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Neil Simon Theatre Seating Chart – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing, Tips & Reviews

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This guide on the Neil Simon Theatre seating chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating the Neil Simon Theatre Seating Chart

Neil Simon Theatre Seating Chart - Recommended Seats

💸Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - rows H to P
Mezzanine - rows F to M
🎟️If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - the center seats (107-110) in Row A
🎭Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - the center seats (107-110) in Row A are considered the best in the theatre.
Mezzanine - seats 112-116 in Row A.
🦵🏼Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra and Row A in front and rear Mezzanine.

Neil Simon Theatre Orchestra

The Neil Simon Theatre orchestra has a total of 669 seats spread across three subsections and 25 rows (A-Z).

The three subsections, left, right, and center, each have varying numbers of rows, with center orchestra being the longest. The left and right orchestra seats are odd and even numbered respectively while the center subsection seats are consecutively numbered.

Neil Simon Theatre Mezzanine

The mezzanine section houses the only elevated seating in the theatre (apart from the corner box seats). With a total seat count of 627, the mezzanine is divided into five subsections with rows titled from A to U. The center mezzanine is the biggest while the four corner subsections make for around 200 of the total 627 seats.

The left subsections are odd numbered and fall in the range of 1-15 while the right subsections are even numbered (2-16). The center section has seats numbered 101-127, all consecutively.

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Have further questions about Neil Simon Theatre? Need details about specific seats? We’ve got you covered with info on seats with the best view and value for money!

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Given that it’s structured like a regular Broadway theatre, Neil Simon offers a lot of predictability when it comes to finding the best seats. The orchestra section, on account of being the closest to the stage, offers some of the best seats in the theatre. Specifically, the center seats (107-110) in Row A are considered the best in the theatre. They also come with the heftiest price tag.

Next up are the front mezzanine seats 112-116 in Row A. The center seats in the next few rows (B-D) are quite good as well and available for cheaper than front row seats.

The corner seats in the middle section of both the orchestra and the mezzanine are a steal too if you can find a good deal on them.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

Given that the front row seats are the most expensive too, they are not an option for everyone. But that’s where the middle rows of both sections come into play. Both the orchestra and the mezzanine have decent middle row seats that offer a clean look at the stage and aren’t too heavy on the pocket!

Specifically, Rows H to P in the orchestra and Rows F to M in the mezzanine fall in the value for money category with average ticket prices falling in the range of $80 to $150.

30-Second Takeaway: Neil Simon Theatre Seating Chart

  • The Neil Simon Theater falls in the middle of pack when it comes to seating capacity, with a total seat count of more than 1300.
  • The seating section is further divided into two sections, namely orchestra and mezzanine.
  • The orchestra section holds 669 seats with rows A to F providing the best look at the stage.
  • The second (and only elevated) section, mezzanine, has a total of 627, making it almost as big as the orchestra. The best seats in this section fall in the middle of the front rows between A to G.
  • If you prefer a private theatre viewing experience, the Neil Simon Theatre has a set of 10 box seats on either side of the stage. The viewing experience isn’t the best from these box seats, though.
  • With an average occupancy rate of 75% to 85%, the best seats, i.e. front orchestra and front mezzanine, sell out fast and if you wait for the last moment to book your tickets, you’ll only get average seats.

Neil Simon Theatre Reviews

Went to the Neil Simon Theatre to see MJ The Musical while in NYC. The theatre was good, staff friendly and the show fabulous it really is a must see if in NYC. Electric atmosphere from beginning to end would highly recommend.

- RnWP, Tripadvisor, October 2022

Absolutely worthwhile going to see this highly entertaining musical
Singers all great but lady who took part as MJ Mum has an amazing voice as did the young boy playing Michael in his early years. Superb show throughout.

- EKSKS21, Tripadvisor, May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about Neil Simon Theatre

How many sections does Neil Simon Theatre have?

The Neil Simon Theater orchestra is spread across three subsection and 25 rows (A-Z). The three subsections, left, right, and center, each have varying numbers of rows, with center orchestra being the longest. There is also a Mezzanine section.

Where are the best seats in Neil Simon Theatre?

The best views are in seats 2-6 of rows A and B, which are closer, more detailed and nicely elevated for a sweeping view of the stage. Three Boxes are staggered on the wall beside the Right Mezzanine, but don't obstruct sightlines. Views from the Boxes are side-on to the stage.

What is the seating capacity of Neil Simon Theatre, New York?

Neil Simon Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,445.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Neil Simon Theatre?

Wheelchair locations are available in the Orchestra section of the theater.