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New York in April: This ultimate guide has everything you need to know

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Forget the textbook stuff; April in NYC is like opening a surprise gift. The chilly winds take a hike, and the city blooms into its easy-going spring vibes. It's the sweet spot, really. The tourist swarms haven't hit full force yet, and there's a buffet of events catering to any and every fancy. From Shakespeare in the Park to offbeat art shows in Brooklyn, the city's bursting with life - and trust me, you don't want to miss it.

What makes New York in April Special?

New York in April

You get the first, real taste of New York's spring – trees all decked out in blooms, and the city parks suddenly turn into local folks' lounging spots. It's like the whole city shakes off its winter stiffness and everybody gets a bit more cheerful. Also, those food festivals? They start kicking off now, and you can eat your way through every neighborhood. Plus, there's the bonus of shorter lines at famous attractions.

New York Weather in April

In New York, April marks the arrival of spring, bringing with it four distinct seasons. Expect sunny days with minimal snowfall during this time. While April tends to be one of the wettest months, there are typically no more than ten days of light showers. The average temperature hovers around 16°C.

New York in April: Top Experiences


Central Park

New York in April

Central Park is the green lung of New York City, and a wonderful place to watch the seasons change in the city. It has exciting attractions like landscaped gardens, zoo and the conservatory garden. In April, the snow melts and the entire park witnesses transformation to a green wonderland. An early morning stroll to breathe in the fresh, crisp air is highly recommended.

April Timings
Open daily from 6:00 am – 1:00 am


Top of the Rock | Rockefeller Plaza

New York in April

Soak in the fresh greens of Central Park after the overcast wintry months, and watch the sun gleaming over the skyscrapers on the NYC horizon in April. Top of the Rock Observatory Deck, perched on the 67th, 69th, and 70th floors of the Rockefeller Plaza is the best place to do that!

April Timings
Daily 9:00 AM to 23:00 PM


30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112,
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Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck

New York in April

New York's best and latest immersive cultural experience, Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck is a blend of all things tech, art, culture, and entertainment like no other. Along with an observation deck, this attraction also has art installations, glass ledges, and exterior glass-floor elevators. Yup, for real. What are you waiting for? This is your chance to take in NYC's view like no other. ESPECIALLY, in April.

April Timings
9:00 am – 10:30 pm


New York, NY 10011,
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9/11 Memorial & Museum

New York in April

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a moving tribute to the victims of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre. The twin pools with names of the deceased are a reminder of the loss America experienced, and the museum has a collection of memorabilia from that fateful day.

April Timings
Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun: 10:00 am to 17:00 pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


Z180 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007
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Statue of Liberty

New York in April - hot air balloon

‘I lift my lamp beside the golden door’, the Lady Liberty is the icon of freedom worldwide and the statue has been standing tall since 1886. A visit to the Statue of Liberty will evoke pride and a tour of the island will give you insight into the significance of the statute.

April Timings
Daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


New York, NY 10004,
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Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

New York in February - aquaventure

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the world’s leading modern art museums and has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, books on Modernist Art. In April, you can catch a range of exhibitions including ‘The Value of Good Design’, ‘Joan Miro: Birth of the World’ and Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern.

April Timings
Sat to Thu 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Fri 10:30 am to 8:00 pm


11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019
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20 Minute Helicopter Tour

New York in March - dinner in the sky

Soaring above the skyline, and identifying iconic NYC landmarks that has been eternalised in numerous Hollywood movies - and a helicopter tour of New York City in a 20 minute helicopter ride. It will be the best 20 minutes of flying of your life and your pilot-guide will give you a live commentary.

April Helicopter Tour Timings
9:00 am -12:00 pm
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Helicopter Flight Services Inc, Downtown Manhattan Heliport pier 6
New York, USA
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Go On A Circle Line NYC Landmark Cruise

New York in April

Sail the waters of New York City and spot all the landmarks that have shaped the city’s history. Right from the majestic Statue of Liberty, under the Brooklyn Bridge, and past all the five boroughs, this cruise ship takes you everywhere. The warm April weather makes it ideal to be out on water.


Pier 83, West 42nd Street , New York City
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New York in April: Events to Look Out For

New York in April events

New York Tartan Day Parade

6 April, 2024
The 25th anniversary of the New York Tartan Day Parade is set to take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line the streets along the parade route, which starts on 45th Street and moves up 6th Avenue to 55th Street, featuring bagpipers, dancers, and marchers.

New York in April events

New York International Auto Show

29th March to 8th April, 2024
The New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) is a one-stop destination for automotive buffs. This year the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and brands will descend on New York City to showcase their cars. Visitors can expect a spectacular display of the latest trends and cutting-edge innovations in the automotive industry.

New York in April events

Orchid Show New York Botanical Garden

17 February - 21 April, 2024
For more than 20 years the New York Botanical Gardens have showcased the exquisite beauty of orchids in an annual Orchid Show. This year, there's an exciting lineup of fashionistas such as Hillary Taymour, Olivia Cheng and Kristen Alpaugh who will showcase their nature-themed designs during the Orchid Show. Look out for people's favourite Orchid Nights exhibition which returns this year for a rerun!

NYC in April : 5-day Itinerary

NYC April Essentials




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New York Weather in April

The typical temperature hovers at approximately 16°C, peaking at 21°C during the day and dropping to lows of 3°C at night, notably in the initial fortnight of April. The city enjoys nearly 12 hours of daylight, starting with sunrise at 6:30 AM and concluding with sunset at 6 PM. Expect predominantly sunny conditions, occasionally interrupted by about ten days of rainfall.

NYC Accommodation In April

In New York, a city renowned for its year-round high cost of living, a diverse array of accommodation options awaits visitors, spanning from opulent five-star hotels to budget-friendly hostels and cozy Airbnbs, ensuring there's something to suit every budget and preference.

  • Luxury Hotels: The Standard, Crosby Street Hotel, The Towers at Lotte New York Palace, Archer Hotel, The Kimberly Hotel, The Sherry-Netherland Hotel
  • Budget Hotels: The Lex NYC, Hilton Garden Inn, Garden Suites Hotel, Hyatt House Chelsea, Roger Smith Hotel, Hotel Mulberry
  • Hostels: The Local NYC, HI NYC Hostel, NY Moore Hostel, Q4 Hotel, American Dream Hostel, International Student Centre

NYC Packing List April

During the initial weeks of April, temperatures tend to be cooler, necessitating the use of warm attire such as sweaters, woolen scarves, and gloves. If your visit extends beyond a few days, it's advisable to pack versatile layers to accommodate varying daily weather conditions. Don't forget to bring along an umbrella or waterproof jacket to shield yourself from sporadic rainfall. Additionally, opt for sturdy footwear, as exploring New York often involves plenty of walking!

Getting Around New York in April

Getting around in New York can be quite a challenge due to its notorious traffic. To ensure timely arrival, utilizing the subway and walking are your most reliable choices. Here's a breakdown of transportation options available in NYC:

  • Metro/Subway: The New York Subway boasts an impressive network with 27 lines and 472 stations, making it one of the largest systems globally. However, be prepared for crowded conditions during peak hours.
  • Bus: With over 300 routes, buses offer an affordable means of transportation. Nevertheless, the likelihood of encountering traffic delays is considerable.
  • Taxis: Opting for a traditional yellow cab or utilizing services like Uber can be convenient if you prefer to avoid navigating subway routes and street maps.

New York in April: Seasonal Delicacies

NYC in April - what to eat

Trust a New Yorker to vote for a bagel over a doughnut any day! April is the perfect time to bite into a savoury fresh mozzarella and tomato bagel or even treat yourself to a decadent strawberry cream cheese bagel, stuffed with spring’s best produce.
Where to eat: Absolute Bagels, 2788 Broadway

nyc in March- what to eat

Just don’t ask for pineapple toppings and you will be fine at any pizza place in New York. The New York style Pizza is unique, and the perfect food to grab on the go, while enjoying the spring season of New York in April.
Where to eat: Lombardi’s Pizza, 32 Spring Street

nyc in March- what to eat

Ramen – New York is a melting pot of cultures and one of the best dishes you can sample there is the spicy Japanese dish ‘Ramen’. The steaming hot bowl of meaty broth with thin noodles is topped with eggs, and a variety of sauces. Vegetarian options are easy to find too!
Where to eat: Ippudo, 65 4th Avenue

NYC in april - what to eat

Nothing screams an American classic like the cheeseburger. New Yorkers have taken the burger to the next level and you will find every kind from good ol greasy cheeseburgers to gourmet and artisanal burgers. Digging into a juicy cheeseburger is the perfect end to a spring day in NY!
Where to eat: Bareburger, 3321 31st Avenue

NYC in May - what to eat

The milkshake has gone from a simple mix of ice cream, milk and fruits to an Instagram-worthy delight of thick shake with outrageous toppings ranging from unicorn-beads to decadent chocolate trimmings. New York has the best pick of milkshakes that will blow up your Insta-post and pant-size at the same time!
Where to drink: Black Tap, 529 Broome Street

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