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5 epic ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

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One of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona is every tourist's paradise. An expanse of historic architecture, thriving food scene, an enviable blend of mountains and beaches and an exciting nightlife makes Barcelona a bucket list for every traveler persona. If you're planning to visit the Mediterranean city, New Year's Eve is when you should be making the trip.

The streets of Barcelona come alive on NYE, with people out in the streets after midnight, celebrating the New Year with friends and family. The atmosphere is magical and there's a lot you can do, including going out to a fancy dinner with your partner or attending a New Year's Eve party in the city.
Unsure of how to plan your New Year's Eve in Barcelona? We have got all the information you need to make that decision, right here in this guide.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona - What's the hype?

What makes New Year's Eve in Barcelona special? Is it the electric atmosphere at parties across the city’s pubs and bars? Or all the fantastic events organized across the city to celebrate New Year's Eve? The occasion is also deeply rooted in tradition amongst locals, 31st evening is spent with family enjoying a typical Catalan dinner and then stepping out to celebrate. Apart from a family dinner, there are many quirky traditions followed by locals. Some popular ones you can indulge in include adding something golden in your glass of wine, wearing red underwear or eating twelve grapes at midnight, timed to the chimes of the bells.

Over the years, Barcelona has upped its New Year's Eve game, following the footsteps of other cosmopolitan cities like Dubai, New York, London, and Sydney. Plan your New Year’s Eve in Barcelona using our list of fun activities!

New Year's Eve in Barcelona - 5 epic things to do

1. Watch the public fireworks

At this point, New Year's Eve is synonymous with a dazzling fireworks show and Barcelona does not disappoint. While individual event organisers often have their own fireworks show, it doesn't match up in scale to the one at Placa d'Espanya. The show is an explosion of colour, music, laughter and good times and everyone is welcome. As the clock strikes midnight, twelve palm tree fireworks will go off in each of the ten districts in the city. The countdown is marked by 12 chimes — as per tradition, one eats a grape after each chime and makes a wish for the new year. Post this, there will be a 15-minute fireworks display which will be visible from most parts of the city.

2. Induge in some fine dine and wine

If going to a rager is not your idea of fun, you can always have a fancy dinner in one of Barcelona's many Michelin star restaurants. Most restaurants in the city have a special menu for New Year's and you can take your pick depending on your budget. Some options for you include Disfrutar, El Nacional, and Cafe Kafka Bodega Joan and Season Restaurante among others.

3. Relax on a rooftop

There's something infinitely charming about spending New Year's Eve watching fireworks on a rooftop with friends and family. If you're staying at an AirBnb, chances are the building will have a terrace you can chill at. There are rooftop restaurants and bars available as well if you're looking for something a little fancy. One such unique option is the Mirablau Club on Tibidabo Hill that offers breathtaking views of the entire city. Other options include The Majestic, Mandarin Oriental, Alaire Terrace Bar, 1881 Sagardi among others.

4. Book a staycation

Enjoy a luxurious retreat or find a comfortable home to welcome the new year as you enjoy the live broadcast of the fireworks or enjoy the amenities the property offers. Some hotels to look into include Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella, W Barcelona, and Hotel Arts Barcelona.

5. Party the night away

Even though Catalonia’s tradition lies towards family, Barcelona has some of the best New Year parties in Europe. Dance your way into the year at one of the many clubs hosting a New Year rager in the city. Our top picks are: Fiesta Poble Espanyol , Input, Jamboree and Pacha.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona - Parties and events

1. The 90s NYE Party at the Barcelona Hotel

Dive into nostalgia at the 90s NYE Party in the heart of Barcelona Center Hotel! Dance to your favorite 90s jams, sip on retro-inspired cocktails, and ring in the new year with a blast from the past.

2. New Year's Eve at the Barcelona Edition

Elevate your New Year's Eve at the Barcelona Edition! Join a chic celebration featuring live music, gourmet bites, and a sparkling countdown. Toast to new beginnings in style at this glamorous event.

3. KINYXX pres: Fet!sh New Year Edition

Unleash your wild side at KINYXX pres: Fet!sh New Year Edition! This electrifying event promises a night of daring beats, vibrant energy, and a crowd ready to dance into the new year with non-stop excitement.

4. Throwback NYE- Back to 80's music: New Year's eve party at New Beach Club

Rewind to the 80s at the Throwback NYE Party at New Beach Club! Groove to iconic hits, rock your best retro attire, and relive the magic of the 80s. It's the ultimate New Year's eve bash for music enthusiasts.

5. Cena y fiesta de Nochevieja + alojamiento + brunch para 2 en Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower

Experience a complete New Year's celebration at Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower! Indulge in a special dinner, dance the night away, enjoy a cozy overnight stay, and wake up to a delightful brunch for two – the perfect way to kick off the year!

New Year's Eve in Barcelona - Getting around

There are plenty of transport options available that can help you get around Barcelona without any hassle. The best way to avoid the crowds and get to your destination on time is to use the public transport system operated by the TMB.


You will find Taxis in black and yellow look almost everywhere in Barcelona. The taxi rates are quite affordable compared to rest of Europe but you might have to pay extra if you are travelling on New Years night. Taxi services run 24/7 in Barcelona, so make sure you pre book your ride.


Metro in Barcelona connects all major locations and the waiting time is minimal. During the night, the waiting time is around 10 minutes with the last metro running at 2 AM. Each metro ticket is valid for 75 minutes and Barcelona has an extra metro line L9 which go to metro and operate between 5 AM to 12 PM.


Buses will be operable on New Year's eve in Barcelona with few routes closed. It is operated by TMB and connects all corners of the city. There is also Nitbus which is a Nightbus service.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona - Tips

  • Given just how crowded the city gets and how public most events are, you need to be extra cautious about your belongings. A lot of pickpockets target unassuming tourists in public spaces.
  • Hotels and lodgings tend to overbook pretty early on given the holiday season rush. Book your hotel at least a couple of months in advance to get a good deal both in terms of price and location.
  • While in Barcelona for New Year's Eve, try Turron, a type of nougat that is amongst the most sought-after sweet treats in the city. It is available in variants including almonds, chocolate and rice.
  • If you forget to buy grapes for the New Year’s Eve tradition, don't worry. There will be plenty of people around to help you out. The prices they'll charge for this 'help' will be higher than usual though.
  • It gets pretty cold in Barcelona during December. Bring warm clothes, a raincoat and an umbrella to stay warm. Do pack in a pair of lighter clothes as well since there's a possibility of clear skies.
  • Dress according to the event you're headed to. If you're planning on staying in the streets, wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • If you're on a multi-day trip to the city, get a travel card that allows you access to the city's public transport options, along with free access to certain attractions in the city.


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