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Adelphi Theatre Seating Plan: Back To The Future

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The Adelphi Theatre is a relatively medium-sized West End theatre with a total capacity of 1498. Although the theatre is architecturally compelling, finding the right seats can be tricky. Before you go for a performance or show here, it will serve you well to take some time and look for the absolute perfect seats for you with our Adelphi Theatre Seating Plan Guide.

Navigating the Adelphi Theatre Seating Plan

Adelphi Theatre - Back To The Future Ticket Prices

Stalls: £63 - £150
Dress Circle: £63 - £150
Grand Circle: £23.4 - £63

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Adelphi Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Stalls: Rows H-P. Dress Circle: Seats in Rows E-J. Upper Circle: Seats in rows A-C. Check out the real time availability and pricing for Back To The Future and get your tickets before they run out.
If money were no matter
Stalls: Any seats in the middle of rows D-F in the Stalls.
Dress Circle: Any seats in the middle of rows A-D.
Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows D-J.
Dress Circle: Seats in Rows A-D.
Upper Circle: Seats in Rows D-H.

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Adelphi Theatre Stalls

The Stalls make for the biggest section of the theatre with 660 seats. The rows start from A all the way till X, with a central aisle starting from Row K, which divides the section into two halves. This is obviously the most expensive section of the theatre, given its close proximity to the stage and all the action.

While reserving seats in this section, an important thing to keep in mind is that the stage in this theatre is particularly high. So if you are sitting in the first three rows (A-C), you will have to strain your neck a bit and look up at the action. Also, since the rake is not very steep, if you are sitting towards the rear of this section, your view maybe slightly obscured due to the overhang of the Dress Circle.

The best seats in this section would be towards the middle, Rows D-P. And even in these middle rows, try getting your hands on seats situated towards the center of the rows for a complete and wholesome view.

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Adelphi Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is the section just above the Stalls, and is the second largest section of the theatre. The rows start from A and end at P, with a central aisle extending from Row D till Row P. Again, like the Stalls section, the rake here is quite shallow, so if you are sitting in the last few rows, you may not get a full view of the stage.

The Upper Circle overhangs this section, from Row D to be exact, so if you are behind this row, your view of the stage might be slightly restricted. Although this section is not too high, when you are sitting here, you may feel as though as you are far back from the stage, given the build of the theatre. The most sought after seats in this section are the ones in the first few rows (Rows A-D), towards the center.

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Adelphi Theatre Upper Circle

The Upper Circle is the farthest from the stage and hence, the cheapest.This section has rows extending from A to O, with a horizontal aisle dividing the Upper Circle into a front and rear sub-section. Seats in the front section (between Rows A-H) offer better views than the rear, however, there is a safety rail that runs along the balcony, which creates a minor obstruction to views from the first three rows.

Seats towards the rear also provide an obscured view due to the presence of a safety rail around the stairwell. The final two rows of the theatre offer unobstructed views with ample leg space, but they are quite far from the stage. The best seats in this section are between Row D - Row H.

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Which Seats Offer The Best View?

Amongst the three sections, the Stalls provide the best views of the stage for obvious reasons. As mentioned earlier, the first couple of rows in the Stalls are very close to the stage and therefore patrons would have to look up to get a good view. Rows D-M in this section are perfectly placed, providing comfort and unparalleled views. The seats with the best view in the theatre are the ones in the first couple of rows of the Dress Circle, particularly between Rows A-C: Seats 12-26.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you are on a limited budget and still want to get the very best out of of your West End experience, then look no further. Although the Stalls section is considered the premium section, there are certain seats that are priced a little lower than the other. Seats between Rows N-T offer decent views and are comparatively cheaper than their counterparts in the first few rows.

In the Dress Circle, seats in the front subsection are really worth the money as you get to enjoy great views of the stage without spending a bomb. You can also get seats in the Upper Circle and get some stunning views of the stage from rows D-H.

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