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Best West End Shows in December | London Theatre Guide

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A cosy theatre experience is the perfect escape from the chilling cold. Catch your favourite classical for the nth time or a new show that's raising eyes & curtains this month - a West End show in December is always a good idea. Browse the best West End shows running this December and choose your pick!

What to Wear to a West End Show in December?

When dressing up for a West End show in December, it's important to choose something that's both stylish and festive. A little black dress is always a classic choice, but you could also go for a colourful dress instead. A pair of dressy trousers and a nice top could also work, or you could go for a skirt and blouse combo. No matter what you choose, make sure it's smart and stylish!

Since it is typically cold outside in December, a coat or jacket would be necessary. Dress shoes or boots would also be a good choice, as opposed to sneakers.


Which are most popular West End shows to watch in December?

The most popular west end shows in December are The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked.


Are any of the West End shows family-friendly?

While some West End shows are definitely family-friendly, others may not be appropriate for younger audiences. It really depends on the specific show in question.

How much do tickets for West End shows cost in December?

Tickets for most West End shows cost between £10 and £75 in December. However, there are a few exceptions.

What is the difference between a matinee and evening West End show?

 A matinee is an afternoon performance, typically before 6pm. An evening show is a performance in the evening, after 6pm.

How long do the West End shows in December run for?

The West End shows in December typically run for a few weeks - typically until January end.


Where can I buy tickets for a West End show in December?

Tickets for West End shows can be bought through various sources including the show venue itself, which may require you to wait in queues. We recommend booking online with us to avoid that, and get better discounts.


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