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The Roman Colosseum At Night: A Guide To Visiting The Colosseum Under Stars

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Take a break from the scorching heat of the Roman day and visit the most happening attraction of Rome, the Colosseum, at night. The long waiting lines at the ticket gate and tourist mob trying to take the perfect selfie might seem inescapable during the day. Visiting the Rome Colosseum at night frees you from these ordeals, and lets you endure this old world’s wonder in silence. Here is us spilling the tea about the what and how of exploring the Colosseum at night.

Why visit the Rome Colosseum at night?

Colosseum at night

There is no better time than at night to explore the Colosseum. Its ancient 50,000 seats amphitheatre that once hosted games for Gladiators is a spectacle to look at in the moonlight with spotlights illuminating the structure from within. The seats are empty, the sun isn’t red-hot, and you get to see each section of it at your own pace. A tour of the Colosseum at night offers you everything a day tour can offer with the Colosseum in the spotlight under the starlit Roman sky.

Are Skip-the-Line Colosseum Tickets Really Worth The Money?

Rome Colosseum at night tour

A Colosseum at night tour is a perfect way to see the best of Rome. A local guide who knows the place like the back of their hand will walk and talk you through its architecture, history, and present-day significance. You can also choose combo tours of Colosseum Arena Floor, Roman Forum or Palatine Hill to make the best of your time.

Know before you visit the Colosseum at night


The Colosseum Night Tours take 2 to 2.5 hours to cover. The tour starts at 4: 30 pm from Sunday to Friday. On Saturdays, you have the option to tour at 4: 30 pm or 7: 30 pm.

Getting there

  • Tram: The closest tram stop is Colosseo, which is right opposite the Colosseum.
  • Bus: The closest bus station is Celio Vibenna, which is also just outside the ticket office.
  • Subway: The closest subway stop to the Colosseum is Colosseo, which is a 5-minute walk to the entrance.

Check out Colosseum Underground Tours for a truly offbeat experience at the ancient amphitheatre.

Rome Colosseum Location

Use the below location map to navigate your way to the Flavian Amphitheater.

Tips for your night visit to the Colosseum

  • Wear a comfortable pair of shoes since there will be a considerable distance of walking involved whether you are touring alone or with a group.
  • You will be spending at least 2 hours exploring the Colosseum, so make sure you eat a hearty dinner or snack before your night tour.
  • Bring a bottle of water with you when you leave for the night tour to avoid feeling thirsty during your walk.
  • Bring a few coins if you would need to use the restrooms. They are located outside the Colosseum near Dei Santi Quattro and are well kept.
  • Avoid large backpacks, suitcases, knives or sharp objects since they will not be permitted inside.

Check out Colosseum Entrances to know all about the different gates you can enter from and what works best for you.


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