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Hummer Desert Safari

Drive into the wilds of the desert on one of the most capable offroad vehicles ever made, the US Army’s Humvee adaptation, the Hummer. These are some of the most thrilling Hummer safaris in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari

Explore the deserts in the morning with these beautiful morning desert safaris. With an abundance of activities, morning desert safaris a unique blend of calmness and adventure in the desert. These are some of our most popular safaris.

Dune Buggy Adventures

Learn the ropes of handling a dune buggy and head out into the desert on these adventurous dune buggy desert safaris. Designed to be driven on sand, these vehicles provide some of the best offroading experience in the desert.

Quad Biking

Experience the thrill of riding a powerful quad bike on these exciting desert safaris. Ride these vehicles over the desert dunes and conquer your own sand hill. Quad biking in Dubai is one of the most popular desert activities.

Camel Ride

Ride a camel in Dubai for an authentic desert experience at these amazing camel desert safaris. Aptly called the ship of the desert, riding these majestic animals will take you back right to the days of nomadic Bedouins.

Evening Desert Safari

Discover the quintessential Dubai desert safari experience with these beautiful evening desert safaris. Participate in thrilling desert activities such as falconry and dune bashing before the lavsihness comes to life with buffet dinners and exotic dancers.

Desert Safari Combo Deals

Check out some of our most popular desert safari deals. Full of discounts and exclusive combos, these desert safari deals are perfect for your desert holiday experience.

Dubai Desert Safari

Before Dubai rose to become a shining jewel and playground for the rich, much of it’s culture was centered around the desert. Today, Dubai’s rich heritage can be enjoyed by experiencing desert safaris held across the desert landscape.

Desert Safari Activities

The experiences offered at these desert safari camps are a unique mix of old and new desert activities.

At the desert camps, you will be able to experience the times of yore as well now. You can take camel rides, get your hand painted in henna, enjoy the local cuisine while smoking a sheesha. Or, you can watch puppet and horse shows and local dance arts such as Belly dancing, tanoura, fire dances and others.

Much more modern activities that are focused around the desert today are also available at the camps. You can ‘bash’ the dunes in hummers, 4x4s and dune buggies; sand board down dune slopes; give quad biking a hand or go for a wildlife safari.

Desert Safari Locations

The camps where a Dubai desert safari can be experienced are spread across the emirates. Some of the most famous locations are the red dune deserts of the Lahbab desert, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the Hatta Mountains, the Al Sahara Fort and others.

Each desert offers a different and unique experience. At the Lahbab desert, one can experience the true and authentic desert culture. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is famous for its wildlife safaris. The Hatta Mountains offer a desert experience amongst the mountains while at the Al Sahara Fort, one can experience royalty in the desert and life at a desert palace.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning desert safaris are ideal for those who would want to spend the evening in the city and are more inclined towards adventure sports.

Morning desert safaris allow you to visit the desert in the earlier hours of the day when it’s cool. You can then experience activities such as dune bashing in a hummer or a 4x4 or quad biking and experiencing the thrill of desert riding yourself. You can also ski down the slopes of the dunes and experience sandboarding.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris in Dubai are the most popular of all desert safaris. Later periods of the day and a lower sun in the sky presents a combination of cooler desert weather and stunning sunsets.

This allows for a host of activities that can be experienced, including adventure sports and cultural experiences. Evening desert safaris are sure to give you memories that you will take back and share with your friends and family.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safaris are ideal for those with time in their hands and would like to experience the magic of spending the night at the desert.

All the activities of an evening desert safari are available along with stay in a beautiful desert camp, sometimes even under the stars. This experience is truly beautiful, with the cold desert nights keeping you comfortable as you relax with friends and have the stars above for company.

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