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The city of Dubai itself is an embodiment of a miracle. How a patch of uninhabitable and infertile desert land can transform itself into a dynamic cosmopolitan is beyond the comprehension of many. No matter how it may have happened, Dubai is definitely a melting pot of cultures now. It houses some of the greatest architectural marvels that the world has ever seen. Dubai’s administration also has achieved exemplary records.

Owing to these, Dubai has emerged as a lucrative tourism hub. Apart from its luxury and themed offerings, the City of Gold also caters to a common man’s craving of an adrenaline rush. Dubai extends the opportunity of bungee jumping, skydiving, sandboarding, shark diving, flyboarding, micro lighting, parasailing, and paddle-boarding. Read on to know more about paddle-boarding in Dubai.

What is Paddle-boarding?

paddle-baording in dubai

There are adventure sports like bungee jumping, parasailing, and skydiving that necessarily bring about a sense of frenzy in the mind. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies their mild-mannered distant kin, paddle-boarding. Generally considered to be a popular water-based hobby, paddle-boarding has captured the imagination of many of late. The activity involves a light and curved epoxy, fiberglass, or carbon fiber board and a simple oar. Paddle your board at your own pace and discover the city of Dubai from a unique perspective. Since it’s you who sets the pace, you can go about the activity the way you prefer it.

Paddle-boarding is quite similar to surfing, and it is suspected that the first paddle-board made its historic appearance in an artist’s engraving way back in 1781. More concrete evidence suggests that the first paddle-board was constructed by Thomas Edward Blake in the 1930s. Later on, the paddle-board was used for recreational races and that is how an entire sport came to be. By 1990s, there were a number of board makers who were utilizing scientific research towards perfecting the design of these boards. The basic science behind paddle-boarding lies in the even distribution of body weight over a large surface area of water. The crafty construction of the board keeps it from overturning. Currently, paddle-boarding races are as common as a paddle-boarding tourist activity.

Paddle-boarding in Dubai

Paddle-boarding in Dubai is a popular activity among tourists. It is one of the activities that gained momentum after the turn of the century. The highlight of this water-based sport lies in its simplicity. Also, you get to determine the pace of the board. Paddle-boarding also works the core of the body. The biggest attraction, however, is the view of the magnificent city that paddle-boarding offers. Stationed on calm waters, you can look at the city and gain a unique, unprecedented perspective. Paddle-boarding is truly one of Dubai’s best leisure activity. .

paddle-baording dubai

Book a Paddle-boarding experience in Dubai

Hydro Water Sports, Ritz Carlton JBR , Dubai

1 hour

• Paddle-board and oar
• Safety gear
• Professional instructor
• 60-minute paddle-boarding session at Dubai beach

• Individuals under the age of 10 years are not eligible for the activity.
• Individuals under the age of 18 years will require adult supervision.
• Individuals with restricted mobility are not encouraged to participate in the activity.
• Participants must know how to swim in order to become eligible for the activity.
• Towels and swimsuits will not be provided.

• Carry the paddle and the board to the water.
• Once in the water, place the board beside you.
• Embark upon the board on your knees right behind the center line. Make sure the nose isn’t prodding up and the tail isn’t submerged.
• Get a feel of the balance point by grabbing the edges (rails) of the board and gently moving.
• Once the balance point has been determined, stand up one foot at a time.
• Place your feet parallel to the rails and pointing forward.
• Keep your knees bent, back straight, hips balanced and eyes level with the horizon.
• Use your paddle to push the water back to move forward. Stability improves as you speed up.

Stand-up Paddle-boarding

• 1 hour paddle-boarding session in the tranquil waters of Dubai.
• No prior training is required.
• An all-round workout with a view - that's the activity summed up!

Price -

Tips to go Paddle-boarding in Dubai

You can go through this list of tips before going paddle-boarding in Dubai:

  • Pay complete attention to the instructor.
  • Remember the safety tips.
  • Check the straps of the safety jacket for your own peace of mind.
  • Refrain from opting for this activity if it triggers any phobia.
  • Reach 15-30 minutes in advance so that you don’t miss your slot.
  • Check for weight restrictions before booking the tickets.
  • Understand that the activity may be called off if the water is choppy beyond safety limits.

We hope you enjoy the activity of paddle-boarding in Dubai to the fullest. It is certainly a bucket-list activity and one that lets you relax and rejuvenate while you're at it. Let us know how your experience turned out to be, in the comments section below.

Paddle Boarding in Dubai