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5 – 7 Days in New York | Complete New York Itinerary

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Have 5 days in New York and wondering how to spend it? Check out our expert crafted New York 5-day itinerary designed to take you through the best of the Big Apple. Simply plug and play our itinerary for a fabulous 5 days in New York.

5 Days in New York - Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Run Time

Statue of Liberty


9/11 Memorial


Times Square

Morning - Statue of Liberty

Start your NYC vacation by touring Lady Liberty. Hop onboard a ferry and transport yourself to Ellis Island where the Statue of Liberty stands tall. If you wish to go up the Statue of Liberty, you need to purchase a ticket online in advance as they sell out very quickly. If you're not in the mood for the tedious climb, you can spend a few hours at Ellis Island, visit the museum and go for the free ranger tours before making your way back to New York City. All of this, including the climb up should take you about 5 hours. If you're on a budget, you can take the free Staten Island Ferry and cruise close to the Statue of Liberty. Though these ferries don't sail as close as the sightseeing cruises, you get close enough to take in a good view of the emblematic statue. Read more

Afternoon - 9/11 Memorial | One World Observatory

Once you get back to Manhattan, take a 20 minute walk to the 9/11 Memorial situated near the One World Trade Center. The memorial honours those who died during the terrorist attack of Sepetember 11, 2001. Situated around the fallen Twin Towers, this is a beautiful memorial with bronze panels around two pools and water cascading down the edges of the memorial before disappearing into a hole in the centre of the pool. Standing behind the museum is the One World Observatory, tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere offering splendid views of New York City from atop. You can grab tickets for going up the One World Observatory Deck in advance and visit the building while you're in the vicinity. There are combo tickets that give you access to the One World Observatory and 9/11 Museum, a popular and highly recommended choice. Read more

Late Evening/Night - Times Square

Even if you're in New York for a day, visiting Times Square is an absolute must! Go here around 6:00 PM and see why it is nicknamed the 'Center of the Universe'. The massive lit billboards, umpteen shops, restaurants, broadway theatres and not to mention the sea of humans passing by. Grab a seat by the TKTS steps and watch the world rush by. Grab a meal from the very first Applebees on Times Square and stay till midnight for the famous Times Square Midnight Moment. Every night from 11:57 PM to midnight, you can witness the world’s largest digital art exhibition where the huge billboards in Times Square are synchronized resulting in three fabulous moments of the same whimsical imagery.Read more

Recommended Experiences for Day 1 in New York

Statue of Liberty Tours New York

9/11 Memorial Tickets

One World Observatory Tickets

Day 2

Run Time

Art Museums


Central Park


Observation Deck

Morning - Art Museums

Start your second day in New York by choosing your pick from any of the Top Museums in NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art | Museum of Modern Art | American Museum of Natural History | Whitney Museum of American Art | Guggenheim Museum. Each of them have a charm of their own, and if you're one to love museums, you should definitely give a few of them a visit over the next few days. If not all, one museum in NYC is a definite must. Depending on your taste, proximity from where you're put up and the kind of museum you'd like to explore, choose your pick and spend the morning ambling about a museum. Read more

Afternoon - Central Park

No better way to spend a sunny afternoon than amongst the foliage of the good ol' Central Park in NYC. If it is an exceptionally hot day, shift your Central Park plans to late afternoon, but otherwise, Central Park through the day is a joy. You can opt for any of the Quirky Tours across Central Park, be it a TV and Movie Sites Tour, the quintessential PediCab Tour or the American Landscape Walking Tour. These tours take you through the lesser known parts of Central Park and are highly recommended for those who love exploring. If you're in the mood to just stroll about, our specially curated Central Park Attractions Guide should help you hit up all the must visit spots. Read more

Late Evening/Night - Top of The Rock | Empire State Building

When you're in New York, consuming aerial views of the city glittering at night is an absolute must. Where you choose to go is completely up to you, but go atop any of the Observations Deck in the city - Top of The Rock, Empire State Building, One World Observatory and feel the spirit of NYC wafting under the star lit sky. If you've ticked the One World Observatory on your first day, you can skip these Observation Decks. You can check out our in-depth Comparison of the Observation Decks in NYC to make up your mind. However, a friendly tip would be to go up the Rockefeller Tower. It is far less crowded and offers amusing views of the Central Park and Empire State Building. Moreover, it is not as high as the Empire State Building which gives one a clearer view of the nearby buildings. Read more

Day 3

Run Time

Chelsea Market


Brooklyn Walking Tour


Broadway Show

Morning - Chelsea Market

Se out for Day 3 in New York wearing your best walking shoes and comfy clothes because today is going to involve a lot of walking. Start off with Chelsea Market, a neighbourhood of myriad luxury malls, fabled restaurants, industrial office spaces and the home grounds to the famous Oreo cookie! You will find fountains bathed in neon light flowing next to cheery bakeries, gelato shops, hip jewelry stores and unmarked doors promising the unknown. The best way to explore Chelsea Market is to sign up for a Walking Tour that will take you around the highlights and best spots. The most recommended tour around Chelsea Market is the Food and Culture Tour that gives you the best of both worlds. You can learn the history of the market, view original artworks, peep by the Hudson River and taste Chelsea specialities from 7 famous shops in the market. Sounds like an idea start your day right?. Read more

Afternoon- Brooklyn Walking Tour

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York's most famous icons and a top destination for first time visitors in NYC. Take a walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge and the neighbourhood , while admiring stunning views of the quaint brownstone neighbourhood and learn about the bridge's history. Walking through New York's oldest borough area with a historian guide taking you through the architectural and social history, art, culture, food and contemporary politics surrounding the area is a charming experience. Don't forget to explore DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) which is now a state of the art gallery while you're in the vicinity. You can opt for the morning tour that starts at 10:00 AM or the afternoon tour that starts at 3:00 PM. Read more

Late Evening/Night - Broadway Show

After all that walking, freshen up and don your best suit and dresses for the quintessential New York Broadway experience. The Broadway Theatrical is something that words fall short to explain unless experienced. You can choose your pick from the umpteen broadway shows running currently and book your tickets before hand to grab the best seats at discounted prices. If this is a last minute plan, you can try for TKTS, Rush or Lottery Tickets and waltz in for the show. However, we recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance so that you can choose a good seat as it makes a huge difference. Our seating chart guides should help you with that. If you're traveling with kids, you can even check out our curation of kid-friendly broadway shows. If you're looking to watch the classics, here are a few Broadway shows you can check out! Read more

Celebrate Christmas On Broadway!

If you're in NYC during Christmas, there's no better way to bring in the Christmas cheer and uplift your holiday spirits than with a Christmas Broadway Show. Check out the best Christmas broadway shows in NYC right now and grab your tickets before they run out!

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NYC Bucket List

59 Ultimate List Of Things To Do In New York

Check out these must-do experiences in NYC and plan your itinerary like a pro!

Day 4

Run Time

Day Trip to Niagara Falls / Washington Dc

Take a break from the bustle of NYC and embark on a day trip. While there are many places close by, we'd suggest taking a day trip to the Niagara Falls or Washington. Depending on what you'd like to experience, nature or history; you can choose your pick and set off on a leisurely day trip.

Day Trip to Niagara

The fabled Niagara Falls lies 6-7 hours away from New York City, making for an ideal day trip. If you set off early in the morning, you can spend a few hours in Niagara by the falls and visit a few places closeby before returning to New York by nightfall. While you must have seen pictures of the Niagara Falls, nothing prepares you for the colossal vastness of the falls, not to mention the breathtaking beauty of it. If you're stopping by in summer, make sure to take the Maid of Mist boat tour which takes you up close to the falls. The Niagara Falls apart, you can spend your day hiking, exploring wineries and walking around the Niagara Falls State Park exploring various vantage view points of the falls. Taking a Coach Tour from New York to Niagara is the most practical approach since your travel, meals and a go-to guide is taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Read more

Day Trip to Washington

Another day trip option from New York is to Washington, a short 5 hour drive from the Big Apple. If you're a history buff and are interested in exploring the political stronghold of USA, then Washington DC is your place. The city boasts of rich infrastructure, historic buildings, memorable landmarks, and more. We'd suggest you opt for a compact and well organised guided tour that will give you a guided tour of major landmarks like - The White House, The Pentagon, Capitol Building, American Parliament Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, Arlington Cemetery and many more. Moreover, the comfortable coach drive to Washington which crosses through the scenic East Coast states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland makes for a fantastic roadtrip. All in all, a day trip to Washington is highly recommended, provided you're interested in visiting museums and other buildings of political importance. Read more

Day 5

Run Time

St. Patrick's Cathedral


New York Public Library


Greenwich Village

Morning - St. Patrick's Cathedral

The St. Patrick's Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral which is the current seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. It is a prominent landmark in New York located in Midtown Manhattan, directly across the street from Rockefeller Center. It is considered one of the most visible symbols of Roman Catholicism in New York City and the United States. It welcomes more than five million visitors each year and is one of New York's most spectacular architectural sights. Services are held daily and all are welcome, visitors and worshipers alike. You can download the self-guided audio tour app during your visit here to know more about the Cathedral during your visit. Read more

Afternoon - New York Public Library

The New York Public Library (NYPL) is the second largest public library in the United States and the third largest in the world. You can explore the New York Public Library for free. All you need to do is register for a library card and opt for one of the two free tours ( optional) - The Building Tour or the Exhibition Tour. Each tour highlights different aspects of the building and are equally good. The Building Tour takes you through the highlights, The Exhibition Tour takes you through the library's current exhibitions. There are regular events at the NYPL, so check the website before your visit to know the agenda for the day. Read more

Late Evening/Night - West Village | Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village was the bohemian epicenter of the 60’s counterculture movements and the modern LGBT movement. The West Village where the Greenwich Village falls is is a radically different neightbourhood from the other parts of Manhattan and those who want to see other facades of New York must travel to these parts. Start your Greenwich Village tour from Washington Park and make your way around the famous Cafe Wha? , NYU Campus, Washington Mews , Mark Twain House and of course, the famous Friends house that stands in this neighbourhood. You can even go for the Greenwich Jazz Crawl if you're into Jazz and want to hit up the best jazz music hubs in this bohemian town. Read more

Recommended Experiences for Day 5 in New York

The Ride

Greenwich Village

7 Days in New York Itinerary

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Day 6

Run Time

Sightseeing Cruise


Great Food Tour of NYC


Shopping on 5th Avenue

Morning - Sightseeing Cruise

Experiencing New York from the waters is an experience you cannot deprive yourself of. Feel the wind in your hair and the towering buildings all around on a sightseeing cruise. You're spoilt for choice with regard to Sightseeing Cruises in New York because there are so many options, you'll be in a fix! Our friendly tip would be to go for Circle Line Cruises. They have the best rates, most professional tour guides and a guaranteed A-class experience. If you're looking for specific brunch tours, dinner tours or even Hudson River cruises, you'll find plenty of option for them too. If you're looking for an economical option, then the Hop On Hop Off Ferry is a good bet. Read more

Afternoon- The Great Food Tour of New York

You cannot leave New York without getting your hands dirty with the calorie teeming yet oh-so tasty food the city has to offer. The famous Great Food Tour of New York puts together the classic culinary hotspots of the city in order to give first timers a taste of the real New York. You get to wander through the streets sampling the finest ingredients from specialty shops, bakeries, and delicatessens in 2 hours! From the Coffee Porto Rico Importing Co. has been serving the finest coffees in the world since 1907 to The DIY Cupcake At Molly's Cupcakes to the Falafel Mamoun's Falafel, an NYC institution since 1971, Deli Faicco's which is synonymous with sausage and more, this tour is a true foodies paradise. Moreover, going for a tour like this during lunch hours takes care of lunch in the most fun manner! Don't you think? Read more

Late Evening/Night - Shopping on 5th Avenue

Shopping on 5th Avenue in New York is every girl's ( hopefully every boy's) dream. Even if you're not one to love shopping, you ought to take a stroll by the World's largest Macy's, Henry Bendel (for Gossip Girl fans in the house), Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co. and the likes on this highly fashionable street. Spend an hour window shopping here and update yourself with the latest trends in the world without having to even step in. Not just clothes, but electronics, hardware, accessories and perhaps everything money can buy is here on 5th Avenue. You never know what you may find! Read more

Recommended Experiences for Day 6 in New York

Sightseeing Cruises

Top Rated Food Tours in NYC

Walking Towers in Lower Manhattan

Day 7

Run Time

Battery Park


Lower East Side

Morning - Battery Park

On your last day in New York, grab a cup of coffee and go sit by Battery Park. After all the chaos of New York, experiencing the calm in Battery Park is bliss. Though it is one of the most popular spots in New York, mornings here are quiet. Wander about the park, take in views of the Statue of Liberty from the land, the Hudson River, Bosque Fountain and the Verazzano Bridge. Once you're done, take a walk by the financial district and Wall Street if you haven't walked by these areas already. Read more

Afternoon - Lower East Side

The Lower East Side in New York is a very interesting neighbourhood. It may seem like the world in miniature, with each corner offering a glimpse of different cultures and cuisines. China Town, Little Italy, The Jewish Town, Puerto Rican, Dominicans and many other ethnic neighborhoods makes the Lower East Side a potpourri of natives and immigrants living around in harmony. While you're here, make sure to visit the Tenement Museum which keeps the neighborhood’s history alive in a series of restored apartments visited via themed guided tours. If you're one to like guided tours around these historic neighbourhoods, you can sign up for the China Town Food Tour or the Tenements, Tales & Tastes Tour. Read more

Recommended Experiences for Day 7 in New York

Lower East Side Walking Tour

Best Parks in NYC

Guide To Spending 5 days in New York

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