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Best West End shows in November, a London Theatre guide

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Wondering which West End show to catch this November? We've got your back. Browse the top selling West End shows running this November and choose your pick. Be it kid-friendly musicals or world-class plays, buy your West End show tickets on Headout and enjoy a smooth theatre experience.

Top 5 Musicals to Watch This November

If you're looking for something lively - something to tap your feet to, you need to check out musicals at West End. With some incredible music, dance, and plotlines, these musicals are sure to blow your mind!

Top 5 Plays to Watch This November

Not in the mood for song and dance? We have an alternative that might just make you happy. With plays spanning genres like drama, comedy, and fantasy, you can experience theatre like it was meant to be enjoyed. Pure, unadulterated, and without any frills.

Top 5 Comedy Shows to Watch This November

West End isn't just drama and musicals - it's got some absolutely hilarious comedies! So if you're looking for an evening of fun and laughter, look no further! Here are some incredible comedies that will leave you in splits!

Top 5 Kids Shows to Watch This November

It’s never too early to take your kids to the theatre and West End has no shortage of shows to offer for children of all ages. Get your kids away from the telly and take them out to a show they’ll never forget. From the wizarding world of Harry Potter to the endless adventures of Mary Poppins, the vast number of shows for kids in London will entice anyone.

Top 5 Shows Reopening This November

These shows are back on West End and for good reason. Theatre enthusiasts just can't have enough of them! Catch them before they sell out again.

Top 5 New West Shows to Watch This November

Every season brings a whole roster of West End experiences - some that entertain us fleetingly while some go on to become classics. Watch these shows as the season starts.

What to Wear to a West End Show in November?

If you are looking for ideas on what to wear to a West End show in November, there are a few things to consider. For starters, the weather can be unpredictable so make sure you bring a coat just in case.

As for what to wear, it is generally dressier than going to the cinema or theatre, so something like a dress or smart trousers and blouse may be appropriate.

If you want to be really dressed up, why not try a evening gown or suit? And finally, don't forget to add some sparkle with some jewellery or a scarf!

With these tips in mind, you're sure to look great at your next West End show in November!

Frequently Asked Questions About West End Shows

Which are most popular West End shows to watch in November?

The most popular west end shows in December are The Lion King, Frozen, Matilda and Wicked.

Are any of the West End shows family-friendly?

While some West End shows are definitely family-friendly, others may not be appropriate for younger audiences. It really depends on the specific show in question.

How long do the West End shows in November run for?

The West End shows in November typically run until December or January first week.

Where can I buy tickets for a West End show in November?

Tickets for West End shows can be bought from the show venue itself, which may require you to wait in queues. We recommend booking online with us to avoid that, and get better discounts.

How much do tickets for West End shows cost in November?

Tickets for most West End shows in November cost between £10 and £75.

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