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Ultimate Guide: Planning Your Visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

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Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral paradise in the desert. Picture a staggering 150 million flowers bursting into bloom in one expansive garden. Here, you'll come across floral structures, unlike anything you’ve seen before, as well as charming archways, and even a life-sized Airbus A380 covered in flowers. The kaleidoscope of colors is so beautiful, it feels like stepping into a dream.

As the largest natural flower garden globally, Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see attraction that adds a unique touch to any Dubai itinerary. If you love peaceful strolls amid flower gardens and find yourself in Dubai, this destination is a must-visit.

However, planning your visit requires attention to detail as Dubai Miracle Garden doesn't operate year-round. Let's get into essential details such as opening dates, timings, the best time to visit, and more to ensure you make the most of your experience at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Before you visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a fantastic destination for families, appealing to all age groups from kids to grandparents and adults alike. It offers a rare opportunity to walk around the beauty of flowerbeds and fluttering butterflies, a refreshing experience in today's fast-paced world. One of its standout features is the breathtaking flower-covered structures, providing unique photo opportunities that turn into cherished memories with your loved ones.

Best time to visit

Dubai Miracle Garden's current season runs from 29th September 2023, to 2nd June 2024. The best time to visit is typically between November and March when the garden is at its most splendid, and the weather is delightful.

Weekdays, particularly Mondays to Thursdays, tend to have fewer visitors compared to weekends. Arriving early when the garden opens or in the last hour before closing can also help avoid crowds. For an optimal experience, consider visiting in January or February on a weekday.

To fully appreciate Dubai Miracle Garden's beauty, plan to visit both during the day and at night. Arrive about an hour before sunset and stay for 2-3 hours to witness the unique charm of the garden in different lighting.
You can read more about the best time to visit Dubai and plan your travel accordingly.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Tickets to Dubai Miracle Garden

Opening hours

  • Open every day of the week from 29th September 2023 to 2nd July 2024
  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 11pm
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is open on public holidays as well
Dubai Miracle Garden

Tips for visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Plan your visit between November and March when Dubai Miracle Garden is open, as these months offer milder temperatures for a more comfortable experience.
  • Visit on weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays) to avoid larger crowds compared to weekends. Arriving early when the garden opens or during the last hour before closing can also help you enjoy a quieter atmosphere.
  • Consider visiting in January or February for the best experience, as these months typically offer pleasant weather and fewer tourists.
  • Witness the garden's unique charm by visiting both during the day and at night. Aim to arrive about an hour before sunset and stay for 2-3 hours to enjoy the changing light and ambiance.
  • Purchase your Dubai Miracle Garden tickets online to save time and skip the long ticket queues. This way, you can enter the garden hassle-free and make the most of your visit.
  • Don't miss out on popular attractions like the Smurfs Village, Floral Clock, Teddy Bear, Floating Lady, Emirates A380, Sunflower Field, and 3D Floral Designs.
  • Extend your visit by exploring nearby attractions such as the Butterfly Garden, Dubai Autodrome, Global Village, and Al Qudra Lake for a well-rounded experience.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothing, and opt for comfortable shoes as you'll be walking around the expansive garden.
  • Take advantage of the facilities offered, including souvenir shops, food kiosks offering a variety of cuisines, prayer rooms, sitting areas, and accessible amenities for handicapped visitors.

Getting to Burj Khalifa

🚇 By Metro:

Station name: Mall of Emirates metro station

Take the Red line of the Dubai Metro and get off at the Mall of Emirates station. From there, you can either hail a cab or take a bus to the garden, which is about a 15-minute ride.

🚌 By Bus:

Stop name: Miracle Garden Bus Stop

You can ride the Red Dubai Sightseeing Bus after taking the metro to the Mall of Emirates. Bus route 105 will drop you right in front of the garden.

🚕 By Taxi:

Location: Dubai Miracle Garden

If you're close to Miracle Garden, you can opt for a taxi. However, keep in mind that taxis can be expensive for long distances, so it's advisable to consider other options if you have a significant distance to cover.

Amenities and accessibility

  • No Professional Cameras or Drones: Using professional cameras or drones inside the garden is not permitted.
  • Prior Approval for Professional Shoots: Any professional shoots, such as engagements, weddings, modeling, TV ads, or events, require prior approval from the management office.
  • No Flower Picking: It's strictly prohibited to pick flowers from the garden.
  • No Outside Food and Beverages: You cannot bring food and beverages from outside the garden.
  • No Barbeque: Barbeque activities are not allowed within the premises.
  • Designated Sitting Areas: Sitting is only allowed in the designated areas.
  • In-house Photo Booth: Capture and frame your memories instantly at the photo booth located at the garden's entrance.
  • Parking Facility: The garden provides ample open car parking space with a capacity for around 2000 cars.
  • Souvenir Shops: Don't forget to grab a souvenir from the gift shops to remember your visit.
  • Restrooms: Separate restrooms for different genders are available across the park.
  • Prayer Rooms: If you need a quiet place for prayers, use the prayer rooms provided.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: While the garden is wheelchair-accessible, wheelchair rentals are not available. However, carts are available for differently-abled guests upon request.
  • First Aid Room: In case of any health issues or minor injuries, there's a first aid room to provide necessary care during your visit.

What to see at Dubai Miracle Garden

dubai miracle garden
Floral Clock

During Dubai's winter months, don't miss the opportunity to see the Floral Clock. Entirely made of flowers, it's a mesmerizing sight.

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Lake park at Dubai Miracle Garden
Lake Park

The combination of water and flowers at Lake Park creates a stunning scene. The reflections of floral villas and 3D flower models against the sky create a burst of colors, perfect for family photos.

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Dubai Miracle Garden
Airbus A380

This Guinness World Records holder is a life-size replica made from nearly 5 million flowers, including Petunias, Sunflowers, Marigolds, and Geraniums.

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car surrounded by decoration in Dubai Miracle Garden
Hill Top

After a walk through an impressive passage, guests reach a lower section of the garden with colorful flowers blooming uphill. It's enchanting! Plus, there are coffee shops and an ice cream bar on-site for a refreshing break.

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