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Let Your Kids Learn While They Play at KidZania Dubai

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Kidzania is Now Open

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July 1, 2020

Safety Measures

🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️Social Distancing

😷 Mandatory Masks

🧼 Hand Sanitisation Station

🤒 Temperature Check

🧽 Frequent Cleaning

New Rules and Guidelines

  • Advised to book tickets online before arriving to the venue
  • Contactless payment will be accepted
More Updates

Revised Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday

12 pm - 10 pm

Last Entry at 9 pm


10 am to 10 pm

Last Entry at 9 pm

The embodiment of wholesome, educative, family entertainment, Kidzania Dubai is a very special attraction in Dubai for various reasons. Kidzania offers kids, along with their parents, a realistic physical environment to role play and mimic activities done by adults in real life, and is present in various countries around the world, including London, Singapore, and India. Does your kid always talk about being a doctor? Bring them to Kidzania and give them a little taste of life as a doctor! Have a kid who wants to grow up and become a journalist? Kidzania creates a safe, educational environment for them to live their dreams now!

Suitable for kids between four and sixteen years of age, Kidzania Dubai is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. From its unique concept and design to flawless execution and entertainment value, the interactive edutainment centre is something you cannot afford to miss the next time you plan a trip to Dubai!

Let’s give you a peek at the amazing world of Kidzania Dubai with our handy guide.

KidZania Dubai in a Nutshell

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KidZania Dubai - 2
KidZania Dubai - 3

Kidzania Dubai is an interactive, edu-tainment centre where your kids can get the experience of any of the 80 plus professional roles, set in the replica of a real city. The roleplaying options include everything from a fireman and an actor to a police officer or a beautician. Once they pick a profession, the kids have to perform “jobs” which they’ll get paid for or they can spend money on things like entertainment and shopping. Essentially, Kidzania offers kids an opportunity to live like adults, in a safe, fun environment, while also learning about the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

The indoor city is built to scale, complete with buildings, vehicles, paved streets, a functioning economy, and popular destinations called establishments, which are sponsored and branded by leading multinational and local brands. For an authentic real life experience, many popular establishments and activities have waiting times. But since this isn’t real life, you can purchase Fast Track tickets and skip the waiting lines at all places.

KidZania Dubai

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Dubai KidZania

1. Chocolate Factory
Learn how to make delicious chocolates of different flavours here and take some home for your family and friends. This a limited role-play session.

2. Dental Industry
Discover what it takes to be a dentist as you learn about the basics of oral hygiene and assist in conducting a dental surgery.

3. Supermarket
Buy groceries, learn about food choices, and stay within budget. You can also learn to manage the supermarket and attend to customers.

4. Pizza Express
Create your own pizza, learn more about the ingredients and the dough, and watch it all come together at the Pizza Shop. You also get to take the finished pizza home!

5. Fashion Boutique
Attend the Modelling Class and learn how to catwalk in our Fashion Show, and showcase all your favourite pieces. Parents are welcome as audience members.

6. Hospital
Roleplay at the KidZania Hospital and deal with an emergency, perform a surgery and take care of the babies in the nursery! Parents are welcome as patients.

7. Fire station
Put on your uniforms, hop on the big red fire engine, and get ready to put out the fire! Kids can only participate in this activity once per visit.

8. TV Studio
Be part of the TV crew and role play as cameramen, editors, celebrities, and hosts. Here you get to anchor, report, record, and edit your own TV show.

9. Bank
At the Bank, assist fellow KidZanians with their enquiries and banking needs, and help them manage their kidZos with a bank account.

10. Building climbing
Conquer your fears and scale the heights of the climbing wall! A minimum height of 120cm and an AIA Insurance Personal Accident plan are required.

Please note: Some establishments have flashing/strobe lights, and therefore are not suitable for any persons with photosensitive epilepsy.


To make the roleplaying experience even more authentic, Kidzania has its own currency, KidZos.

Kids earn KidZos by performing various jobs. The KidZos they earn can in turn be used to buy various products and services at Kidzania. Essentially, the more the kids work, the more Kidzos they earn, and the more they can experience. When the kids first visit Kidzania, they open a bank account and receive a debit card. This card can be used at the ATMs located throughout the city to withdraw KidZos to pay for services.

The best part about Kidzos is that even if you have some left over at the end of the day, you can use them at any other Kidzania across the globe.

Fun First Nursery

Fun First Nursery is a Kidzania initiative that aims to provide a happy, safe, and educative environment for kids below four years of age. The focus is on play based learning under expert guidance, aimed at providing unparalleled care and guidance.

For kids below two years of age, the services are designed to stimulate psychomotor and cognitive skills. Kids between two and four years get services that include breakfast, after school clubs, and a range of fun activities like face painting, drama classes, and a baby gym.

Tips to Streamline your Experience

  • Plan your Kidzania Dubai trip for a weekday. Not only will it be less crowded, but you will save on time by not waiting in line for each activity. Before booking your tickets, make sure that you're not visiting on a holiday like Eid or Ramadan. Kidzania’s calendar can help you out with that, ensuring that your child gets plenty of time to explore Kidzania without any constraints.
  • While the official opening time for Kidzania is 10 AM, make it a point to come a little early so that you spend less time at the Check-in counters. Another way to save some time and money is to book your tickets online. This not only allows you to save some money on online deals, but also helps you skip the queue at the ticketing counter. end of day at the Kidzania Departmental Store.
  • Once you have gotten your boarding passes from the ground floor, head straight to the Immigration check. Here you'll be given a special security bracelet and 50 Kidzos, which is the official Kidzania currency. While you and your kids should enjoy this part, don't spend too much time here since the real fun awaits inside.end of day at the Kidzania Departmental Store.
  • If you wish to explore all there is to Kidzania, make sure both you and your kids are dressed appropriately. Since there's a lot of walking around involved, wear comfortable sports shoes. Some activities like wall climbing require the participants to wear sports shoes so even if your kids aren't wearing sports shoes when they enter, remember to carry a pair with you. end of day at the Kidzania Departmental Store.
  • One handy trick to earn more KidZos, and in turn experience more activities, is to go for jobs with a relatively shorter queue. This will enable your kids to earn more KidZos in a shorter span and spend them in activities which need to be paid for, like face painting, jewellery making, and studio painting. By working on jobs that pay more, like dentistry, your kids can have enough Kidzos to redeem at the end of day at the Kidzania Departmental Store.
  • To avoid spending Kidzos at lunch, send your kids to jobs where they can prepare their own meals like the Pizza Express. For adults, there are plenty of options at the Dubai Mall.
  • Kidzania Dubai is an absolutely safe space for kids. If you are tired and a need a break, there is a special Parents Lounge equipped with a TV room, food and beverages, and complimentary Internet facilities. If your children are above 120 cm in height, you can leave them in Kidzania.
  • Kidzania is equipped with “Zupervisors”, who are trained adults available at all times to supervise kids and provide support for all the activities. You can be rest assured that the Zupervisors will be available at all times to assist your kids in performing all their tasks successfully while having a good time.

KidZania Dubai Tickets

If you’re planning on booking your Kidzania Dubai tickets online, here are the three options you can choose from:

General Admission:
• Admission for adults (17-64 years of age) or toddlers (2-3 years of age)

• Serves as an entry ticket to all Kidzania Dubai establishments
• Comes with 50 Kidzos which the kids will receive upon arrival

• A credit of 100 Kidzos upon arrival
• Includes two F&B vouchers
• One souq or retail shops voucher

KidZania Dubai tickets

KidZania Dubai Tickets

• General Admission
• Economy Entry
• Premium Entry

Book Now

Children below the age of 1 get free access to Kidzania but entry to Fun First Nursery is chargable. The price for one hour is AED 65 and three hours is AED 165. This includes Baby and Toddler services.

Good to Know

How to get to KidZania Dubai

Kidzania Dubai is located at Level 2 (Opposite Reel Cinemas), The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa, Dubai.
Since it’s located at such prime spot, getting to Kidzania Dubai is quite easy. You can either take the Dubai Metro and deboard at the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station or take the following buses; Route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and Route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station.

KidZania Dubai Open Hours

To ensure you have complete freedom to plan your trip, KidZania Dubai is open 7 days a week.

Sunday - Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Please note that the counter closes at 9 PM

Thursday - Saturday: 10 AM - 11 PM
Please note that the counter closes at 10 PM

Age Restrictions

Kidzania Dubai is designed in a way that is inclusive of kids of all ages.

  • For toddlers, there's the Fun First Nursery, where they get a safe environment to play and learn.
  • For kids between 4-16, the main Kidzania attraction is available all seven days a week.

Please note, kids below the height of 120cm need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rules and Regulations

  • Entry ticket is valid for general admission and activities only, and is not valid for other services like food, drinks, birthday parties, or photos and video services, unless mentioned explicitly.
  • Each adult accompanied by a child must select either the Business or Business Plus package, additional adults will be charged AED 95.
  • Children above 120 cms in height can be left alone inside KidZania. But an adult or guardian (17 years and above) must be present at the KidZania entrance for them to "check-in".
  • Once admitted inside KidZania, children cannot exit temporarily. Please note that readmission into KidZania is not allowed.
  • Smoking and chewing gum inside the Kidzania premises are not permitted.
  • Pets and outside food and beverages are not permitted inside KidZania.
  • KidZania establishments or activities may change or close due to refurbishing, capacity or special events, and may otherwise change or be discontinued without prior notice.
  • Adults are not allowed inside the activity establishments, but there is a parent's lounge where adults have free internet access, a TV lounge and a café.
  • Locker services are available. Please contact the Information Counter for further assistance. Baby strollers are permitted within the facility at a designated spot.

KidZania Dubai Reviews

Kidzania is real fun and learning place for kids. Kids can get experience of various professions and in that way grow respect/interest for that profession. They have fire fighters, police, custom, pizza makers, doctor, dentist, cookie and candies maker, radio station etc. my daughter was very engaged on some of these activities. As parents you can have fun watching them.

Sanjeev J, TripAdvisor, December 2017

My 6-year old daughter loves it! She was so excited to try every activities. When I read the reviews here, I was doubting if we are still going since they are saying that the staffs arr rudeand activities are not organized.
During our experience, staffs are very accommodating. They are assisting my daughter especially that she has hearing disability. There are specific times for the activities and kids need to wait for their turn. It can be a bit of “not organize” if you look at it but c’mon, kids are the customers. They can be really playful at times (which is understandle). And the main goal if for them to have FUN!

Essa A, TripAdvisor, December 2017

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