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Radio City Music Hall – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing, Tips & Reviews

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This guide on the Radio City Music Hall seating chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating the Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart

Radio City Music Hall seats 5,960 on 3 levels. Seating is available in the Pit Level (front of the stage), the main Orchestra Level, alongside a 3-tiered Mezzanine Level offering an elevated view of the show. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart.

Radio City Music Hall Theatre - Recommended Seats

💸 Value for money seats
Middle rows and corner sections of both the orchestra and the mezzanine
🎟️ If money were no matter
Centre Front Orchestra and Centre front first Mezzanine
🎭 Best views of the stage
Orchestra - opting for seats in row MM to ZZ instead
Mezzanine - centre sections of first mezzanine
🦵🏼 Best Legroom
Row A of Orchestra, row A of Mezzanine and corner seats.

Radio City Music Hall Orchestra

Massive doesn’t even begin to describe the The Radio City Music Hall orchestra section. This section is almost as big (in terms of number of seats) as all the other mezzanine sections combined and offers a uniformly good view of the stage.

The mezzanine subsection is divided into 7 subsections in the back half and 7 subjections in the first half, which are broken up by the aisle of both the left and right corners. Throughout the entire venue, seats with a lower seat number are on the right side of a section (when facing the stage). The good news is that even from the far sides, views from the orchestra section give a clear look at the performers on the Radio City Music Hall stage.

Radio City Music Hall Mezzanine

While the mezzanine is not one section, but three different ones on three different levels, the seating layout remains the same. The first mezzanine is immediately above the orchestra, with the overhang starting from row K. This section is followed by the second mezzanine on the second level and finally the third mezzanine on the top most floor.

The first mezzanine offers a similar view to the rear rows of the orchestra level. However, since this area has significantly fewer rows, there’s a lower chance of getting your view blocked by taller guests in front--a major plus for shorter patrons. Both the second and third mezzanine offer similarly good views of the stage, with the third mezzanine being the perfect location to enjoy a concert-type performance from.

Where Can I Get Discounted Radio City Music Hall Tickets?

There many ways to get tickets. You can book tickets from the official website, or wait in line and get tickets from the venue itself.

Alternatively, you can check out Headout and get the best price on Broadway show tickets! Headout, is an online concierge for wonderful experiences across the globe! More often than not prices on Headout will be cheaper than those on the official website.

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Which Seats Would Offer me the Best Views?

Your choice of the best seats in Radio City Music Hall depends on which event you are going to see. If you are going to see the Christmas Spectacular, we would recommend skipping the first 13 rows (AA-LL), and opting for seats in row MM to ZZ instead. This will allow you to glimpse the entire stage without that 1st row in the movie theater feeling. The center sections of the 1st mezzanine section also provide a spectacular view.

For other performances in Radio City Music Hall we would suggest getting seats as close as possible to the stage. However, if you’re a sound junkie you may want seats close to, but also in front of the soundboard. Consider your requirements, the type of show you’re watching, your budget, and then make a decision about buying the tickets. Do note that some concerts at Radio City have a pit section (rows AAA to CCC), while some don’t.

As you would expect, the seat options that offer the best view in the performance venue are also the most expensive. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, our next section is for you.

Which Seats/Sections Would Offer me the Best Value for Money?

While the middle orchestra and front mezzanine seats offer the best view, they’re the most expensive too. Unfortunately, buying expensive tickets upwards of $100 each is not an option for everyone, especially tourists who already have a lot of additional expenses to worry about. That’s where the middle rows and corner sections of both the orchestra and the mezzanine come into play. The side sections in the orchestra and the middle rows in the mezzanine offer a clean look at the stage and aren’t too heavy on the pockets!

Do note that if you are opting for seats in the leftmost or rightmost section in the orchestra, make it a point to book seats that are closer to the inner aisle as opposed to getting the extreme corner seats.

30-Second Takeaway: Radio City Music Hall

  • Radio City Music Hall has 5,933 seats for spectators, and additional seating can be placed on the pit elevator for events that do not require that space bringing the seating capacity to over 6,000!
  • The public areas of the Music Hall feature the work of many depression era artists including Ezra Winter, Robert Laurent, Gwen Lux, and others.
  • The 6000+ seats in this venue are spread across four primary sections, the orchestra, the first mezzanine, the second mezzanine, and the third mezzanine.
  • The Radio City Music Hall orchestra is the biggest section in the house with over 45 rows. The middle section of the back rows offers an obstructed view of the stage so pick your seats wisely.
  • The three elevated mezzanine sections overhang the orchestra at row K and offer a mixed bag of view, ranging from amazing to average.
  • Since the average occupancy rate of 90%, the best seats in both the orchestra and mezzanine sections sell out a couple of weeks in advance.
  • If you wait for the last moment to book your tickets, chances are you’ll only get the last row or extreme corner seats.
  • If you're planning your trip for a future date, you can book your tickets up to 90 days in advance on Headout.
  • Headout offers a best-price guarantee, allowing you to get discounted tickets for the most popular, holiday-themed experiences and things to do in the city!

Radio City Music Hall Reviews

Attended for the Christmas special rockettes. A lovely building full of history and character.
We’ll worth a visit if going to a show.

- The Armo, Tripadvisor, December 2022

NYC without seeing the Rockettes during the holidays is not an option. The dancing always amazes me. I liked the theatrical additions to the show and the musicians at the beginning as well. The Rockettes never disappoint. I’d recommend this for all ages. The music hall is near Rockefeller center for ice skating, The Today Show, and the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

- Adventuresofsonyat, Tripadvisor, December 2022


Now that you have a fair idea about the theatre, let’s look at some of the questions you might have about the Radio City Music Hall Theater seating chart:

How many sections does Radio City Music Hall have?

The 6000+ seats in this venue are spread across four primary sections, the orchestra, the first mezzanine, the second mezzanine, and the third mezzanine.

Where are the best seats in Radio City Music Hall?

The first half of the mezzanine level, through row D or E, also provides a great vantage point for any show. For music fans, looking for the best sound, the pit and orchestra seats are the best options, as the sound can get a little bit dispersed in the mezzanine level.

What is the seating capacity of Radio City Music Hall, New York?


Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Radio City Music Hall?

Concession stands are located on every level of Radio City; with a souvenir concession stand located in the Grand Foyer. There are food and beverage concession stands located in the Grand Lounge and on the First, Second and Third Mezzanines. All concession stands are wheelchair accessible.