19 Best Places To Visit in December – Warm Winter Vacation Destinations

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With Covid-19 restrictions easing and borders opening up, a December getaway is all you need to knock away the lockdown blues. Take out your diary and pen and chart your December itinerary with us!

19 Best Places to Visit in December

The air filled with the ring of jingle bells, aromas of cinnamon wafting from every corner and pure magic in the air - December is a month of celebration and jubilation. We bring to you the best places to visit in the charismatic month of December. With frosted windows in the northern hemisphere and sunny days in the southern, December all around the globe is enjoyable and refreshing.

Tips for your travel in December

  • Learn about the travel restrictions mandated by each country due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Plan your trip according to the quarantine requirements of every country.
  • Acquaint yourself with the culture of the country you are visiting which will help you interact with the locals and get a more authentic experience.
  • Leave space and time to do the unpredictable. As you discover the country, don’t be afraid to make impromptu plans.
  • December temperatures fluctuate across countries, Pack windcheaters, fleece sweaters and other warm layers for traveling in the northern hemisphere. Take dresses, shorts and other comfortable clothing for the southern hemisphere
  • Get your travel insurance secured before leaving for a trip in case of emergencies.
  • Always carry prescribed medicines, you may not find them at your destination.
  • Learn simple phrases in the language of your vacation destination for smooth transactions.
  • Get no-fee bank cards to save up money that gets deducted every time you swipe your card at a foreign location.

FAQs about traveling in December

Which countries should I visit in December?

December is a beautiful month to visit Italy, the USA, India, Mexico, and Uruguay amongst other countries.

What places are open for travel in December?

All countries have their own requirements to allow foreign nationals. You need a negative Covid test to visit any country.

Where is the cheapest place to vacation in December?

Look out for India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong for cheap travel in December.

What is the best place to vacation in December?

The USA is the best place to travel in December owing to its illuminating Christmas celebrations.

What Countries have good weather in December?

Australia, Brazil, and Mexico have great weather to vacation in December.

Where should I go for a family vacation in December?

India, Hong Kong, and Australia are amongst the best places to visit for family vacations in December.

What are the best places to visit with kids in December?

Kids would love to experience Christmas in the USA, Mauritius, Brazil, and Mexico.

What are the best holiday locations for couples looking to travel in December?

Mauritius, Italy, and Czechia are the best holiday destinations to travel to in December for couples.

Where should I vacation in the US in December?

New York is the place you want to be during Christmas. You can also holiday in Los Angeles, North Carolina, and Las Vegas for a great vacation.

What are the best places in Europe to visit in December?

What are the best countries in Asia to visit in December?

India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia offer great experiences for vacationing in December.

What are the best places in Africa to visit in December?

Head over to Mauritius, Egypt, or Morocco for a wonderful holiday in December.

What are the best places in Oceania to visit in December?

Australia is one of the best places to visit in December.

What are the best locations in North America to visit in December?

The USA, Mexico, and Bahamas are some of the best locations to spend December in.

What are the best places in South America to visit in December?

Uruguay, Brazil ad Chile are some of the underrated vacation spots to visit this December.