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9/11 Memorial & Museum

Visit the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, established as a tribute to the tragic victims of the 9/11 attack. Learn more about the tragedy and pay your respect to those who lost their lives.

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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

9/11 Memorial & Museum


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9/11 Memorial & Museum Tickets

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Samjra Micalizzi


The art of the exhibit was amazing. I visited with the audio guide and it was perfect. In every room you can take your time to read and inform yourself about the different topics. It was so emotional to see the whole happening. At the end I just was speechless about it.
9/11 Museum & Memorial Admission Ticket
Toya Akiyama


I memorized "Ground Zero" inscribed the names of Japanese people cuz I'm Japanese. it remined me not to repeat that tragedy strongly. Thank you.
9/11 Museum & Memorial Admission Ticket
Marc Anthony Profancik


United States
Jaclyn was our tour guide and she had a wealth of knowledge about 911 and the 911 tribute. She was very good and made the entire tour very interesting.
9/11 Ground Zero Guided Tour with Skip the Line Tickets
Nancy Ann Crawford


United States
The guide was very personable, informative and provided a great experience for an obviously somber subject. Lot of detail that would have been missed or unknown otherwise.
9/11 Ground Zero Guided Tour with Skip the Line Tickets
Assemat lucienne Jeannette


The quality, competence and professionalism of the guide, whom I recommend and congratulate on his extensive knowledge of the area and its history.
View original review in French
Guided Tour of Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial & Wall Street
Cvetan Dimitrov


The tour was great! Paul is an excellent guide who knows the city very well. He made the 3 hours tour to pass like 3 minutes. I would love to explore more of the city with him again when I am back to NY
Guided Tour of Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial & Wall Street

9/11 Memorial & Museum Guide

11 September 2001, is indelible in the world’s mind, marking the day the US was hit by devastating terrorist attacks that claimed 2,996 lives and injured about 6,000. As a tribute, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum was set up on the site of the World Trade Center. It pays homage to the stories of loss and courage. A visit to New York City is incomplete without visiting this museum. Learn about the best 9/11 Museum tickets, what to expect at the site, and other famous attractions that you can visit.
There is a range of 9/11 Museum tickets to suit your price, convenience, and travel time. Guests can choose from direct entry tickets, skip-the-line tickets, and guided tours. Key advantages of booking your tickets online is that you get priority access, additional discounts and cashback, flexible cancellation, and more.
These 9/11 Museum tickets let you gain direct access to the site. You will be able to explore the entirety of this museum, including all the memorials and important pieces of the painful history.

Why go for this ticket?

  • Pay your respects to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
  • Access all museum exhibitions and the memorial site.
  • Stop by the Survivor Tree, which is the sole living organism that survived the attack.

Recommended experiences

Visit the 9/11 Museum to pay homage to the attack victims. Discover more than 11,000 artifacts recovered from the crash site.
This is one of the popular 9/11 Museum tickets. It provides direct, skip-the-line access to the 9/11 Museum, allowing you to bypass the long waiting lines. Moreover, your ticket also includes an informative guided tour. 

Why go for this ticket?

  • Get priority access and avoid waiting in long queues. 
  • With a local tour guide, discover unique stories of pain and bravery from the day.
  • Tour the entire site with your local guide.

Recommended experiences

Listen to firsthand tales from a local New Yorker about the events of September 11 as you tour the entire site and discover unique remnants.
New York is one of the most-visited cities in the world with a range of iconic attractions. Make the most of your trip by visiting multiple attractions with a single ticket.

Why go for these tickets? 

  • Save time and money by booking a single pass that gives you access to multiple attractions.
  • Visit some of the most popular landmarks and attractions across the city.
  • Enjoy a flexible window of 60 days and over, to visit all the attractions.
  • Choose from a list of over 100 attractions in the city.

Recommended experiences 

Choose between 2 to 10 attractions out of a list of all the popular attractions in the city.
Get access to 104 attractions across New York City with a single pass.
Using the testimony of your local guide who was directly affected by the tragedy, understand its aftermath and how it forever transformed the lives of New York.

Why go for this ticket?

  • Discover the museum and memorial with a local tour guide.
  • Learn about the events of 9/11 from first responders, survivors, victims' relatives and others involved.
  • Embark on a comprehensive walking tour of the site.

Recommended experiences

Visit the Firefighter Memorial Wall and the September 11th Memorial Plaza on a walking tour of the site. The local guides help bring out the true pain behind the incidents that these monuments stand for.
New York is a city of a myriad of tourist attractions. With combo tickets, not only can you visit the 9/11 Museum but also other major spots like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Wall Street. These tours also include the services of expert guides. 

Why go for this ticket?

  • Visit famous NYC landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Museum and more.
  • Enjoy fascinating guided tours by expert local guides.
  • Get priority access to famous monuments and avoid waiting in lines.

Recommended experiences

With an English-speaking tour guide, visit the 9/11 Museum. Then, with a multilingual audio guide, visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Wall Street.
Get direct entry to the 9/11 Museum, after which you can enjoy a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Your booking also includes ferry tickets between the attractions.

What are 9/11 Museum opening hours?

The 9/11 Memorial is open from 9 AM to 7 PM, daily. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is open from 8 AM to 8 PM between on all days.

What is the best time to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

The best time to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is early on in the day when the crowd is relatively low.

How long should I spend at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

You can spend up to 3 hours at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

On which day can the 9/11 Memorial and Museum be visited for free?

While the memorial is free to visitors throughout the week, the museum can be visited for free on Mondays.

Where is the 9/11 Museum located?

The 9/11 Museum is located at 180 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007.
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How do I get to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

You can get to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum by driving down in a private vehicle or a taxi, or by taking a bus, the subway, or ferry.

Can I take the train to the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, take the subway train to stations like Chambers Street, Fulton Street, World Trade Center, Park Place, Rector Street, and Cortland Street. From these locations, you can either walk or take a taxi to the museum and memorial.

Can I take the bus to the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, you can take a bus to the following stops: Broadway and Thames Street, Trinity Place and Rector Street, Vesey Street, or South End Avenue. From these stops, you can simply walk to the museum.

Is storage facility available at the 9/11 Museum?

No, storage facility is temporarily unavailable at the 9/11 Museum. Please do not carry large bags or luggage at the time of your visit.

Is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is completely wheelchair accessible. Elevators, escalators, and ramps are available for those with physical disabilities. Service dogs and accompanying care companions are also permitted with those who require the additional assistance.

Is parking available at the 9/11 Museum?

No, parking is not available at the 9/11 Museum. The closest space is the Battery Parking Garage at 70 Greenwich Street.

Are audioguides available at the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, audio guides in various languages are available at the 9/11 Museum.

Is photography allowed at the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, photography for personal use is allowed at the 9/11 Museum; however, professional equipment is not. Professional photography for commercial or advertising purposes is not permitted.

Is smoking permitted at the 9/11 Museum?

No, smoking is not permitted at the 9/11 Museum.

Can visitors carry tribute items to the 9/11 Museum?

Yes, visitors can carry tribute items to the 9/11 Museum. Items must be limited to 19 x 17 x 8 inches dimensions and perishable items will be discarded daily.

What other rules and regulations are in place at the 9/11 Museum?

Littering isn’t allowed at the 9/11 Museum. You must also not bring prohibited items like weapons and liquor. Holding demonstrations or dropping items in the memorial pools is not allowed.
The 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York stands as a reminder of one of the most significant modern-day tragedies. Numerous stories and lives involved with it can be experienced at the museum. Through its museum, memorial, exhibitions, and collections, this facility has paid a touching tribute to all those who have been affected by the barbaric act of violence.

The Museum

Located at the site where the Twin Towers once stood, the 9/11 Museum allows visitors to learn about the history of the 9/11 attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The 9/11 Museum's unique combination of architecture, archaeology, and history gives an unparalleled synergy with the tale of the attacks, their consequences, and the individuals who lived through them.


The 9/11 Museum is home to a series of changing exhibits that are aimed at bringing out the accounts and misfortunes behind the 9/11 attacks. The exhibitions use objects, photos, personal anecdotes, and interactive technology to convey the stories of the attacks. You can learn a lot at the museum’s 110,000 square feet of space that includes core exhibitions, special exhibitions, and rotating galleries.


The permanent collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum is an unmatched storehouse of verifiable evidence, first-hand narrative, and historical accounts of the reaction to the terrorist attacks of 26 February 1993, and 11 September 2001, as well as the enduring consequences of these tragedies. More than 70,000 artifacts have been received by the Museum so far, documenting the destiny of victims, survivors, and first responders.

The Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial pays tribute to the 2,996 individuals lost in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon, as well as the six persons murdered in the World Trade Center bombing. Spend some time paying your tributes at the Memorial Glade, dedicated to those who have suffered or died due to 9/11-related illnesses.
Beyond the 9/11 Museum, there’s plenty to explore and discover in the streets of the city that never sleeps.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, which was designed in 1865 by French scholar Édouard de Laboulaye as a memorial to the republican principles shared by France and the United States, is today a symbol of opportunity and freedom. Visit Lady Liberty's crown for stunning city and harbor views, while the pedestal and Liberty Island are also great places to get a view.

Hop-on hop-off tours

New York’s Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours are a major part of the city’s tourist appeal and are a great way to appreciate the city. Step on and enjoy a professional guide's commentary as you see the city's most prominent sights. As you ride by the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other famous spots, you will get plenty of photo opportunities.

One World Observatory

One World Observatory, which spans levels 100 to 102 of the Western Hemisphere's tallest structure, provides breathtaking panoramic views from its lofty elevation. On a clear day, you will be able to see all five boroughs as well as some neighboring states, which will be unveiled once an introduction movie fades out to expose the stunning view through enormous picture windows. It is, unsurprisingly, a very popular attraction.

Museum of Modern Art

Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rothko, Pollock, and Bourgeois are among the heavyweights represented in the Museum of Modern Art's galleries. Since its founding in 1929, the museum has accumulated over 200,000 works of art. Book MoMA tickets to reflect on the evolution of creative ideas and movements from the late nineteenth century to the present.

Empire State Building

The Chrysler Building may be more attractive, and One World Trade Center may be taller, but the Empire State Building remains the crown jewel of the New York skyline. Close-ups of New York's former tallest tower have appeared in over a hundred films and innumerable skyline photographs. Book Empire State Building tickets to enjoy an experience as authentic to New York as having clam chowder.

Is the 9/11 Museum now open to visitors?

Yes, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is now open to visitors with several safety measures in place.

Are 9/11 Museum tickets available online now?

Yes, 9/11 Museum tickets are available online now. Guests are advised to pre-book their tickets online so as to get their preferred visitation date and time.

What are the different types of 9/11 Museum tickets?

The different types of 9/11 Museum tickets are direct entry tickets, skip-the-line tickets, combo tour, and guided tour.

Are guided tours of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum available now?

Yes, guided tours of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum are available now. Groups up to 20 members can be accommodated inside the site.

Do I need tickets to enter the 9/11 Memorial in NYC?

No, you don’t need tickets to enter the 9/11 Memorial in NYC.

Are any discounts available on 9/11 Museum tickets?

Yes, it depends on the ticket you purchase. Direct entry tickets offer reduced pricing for visitors between ages 7-17 and above 65, while those under 7 enjoy free entry. Skip the line tickets and guided tours offer reduced pricing to visitors between ages 6-13, while those under 6 enjoy free entry. Additionally, on most tickets, guests enjoy an additional cashback of 5-10%.

What is the cancelation policy for 9/11 Museum tickets?

Most tickets offer flexible cancellation. You can cancel your 9/11 Museum tickets for a full refund up to 24 hours before the visit. These details are visible at the bottom of your ticket.

What are 9/11 Museum opening hours?

The 9/11 Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM between Thursdays to Monday, while the memorial is open everyday of the week during the same time. Guests enjoy free entry on Mondays.

What is the best time to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

The best time to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is early on in the day when the crowd is relatively low.

How do I get to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

You can get to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum by taking your car or a cab. You can also reach the 9/11 Museum by taking a bus, subway, or ferry.

Is the 9/11 Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the 9/11 Museum is wheelchair accessible and various facilities like elevators, escalators, and ramps have been installed for ease of movement.

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