14 best places to visit in October

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October is a great time to plan your global travels. With mild temperatures and thinning crowds, October offers prime travel conditions to explore the globe.

Whether you’re looking to unwind on the golden sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast or reconnect with nature in the lush Amazonian rainforests, our list on ‘Best places to visit in October’ covers it all. Read on to find out what’s in store for your October travels this year.

1. Turkey

Weather in October: Warm and sunny along the Mediterranean coast | Cooler in the interior regions
Must-visit places: Cappadocia | Istanbul | Pamukkale | Antalya
Why October? Pleasant weather, fewer crowds and a great time for outdoor activities.

Cappadocia - Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Europe and Asia with a rich history and home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Blessed with stunning natural landscapes, from the snow-capped mountains of Mount Ararat in the East to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean coast, Turkey is an ideal destination for every traveler.

What to do in Turkey?

  • Cappadocia: Known for its surreal landscapes, Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination in Turkey. One of the best ways to enjoy this city is by taking a hot air balloon ride over the city and taking in the spectacular views. Another iconic landmark in Cappadocia are the fairy chimneys, towering rock formations created by millions of years of erosion.
  • Istanbul: A vibrant and magical city with a rich history, Istanbul is a fascinating destination to visit in Turkey. From the stunning architecture of the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and Dolmabahce palace to its world-famous hamam treatments, let your feet be your guide while you explore the myriad neighborhoods of Istanbul.
  • Pamukkale: A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southeastern Turkey, Pamukkale is a breathtaking natural wonder. Famous for its white travertine terraces and thermal springs, this is a must-visit destination for your October travel to Turkey.
  • Antalya: With a 640 km stretch of coastline from the west to the east of the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is the fifth most populous city in Turkey. Also famous for the remnants of archaeological sites from the Greek and Roman era, Antalya is a city to learn from and enjoy in as well.

2. Colombia

Weather in October: Warm and Sunny in the coastal regions | Cooler in the mountains
Must-visit places: Cartagena | Medellin | Tumaco | Taganga
Why October? Pleasant weather, fewer crowds and a chance to witness the coffee harvest in the Colombian Andes.

Medellin - Colombia

A country of diverse cultures, landscapes and people, Colombia should definitely be on your October travel list. From the snow-capped Andes mountains to the lush-green Amazon forests, Colombia is a magical destination to experience this October.

What to do in Colombia?

  • Cartagena: The heroic city of Cartagena is a popular tourist destination in Colombia known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, vibrant culture and stunning beaches. Explore the old city, unwind on a beautiful beach and enjoy traditional Colombian cuisine at a food stall.
  • Medellin: Once the stronghold of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, modern Madellin is a transformed metropolitan city with museums and galleries and a vibrant nightlife. A must-try here are the delectable food including dishes like bandeja paisa (a hearty platter of meat, rice, beans, and plantains), arepas (cornmeal pancakes), and empanadas (stuffed pastries).
  • Tumaco: A port city located on the Pacific coast of Colombia, Tumaco is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and is known for its rich Afro-Colombian culture. A hidden gem for off-beat travelers, Tumaco should be a definite visit on your trip to Colombia this October.
  • Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona: One of Colombia’s natural jewels, this national park is an ideal location to unwind and relax. Palm-lined beaches and secluded coves, experience solitude on the sandy white beaches or if you are in for an adventure, there are activities like snorkeling and diving available (on request).

3. Peru

Weather in October: Warm and sunny in the coastal regions | Cooler in the mountains
Must-visit places: Machu Picchu | Arequipa | Lake Titicaca | The Sacred Valley
Why October? Weather is a balanced mix of sunshine and rain, fewer crowds, more affordable stays and October is the best month for an Amazonian trek.

Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

One of the most diverse countries in the world, both geographically and biologically, Peru is located on the Pacific coast of South America. Host to over 500 species of mammals (fifth in the world), 1,800 birds (third in the world) and 2,100 fish (first in the world), Peru is a country that you should definitely add to your October travel list.
Surround yourself with the natural beauty of Peru and be inspired.

What to do in Peru?

  • Machu Picchu: One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is one of Peru’s biggest tourist attractions. A mythical 15th century archaeological site, Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city which was rediscovered in 1911 and its dramatic ruins and stunning setting has captured visitors ever since.
  • Arequipa: Known as Peru’s White City for its colonial architecture, Arequipa is one of the most visually stunning cities in the world. Plan a visit to admire its colonial architecture, visit the Santa Catalina Monastery and hike the Colca Canyon which is the second deepest canyon in the world.
  • Lake Titicaca: Located at a staggering height of 12,500 ft above sea level, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable water body in the world. Explore the floating reed islands and visit the Uros people who are committed to the preservation of indigenous handicrafts and fishing.
  • The Sacred Valley: Known as the heart of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley is a stunning location with a rich history. Visit the valley to explore the Inca ruins and enjoy the scenery. Also visit its vibrant markets to experience the culture of indigenous communities. Located at a lower altitude than Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley is a good place to acclimatize.

4. Mauritius

Weather in October: Warm and sunny | Low rainfall
Must-visit places: Flic en Flac | Grand Baie | Black River Gorges | Eureka
Why October? Warm and sunny weather, fewer crowds and a variety of activities including cultural experiences, outdoor and beach activities.

Mauritius - Best Places to Visit in October

An island nation in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for its lush rainforests, crystal clear-waters and sandy beaches. Created within the natural environment are man-made attractions to explore and experience, with something to offer to every traveler. We highly suggest adding Mauritius to your October travel bucket list and you'll read why.

What to do in Mauritius?

  • Flic en Flac: A seaside village on the west coast of Mauritius, Flic en Flac is known for its stunning beach, crystal-clear waters and laid-back atmosphere. Unwind and go swimming/snorkeling/diving in the turquoise waters, take a boat trip to nearby islands or visit the spellbinding Tamarina Falls.
  • Grand Baie: A seaside village in Northern Mauritius, Grand Baie is known for its turquoise waters and stunning beaches. Looking to unwind? There are beautiful beaches in Grand Baie. Feeling adventurous? Take a lesson in diving/snorkeling/water skiing. Looking to party? Experience the vibrant nightlife in a nightclub or a cozy village bar.
  • Black River Gorges: Located in the hilly south-western part of Mauritius is the Black River Gorges National Park which covers an area of 67.54 km2. Home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna including the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet and the pink pigeon, this is a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Eureka: A small town located in the Moka district of Mauritius, it is well known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, lush gardens and stunning waterfalls. Some must-sees here include: Eureka Mansion - a preserved colonial house built in the early 1800s | Eureka Gardens - A lush space filled with flowers and plants | Eureka Falls - a series of waterfalls located near the Eureka Mansion.

5. Oman

Weather in October: Warm and sunny | Low rainfall
Must-visit places: Muscat | Nizwa | Wadi Darbat | Bahla | Jebel Akhdar
Why October? Pleasant weather for outdoor activities such as hiking and walking. Harvest season for walnuts, pomegranates and olives.

Bahla Fort in Oman

The ancient souls of Arabia rest within the modernity of Oman.
Oman is home to a diverse range of landscapes, from towering mountains to lush valleys and to pristine beaches. Not limited to just scenery, Oman also has rich cultural heritage which can be experienced through forts, mosques and museums.

What to do in Oman?

  • Muscat: The capital city of Oman is a treasure trove of rich culture and cosmopolitan vibes. Experience Omani culture by visiting the local mosques, museums and forts to learn about the country’s history and traditions.
  • Nizwa: The capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries, Nizwa is a city that is deeply rooted in its cultural and religious heritage. One of the most impressive forts in Oman, Nizwa fort, is a must-visit on your trip. It offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  • Bahla: Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bahla Fort, which was built between the 12th-15th centuries by the Banu Nebhan tribe. Bahla is also famous for pottery crafted using mud kilns, where local potters are believed to be blessed with skilled hands.
  • Jebel Akhdar: Also known as the Green Mountain, Jebel Akhdar is famous for its stunning scenery, traditional villages and agricultural products. Visit, learn about the history, indulge your taste buds in delicious local delicacies and experience breathtaking scenery.

6. Vietnam

Weather in October: Warm and sunny (north & south) | Heavy rainfall (Central)
Must-visit places: Hoi An | Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh City | Ha Long Bay
Why October? The weather is warm, fewer crowds and to experience the colorful autumn leaves in Northern Vietnam.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Look beyond the rice paddy fields and the conical hats to see Vietnam through a new lens.
Incredible scenic beauty, deep history and delectable cuisine are a few reasons why you should plan your trip to Vietnam this October.

What to do in Vietnam?

  • Hoi An: Hoi An is a charming town in Central Vietnam and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to exploring the ancient town and spotting colorful lanterns decorating the skies, Hoi An is a great place to explore Vietnamese food delicacies including banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), cao lau (noodles with pork and vegetables) and white rose dumplings.
  • Hanoi: Located in the Northern part of Vietnam is Hanoi, the capital city which offers a rich history, delicious food and scenic views. One of Hanoi’s favorite tourist attractions is the Old Quarter, a maze of narrow streets and lanes lined with old buildings and shops. In addition to its historic touch, Hanoi also boasts of a vibrant nightlife to explore and enjoy!
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Also known as Saigon, this is Vietnam’s largest metropolitan city with a vibrant vibe and a touch of history to it. A popular tourist destination, Ho Chi Minh City has something to offer to every traveler - from historic landmarks to a boat trip on the Mekong River, from the city’s rich culture (music & art) to indulging in authentic Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Ha Long Bay: A popular tourist destination, Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for good reason too. It is home to 1600 limestone islands and islets, each with its own unique shape and size. The towering limestone cliffs, emerald green waters and secluded coves make Ha Long Bay a truly magical place. Cruise through the bay, kayak along the bay, explore the Thien Cung Cave or visit the floating villages.

7. Jordan

Weather in October: Warm days | Cool nights
Must-visit places: Petra | The Dead Sea | Wadi Rum | Jerash
Why October? The weather is warm and sunny, fewer crowds and it is a good time to see the wildflowers blooming in Wadi Rum.

Ruins of Petra in Jordan

From the ancient city of Petra to the therapeutic waters of The Dead Sea, Jordan has captivated visitors for centuries. Experience the rich culture, the gracious hospitality of the Arabs and out-of-the-world scenic views of well-preserved ruins.

What to do in Jordan?

  • Petra: The “Rose Red City” of Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Jordan. Half-built and half-carved into a rock, Petra is massive at 264 The city of Petra provides a window into the handiwork and history of ancient Nabataean civilisation.
  • The Dead Sea: A fascinating visit in Jordan would be to The Dead Sea. The hyper-saline waters are highly therapeutic and known for its healing properties. It is an experience because one can float effortlessly on the water surface (high salt content makes it impossible to sink) and it can help relieve muscle and joint pains.
  • Wadi Rum: A stunning desert landscape, Wadi Rum is known for its towering sandstone mountains, vast sand dunes and red-hued rocks. Visit here to experience desert tranquility and if you are feeling adventurous, book a guided climb and wild camping experience.
  • Jerash: Home to Gerasa, one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Middle East, Jerash is a true testament to its former glory with its well-preserved streets, theaters and temples. You don’t have to be a history buff to experience the beauty of Jerash’s ruins.

8. Taiwan

Weather in October: Warm and sunny
Must-visit places: Taipei | Hualien | Taitung | Kaohsiung
Why October? Warmer temperatures, less rainfall and a chance to witness the island’s many flowers come into full bloom.

Taipei - Taiwan

Taiwan is a small country jam-packed with a multitude of destinations, attractions and activities to witness and indulge in. From soaking in hot springs to sampling delicacies in the night market, Taiwan has a lot to offer. So why wait? Add it to your October travel bucket-list and let’s head to Taiwan.

What to do in Taiwan?

  • Taipei: A vibrant city with something to offer to every traveler, Taipei is a must-visit city on your trip to Taiwan. Must-have experiences at Taipei would be the rich culture (temples and museums), delicious Taiwanese food (and a variety of other cuisines) and stunning landscapes (mountains and forests).
  • Hualien: One of Hualien’s most iconic attractions is Taroko National Park, home to the world-famous Toroko Gorge, a marble-walled canyon carved by the Liwu river. This gorge features cascading waterfalls, dramatic cliffs and ancient temples. Visit Hualien to leave with lasting memories.
  • Taitung: A great getaway to Taiwan’s East coast, Taitung is a land of ecological richness, scenic beauty, diverse festival occasions and a range of local products such as premium rice, day lilies, sugar apples and hibiscus flowers.
  • Kaohsiung: Taiwan’s second largest city (after New Taipei), Kaohsiung is considered one of the best places to live on the island - for its safety and convenience. While there is a part of the city which is crackling with energy, there is another quieter and tranquil part to the city, with parks and temples.

9. Sri Lanka

Weather in October: Warm and sunny
Must-visit places: Colombo | Kandy | Sigiriya | Ella
Why October? Warmer temperatures, less rainfall and a chance to witness wildflowers in their full bloom.

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small tea-shaped country that is best known for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and kind people. Plan your October vacation to Sri Lanka and experience scenic natural landscapes (jungle-clad mountains and golden sandy beaches), appease your appetite with delicious food and experience their rich culture through ancient temples and vibrant festivals.

What to do in Sri Lanka?

  • Colombo: The capital city of Sri Lanka is a mix of colonial and modern influences. Beyond the noise of city-life, discover centuries old churches, colorful temples, frenzied marketplaces and drinking dens with stunning views.
  • Kandy: As the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is considered as the holiest spot on the island by the Sinhalese. Surrounded by rugged mountains and tea plantations, Kandy is the seat of UNESCO Heritage Sites: Sri Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic - said to contain a tooth of the Buddha himself) and Sri Maha Bodhi Maha Viharaya (giant statue of Buddha in Dhyana Mudra).
  • Sigiriya: One of Sri Lanka’s most dramatic sights, Sigiriya (also known as lion rock) is an ancient fortress and palace complex of King Kashyapa. With the promise of stunning scenery from the summit top, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see.
  • Ella: A beautiful hill-country village, Ella is one the top-destinations to spend a few leisurely days in Sri Lanka. Walking through tea plantations and cascading waterfalls, indulge your appetite in some delicious home-cooked food and a reviving cuppa.

10. Egypt

Weather in October: Warm and sunny
Must-visit places: The Pyramids of Giza | The Sphinx | Luxor | Aswan
Why October? Warm weather, fewer crowds and a good time to see the Nile river at its highest level.

The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

A country steeped in history and culture, Egypt is home to some of the most iconic and well-preserved historical sites in the world. With a variety of stunning landscapes, from the lush Nile delta to the Sahara Desert, Egypt is a travel destination that leaves visitors spoiled for choice.

What to do in Egypt?

  • The Pyramids of Giza: Built as massive tombs on the orders of the pharaohs, the Pyramids of Giza is the oldest and last remaining of the original seven wonders of the world. Preserved in these decorated tombs are wonderful scenes of different aspects of life in ancient Egypt, a glimpse into how the Egyptians lived.
  • The Sphinx: Named after a mythical winged monster who set riddles and killed anyone unable to answer them, the Sphinx is a sculpture of a man with the haunches of a lion. Built to guard the entrances of temples and tombs, the Sphinx is an engineering marvel, a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Luxor: Luxor in Arabic means ‘The Palaces’ and during ancient times it was known as ‘The City of Hundred Doors’. Globally considered one of the greatest open-air museums, within Luxor lies majestic temples such as the Karnak temple, the Valley of the King, and Queen Hatshepsut.
  • Aswan: A beautiful city located on the banks of the River Nile, Aswan is known for its remarkable preservation of its ancient archaeological sites (temples and ruins). It is also a great city to unwind and relax with tranquil views, open-air marketplaces and felucca cruises.

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