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Best West End shows in March, a London Theatre guide

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The theatre is a magical place. It brings ones imagination to life and lets you explore different worlds through exciting visual performances. If you haven't been to a West End show, there's no better time than NOW. Choose your pick from the best selling West End shows in March and sign up for one of a kind entertainment!

Best West End Shows In March

Frequently Asked Questions About Best West End Shows in March

What are the best West End shows to see in March?

There are many great shows to see in the West End in March, including long-running favourites like The Lion King and Mamma Mia!, as well as newer shows like Frozen.

Can I get discounted tickets to West End shows in March?

Yes, there are often ways to get discounted tickets to West End shows with Headout, such as by booking in advance or through additional cashback.

What should I wear to a West End show in March?

There is no strict dress code for West End shows, but most people tend to dress smartly or in business casual attire. You don't need to wear a full suit or formal dress, but it's best to avoid overly casual clothing like jeans and sneakers.

Are there any family-friendly shows in the West End in March?

Yes, there are many family-friendly shows in the West End that are suitable for all ages. Some popular options include The Lion King, Matilda, and Wicked.

How long do West End shows typically run for in March?

Most West End shows run for several months or even years, depending on their popularity and demand. It's always worth checking the Headout show page for the latest information on show schedules and dates.

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