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Mean Girls’ musical movie 2024 | Reviving the cult-classic legacy

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Mean Girls' musical movie 2024 takes over the cinema with a fresh and inventive perspective on the classic Broadway show and the iconic 2004 cult favourite.

Helmed by debut directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr, Mean Girls' musical movie skillfully navigates the director's chair, achieving a nuanced equilibrium between honoring the original and injecting it with the vibrant energy of the Gen Z era. Clocking in at 112 minutes, the movie enthralls audiences with its novel, dynamic, and enjoyable execution, distinguishing itself from its early 2000s predecessor.

Mean Girls' musical movie is one filled with a lot of sass

Fortunately, newcomer directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr make a compelling debut. Positioned midway between the original and Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" music video, the 112-minute film is a breath of fresh air, bursting with dynamism and entertainment. Departing from the original's early millennial simplicity, it embraces the chaos of Gen Z, driven by social media aesthetics. Drawing from the stage show, the musical numbers inject novelty, introducing unexpected moments for those familiar with the original, like the trance rave seamlessly incorporated into a Halloween party scene.

The plot, familiar to millions from the original, follows Cady Heron, a high schooler relocating from Kenya to the wild terrain of modern high school, where she encounters the unpleasant Plastics, an elite group of queen bees. Tina Fey, reprising her roles as producer, star, and scriptwriter (sans singing, offering a brilliantly meta moment), skillfully layers on the additional savagery of social media. Every social misstep becomes fodder for TikToks, Insta Lives, and Snapchats, turning school antics into fuel for algorithmic angst. While the humor resonates well at times, there are instances where one joke hits the mark, and two or three meander without a clear punchline.

The cast ofMean Girls' musical movie

In terms of cast performances, there's a distinct and deliberate effort to break away from the iconic 2004 portrayals by Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lindsay Lohan – every aspect here exudes a sense of uniqueness and freshness. Renée Rapp, in her role as Regina George, the apex predator and leader of the pack, delivers a sultry and severe yet never overtly despicable performance, making her a captivating antagonist. Her renditions of "Someone Gets Hurt" and "World Burn" are enthralling, shot with over-saturated melodrama and operatic verve.

Bebe Wood and Avantika Vandanapu, portraying Regina's lackeys Gretchen and Karen, respectively, carve out their own comedic moments to shine. Vandanapu's collaboration with choreographer Kyle Hanagami on "Sexy" results in a rollercoaster musical number that breathes life into early house party scenes.

In a somewhat sacrilegious claim, Angourie Rice's portrayal of Cady appears more compelling than Lohan's did in 2004. As the film progresses, Cady seems to draw energy from Regina's uncaring obnoxiousness, and Rice fearlessly embraces the often intensely unlikeable aspects of her character. This bold decision allows the filmmakers to bring other characters to the forefront, such as Auliʻi Cravalho's Janis, Cady's new friend seeking revenge on Regina for a past conflict, who takes the school by storm in a single-shot performance of "I'd Rather Be Me." Jaquel Spivey, portraying Damian, acts as a part meta-narrator and another of Cady's friends, delivering a star-making performance. Notable cameos from Jon Hamm, Tim Meadows, and Broadway show alumni like Ashley Park and Grey Henson add further layers of excellence to the ensemble cast.

While receiving favorable reviews, the film is unlikely to escape the enduring influence of its predecessor's long shadow. Nevertheless, it triumphs in building anticipation for the forthcoming West End production of the stage show at the Savoy Theatre.

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