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Mean Girls the Musical London review | Plastics posse invades the West End in the most “fetch” way possible 

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Move over, Glinda the Good Witch, because the Plastics are in town and ready to take the Savoy Theatre by storm! Mean Girls, the stage adaptation of the cult classic teen movie, is a hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt musical that packs a punch.

From Kenya to Queen Bee: Mean Girls the Musical is a sharply witty takeover

Get ready for a sugar rush of catchy pop tunes (you'll be humming "Jingle Bell Rock" in July, no shame!) by Jeff Richmond and witty lyrics by Nell Benjamin. This isn't your average high school musical – the songs are clever, the choreography is sharp (think "Book of Mormon" meets teen fashion show), and the story, while familiar, holds a mirror to the pressures and pitfalls of social media-obsessed modern life

The show stays true to Tina Fey's original script, following Cady Heron (a bright-eyed Charlie Burn) as she navigates the treacherous waters of North Shore High. From the opening "World Burn" to the show-stopping "I'd Rather Be Me" (belted out by the fantastic Elena Skye as Janis), the musical takes us on a journey of self-discovery, wrapped in a layer of pink plastic. The true stars are the Plastics themselves. Georgina Castle embodies the icy queen bee Regina George with a side of simmering rage, while Elena Gyasi and Grace Mouat are scene-stealers as her loyal (and slightly clueless) minions Gretchen and Karen.

Director and choreographer Casey Nicholaw keeps the energy high with a slick, fast-paced production. The set design is clever, using video projections and movable furniture to transition seamlessly between classrooms, cafeterias, and the Plastics' hallowed lunch table.

Sure, the plot might be predictable, and some might argue it doesn't address the full force of social media in today's world. But who needs awards for subtlety when you have a show this entertaining? Mean Girls is a hilarious takedown of high school hierarchies, a celebration of individuality, and a reminder that even the Plastics can learn the value of true friendship. So grab your pink outfit (Wednesdays, remember!), fetch your best friend, and prepare for a night of non-stop laughter and catchy tunes. You'll be glad you did.

Mean Girls the Musical London review | What the critics think

"This snarky adaptation of the hit 2004 film never allows a dull minute, even if its general thrust is cosily predictable."
Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph

"Tina Fey has adapted her whip-smart film script for the stage, sprinkling in a few judicious references to current day slang (Jesus as a “nepo baby”) but essentially remaining highly faithful to the original."
Fiona Mountford, i News

"This is the 1950s musical turned inside out. Letting women know they don’t have to be decorative or have a chap in tow; letting chaps know they don’t have to be jocks – the fellows muscling around with heave-ho shoulders look more strenuous than imposing."
Susannah Clapp, The Observer

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