by glow-in-the-dark technology. It is located at The Night Market in Deira Islands, an in-construction quayside destination that will be the world’s largest night market when it opens. This undead-themed fantasy land is designed to include attractions like paintball games, a haunted house, axe throwing, archery, a haunted corn maze and laser tag. The active entertainment zone will also feature trampolines, target shooting and a terrifying-sounding "zombie apocalypse attack and zombie runs".

The 65,000 square feet Zombie Apocalypse Park will be flanked by 5300 shops, restaurants and cafes around and will even host its own zombie-themed cafe, and party room for celebrations.

Zombie Apocalypse Park opening date

ZAP is expected to open in April 2021.

Why visit Zombie Apocalypse Park

Love Zombie movies? You can actually live them now, albeit for a bit. The Zombie Apocalypse Park will have you screaming louder than any rollercoaster ever has! The park has no bar on age – everybody is welcome for a good old-fashioned haunt and they have a variety of activities that promises a phenomenal entertainment experience! The park itself apart, ZAP has a zombie-themed cafe, a party room for private events, and an activities shop - something to keep everyone entertained at all occasions.

Zombie Apocalypse Park Attractions

What not to miss at Zombie Apocalypse Park

The park will have 12 prominent attractions, and here are the ones we're most excited for :

Haunted House

zombie apocalypse park

A Zombie Park having a haunted house is a given, but what isn’t typical is what comes inside. Scream your throats raw with blood-curdling zombies on your trail. All the Walking Dead fans can find their secure land amidst the infestation of zombies.

Glow-in-the-dark Technology

The Zombie Apocalypse Park uses Glow-in-the-Dark technology for an extra eerie feeling. Take a walk around the park in the dark for a spine-chilling experience.

Zombie Races

zombie apocalypse park

The Zombie Apocalypse Park’s entertainment zone leaves no stone unturned to make it as terrifyingly fun as possible. Take part in games like a zombie corn maze, zombie runs and zombie apocalypse. Being chased by zombies has never been more fun!

Zombie-Themed Cafe

Eat your brains out (not really) at this Zombie-themed cafe. This isn’t just your average cafe. With its fascinating menu, you’ll finally discover what food tastes like, zombie-style.

Paintball Games

zombie apocalypse park

There are more colors in the park than just red. Experience paintball in a whole different environment whilst saving yourself from the dead.

Target Activities

Learn survival skills with ax throwing and archery games in the park. The perfect way to release all your frustration is by throwing sharp things at something. A wise man once said - survival of the fittest so learn the art of sticking them with the pointy end with these fun activities.

Virtual Reality

Experience a 9D cinematic universe at the Zombie Apocalypse Park. Step into an alternate dimension where zombies come after you. The drama, tension and special effects built by the 9D cinema are unmatched. It’s so real, it’s unreal!

Live Acts

zombie apocalypse park

This might be your only chance to see synchronized zombie performances. Be a part of the audience as zombies showcase their theatrical flair.

Escape Rooms

Put on your thinking caps and strategize to solve mysteries and escape as quickly as you can. Use your brains before they become food for the zombies lurking in every nook and corner of the amusement park.

Party Rooms

The best way to celebrate any big event is to celebrate it with the living-(dead). Add zest to your party by celebrating it at the coolest place on Earth, surrounded by a group of ravenous zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse Park Tickets

Zombie Apocalpse Tickets are not on sale yet, but check here for discounted tickets once the attraction opens.

Zombie Apocalypse Park Opening Hours

As the park has not opened yet, timings are yet to be disclosed.

Best Time To Visit Zombie Apocalypse Park

Being an indoor park, one doesn't have to worry about Dubai's extreme summers and rather chilly winters. You can visit the park anytime at leisure, but it is advised to skip weekends if you want to avoid crowds. Dubai's tourist season peaks from October to March, hence expect increased crowds around this time.

Getting To Zombie Apocalypse Park - Directions

ZAP is located in the Deira Night Market, around 15 kilometres from Dubai airport.

By Car/Cab: Zombie Apocalypse Park is 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport. These are the coordinates for the park.

By metro : The closest metro station is Al Ras, an 11 min cab ride from Deira Night Market.

By ferry: The Night Market Marine Transport Station (Stop ID: NMMTS) is the closest ferry station to Zombie Apocalypse Park.

Around Zombie Apocalypse Park

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Zombie Apocalypse Park - FAQS

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Get ready to scream your brains out and experience a whole different reality at the Zombie Apocalypse Park in 2021. In the meantime, binge on all the zombie movies and TV series to prepare yourself to face the dead.

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