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The Hunger Games live stage adaptation: London premiere in Autumn 2024

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Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games live stage adaptation is headed to London for the first time ever in Autumn 2024.

In Autumn 2024, experience the debut of Suzanne Collins' globally celebrated novel, The Hunger Games, brought to life on the London stage, following the worldwide box office success of Lionsgate's film adaptation.

Cast and creatives

The casting for The Hunger Games live stage adaptation is yet to be announced. The acclaimed playwright Conor McPherson has skillfully adapted the stage production, while the accomplished director Matthew Dunster, known for works like "2:22 - A Ghost Story," "Hangmen," and "The Pillowman," leads a world-class creative team that will breathe life into the show.

This creative team comprises of Miriam Buether as the set designer, Moi Tran as the costume designer, Charlotte Broom as the choreographer, Lucy Carter as the lighting designer, Ian Dickinson as the sound designer, Tal Rosner as the video designer, Chris Fisher handling illusions, Kev McCurdy as the fight director, John Maddox overseeing performer flying, Amy Ball as the casting director, and Gary Beestone as the production manager.

The Hunger Games: Battle for survival

In a future plagued by dystopia, The Hunger Games ignite an exhilarating struggle for existence, setting 24 youthful tributes against each other within a perilous arena. Katniss Everdeen, a fearless and ingenious protagonist, becomes an emblem of revolt as she battles for more than just her own life—she fights for the aspirations of a nation oppressed by the merciless Capitol.

In an all-new, grandiose rendition, The Hunger Games live stage adaptation unfolds as a captivating narrative of bravery, resistance, and the indomitable human resolve. Make sure to book your tickets in advance.

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